All the Right Reasons review by Nickelback

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  • Released: Oct 4, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (374 votes)
Nickelback: All the Right Reasons

Sound — 10
This is an incredible album, summary at the end. This is my summary of the album. 01. Follow You Home - he does good to match vocals with the chords, as hes playin pretty fast at some parts. Awesome solo by Ryan, nails it. He also adds a few fast picking bars in the pre-chorus if you listen carefully enough. The other Ryan has a few seconds of drum time at the start, and puts an average drum beat. 02. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons - this song sounds awfully familiar to a Curb type song, just drums and bass for the first few bars, then guitar layers over for the verse. Chad does alright in the chorus, he has some fast handmovement. Once again a solo by Ryan, then alot of fast chords after that, with the other Ryan smashing the cymbols quite a bit. 03. Photograph - this is a more of a country song, alot more controlled than the previous songs, but still awesome. I like metal, all that heavy stuff, but no-one could pass this song by, nice guitar, drums and bass all round, nice song all up. 04. Animals - this is an incredibly song, swinging very heavily towards metal sound, phenomenal bass, not as diverse with the chords excepting the chorus and intro. Very nice everything, not the best, but it is still above average. 05. Savin Me - nice average pace intro from Ryan, then drums and bass kick in, Chad sings for it, a nice riff through it. Incredible chorus, really reaches you, it goes real soft, then kicks up the gain and it sounds very nice. The vocals effect it greatly too. Nice solo, goes in harmony with the vocals from the chorus, and right at the end he hits the higher notes, giving it a perfect sound. This is an excellent song. Theres a piano as the coda, just repeating the intro but adding alot more notes. 06. Far Away - Ryan has alot more plucking in this, moving faster than average, just him and guitar having a duality until the chorus. Drums and bass kick in there, add alot to the symphony of it all. Beautiful music, Ryan does good, as does the other Ryan, Mike and Chad. 07. Next Contestant - some effects and distortion for the intro to give it a half wah sound, that continues through the verse with the bass and drums giving layering. It gets much heavier in the chorus, its another violent sorta song by these guys. Nice Bridge by these guys. 08. Side Of A Bullet - very heavy intro for Nickelback, but nothing special, average everything as far as I can see. This would be scoring about a 6 if it werent for the solo. Its a typical rock solo, slower at the start then he nails it to the floor, uses fast-picking. Very nice solo, perfect with the bass, drums and other guitar. 09. If Everyone Cared - I believe its a piano intro, or it could be guitar with effects, but I believe its a Piano. Chorus is excellent, one of the best these guys have produced. Not the best, but it is still very good. Another guitar solo, and it is in harmony with the song, not like the fast picking solos before this. 10. Someone That Your With - a fast paced song, its in 3/4, starts with 1 bar of drums, then 4 bars of guitar picking, then bass drops in and adds to the layering. Stays like that til the Pre-Chorus, then Chad adds his guitar to it. Same riff over and over again, very dissapointing as hes just going up and down the neck with the same notes. 11. Rockstar - this is alot like the last song of The Long Road, See You at the Show. Same sort of style, but is of a higher standard. Same sorta strum pattern the whole song. 12. Someday (acoustic live) - probably Nickelback's most widely known song, on acoustic you pick up alot of things you wouldnt have heard before. Very nice. It is perfectly played as it is live. Ryan nails the solo.

Lyrics — 9
01. Follow You Home - the lyrics for the chorus doesnt make much sense, but it sounds like one of Chads old school songs about heartbreak and violence between people. 02. Fight For All The Wrong Reasons - sounds like one of the Silver Side Up type songs, but of course its alot faster, singing is pretty good, same type of layout as SSU (Silver Side Up) songs. It's just about fighting for the wrong reasons, as you might guess from the name. 03. Photograph - this is all about his past life, and has a country sound to it. Nickelback has really spread itself out over the rock genre, some songs you could pass off as metal, and some others are like this, very soft, and country. Incredible song. 04. Animals - this is one of Chad's dirtier songs, about sex and getting hyped up, and violence, getting into trouble, basically being rebellious. I was in doubt of the dirtiness until the line "Her head between my knees". Still a nice song. 05. Savin Me - very nice lyrics, sort of like a love song, but without the girlfriend or love, lovely melody with the instruments, it just sounds perfect, excellent job by Nickelback as a whole here. 06. Far Away - this is a love song, to the core, has wonderful lyrics, another bomb of a song, not as great as Savin Me, but still an excellent song. Nice harmony with everything, lots about Chad loving someone and missing them, and dreaming bout them, the usual love lyrics. 07. Next Contestant - this is a very dangerous song by Nickelback. From what I pick up from Chads lyrics, his girlfriend is being chased by a fair few blokes, and he sees one of them and threatens him, something that makes almost no sense as is what metal is about. And in the final verse it seems he doesnt like what his girlfriend is wearing, but everyone else is entranced on her, and he ends up smashing someone. Incredible song though. 08. Side Of A Bullet - once again a violent song, but this is a very very angry song. Lots of things about shooting anything. Thats basically the whole song. 09. If Everyone Cared - lyrics are top notch for this one. It is all about peace, very nice singing, Chad really nails it, one of the best. 10. Someone That Your With - nice lyrics, not bad, but it dissapoints me a bit that theyre slowly declining, but its like this with all albums by rockers. All up, it aint too bad. 11. Rockstar - lyrics, as is with the music, pretty much the same style as See You at the Show. Once again, he sings about being famous in this, and he sort of tells of his dreams of it as a kid. Higher quality than See You at the Show. 12. Someday (acoustic live) - what can I say about the lyrics? They are perfect for a live version. Ryan fulfils his duty as back-up singer, adds alot to the chorus, gives it a different feel.

Overall Impression — 10
This is without a doubt Nickelbacks best album. Chad, Ryan, Mike and Ryan have given a lot of thought to this, and it is a very strong structure. A lot of diversity, from heavy metal to country rock, they've really developed from their first album.

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