Who I Am review by Nick Jonas & the Administration

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  • Released: Feb 2, 2010
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 5.3 (29 votes)
Nick Jonas & the Administration: Who I Am

Sound — 7
Nick and 4 other awesome muscicians came together to do this album, which I believe shows serious potential for a permenent band to form. The sound on the album varies from track to track, consisting of a mix of pop/rock ballads, hard rock songs, and even a little bit of funk. I really enjoyed how different Nick sounded from the Jonas Brothers, he has a lot of talent as an individual.

Lyrics — 7
Nick Jonas wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on the album, which is very impressive. He did the same when he was in the Jonas Brothers, and wrote hits like S.O.S by himself. Here's my opinions on the tracks: 01. Rose Garden: Rock/Pop ballad. Not my favorite on the album. Kind've weak, but okay. 6 02. Who I Am: Rock/Pop. Catchy tune, I like it. Standout track. 8 03. Olive & An Arrow: Rock/Pop ballad. Worse than Rose Garden. I hated it, to tell the truth. 5 04. Conspiracy Theory: Rock/Metal. Now this is more like it! Catchy, good guitar, decently written. 9 05. In The End: Rock/Pop Ballad. Another one!!! It's gettin annoying. 6 06. Last Time Around: Rock/Pop. I really like this one. This can be a hit. 9 07. Tonight: Rock/Pop ballad. Getting old with ballads. This one's different though. better. 7 08. State of Emergency: Rock/Pop. More upbeat. I Like this one. 8 09. Vesper's Goodbye: Rock/Pop ballad. One of those songs I just don't get at all. 6 10. Stronger (Back On The Ground): Rock/Pop. Decent way to end the album. Strong track. 8

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, I don't think Nick Jonas is a bad writter, but some of the songs were just too complicated to be catchy. Another problem was the use of too many similar sounding ballads. The songs that were more upbeat were good though, and simple enough to get stuck in your head. 2 or 3 ballads on an album are enough, expecially when they are different from one another. This album did neither. The ballads tended to be boring. I still liked the album, though, but there needs to be some changes in the next album. Sincerely, Guitarslinger

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    i'm still waiting for one of the jonas brothers to crack, fly off the deep end, and become a death/black metal enthusiast.
    [quote]Nirvanarien wrote: Generic,boring,simple and basically just the Jonas Brother but a little bit different. Ok, so I know I'm gonna be SLATED for this but there's a good difference between this, and Jonas Brother's material. For a start they are a Rock/Pop group. This is Rock/Pop but there is some blues and a little bit of funk thrown in...something they would never do. Just because he is tied to the Jonas Brother's doesn't mean you should judge him as a teen girl thing. He's a quite decent songwriter actually....: )
    Generic,boring,simple and basically just the Jonas Brother but a little bit different. The only difference is that one of the songs has a solo on it, nothing fancy, its barely a solo anyway, but its a begining. Conspiracy Theory: Rock/Metal? seriously, Rock/Metal!? I can understand that you say Rock but this isn't anywhere close to Metal...
    This is actually a great album, I am a blues guy and I like it. The reason for the whole "rock/metal" thing is that people need to stop soiling their ears with this false metal crap like ,"veil of maya" and "Born of Osiris", and should start listening to some real metal like led zepplin, black sabbath, megadeath, early van halen, ect, or if your into modern stuff, As I lay Dying, Shinedown, Airborne, ect. And if you think the guitar is boring, listen to John 5 solo like a moron who can really fast up and down the scales, with no feeling or musical talent at all, then listen to someone like Joe Satriani, Buckethead or even Slash, Hell even Zakk Wylde, he's running out of ideas for good music and turning to more generic metal, but still a good guitarist none the less. I loved Pride and Glory, he should do more blues/country/rock now a days. At least this album has feeling and a little freaken creativity. It is not a stroke of genius but have a little respect for these guys, they are good.