All the Right Reasons review by Nickelback

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  • Released: Oct 4, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (374 votes)
Nickelback: All the Right Reasons

Sound — 9
When I first saw this album I thought to myself "hey look another wannabe american band who'll get nowhere in the world of music". How very wrong I was. I bought the album from a friend after he played me the main single "Animals" I was blown away. The guitar work really drew me in and as the song progressed I began to enjoy it more and more. The album itself was released in 2005 and was Nickelback's fifth studio album. They were already well known from the single 'How You Remind Me'. The bands main airplay song on "All The Right Reasons" was "Rockstar". The band uses an exceptional mix of soft and up-beat songs to create what is one of my all time favourite albums. The songs they have produced have powerful messages that make you think "I can see what they're saying there". The harder songs blast whilst the gentle songs tend to provide a calm build up to the next "Blaster". One problem has occurred with this album though and it's this: At times, especially for the more sad and slow paced songs, the distortion on Chad Kroeger's voice is completely unnecessary and clashes with the music. Where Nickelback should have left it as clean as the music that accompanies it they've added a distortion that can spoil the mood of the song. But overall an exceptional album none the less.

Lyrics — 9
Each song had a different effect on me so I'll go through one by one: 01.Follow You Home: this song definitely has a heavier feel than some of the album. It begins with a nice heavy rock drum intro accompanied by Ryan Peake's guitar riffs. When Chad Kroeger begins to sing he accompanies the music very well. The lyrics are a bit on the dark side as it speaks of putting the singer in a grave and burying him but it works well with the classic nickelback backing. 02.Fight For All The Wrong Reasons: this song touches upon the concept of argumentative couples. The Lyrics are well written and are similar to the previous song and the chorus has a certain catchy side that sticks in your head. There is one section that has a certain 'slipknot-esque'distorted screaming section that really doesn't suit the song as it is both inaudible and unnecessary. The choral section that follows is better and makes us of multiple voices. 03.Photograph: this song is the iconic song from the album. The Lyrics reflect upon a young man's life who wants to let go of the past. The lyrical content works very well with the acoustic guitar tracks. Chad Kroeger works very well with this song and enhances the atmosphere that nickelback is well known for. This song leaves the listener reminiscing about their own past. 04.Animals: this song is up beat and is very catchy. This is based on a more hard rock theme. The lyrics feature a boy and a girl running away and making out in the girl's car. The girl's dad appears and the couple are found. Kroeger is well known for his hard rock lyrics and singing style and here he doesn't disappoint. 05.Savin' Me: this song is possibly less upbeat than the previous song but still uses a very powerful beat. The lyrics are similar to the songs from 'Silverside Up' using a very rock/grunge based theme for the verse and using a double vocal chorus. A very enjoyable song. 06.Far Away: my personal favourite song from the album. The lyrics suit the content of the song and the backing music exquisitely. The vocals aren't as distorted as some of the previous songs and the use of harmony on the chorus is used sucessfully. This is the song that every teenager with a guitar should learn to play. 07.Next Contestant: this song contrasts to the previous song completely. The lyrics tackle the theme of men after your girlfriend. Chad Kroeger again doesn't disappoint in this track, ranging well from loud to soft. 08.Side Of A Bullet: this song to me sadly disappoints very slightly. Chad Kroeger doesn't impress in this song as he appears to be distorted along with a very distorted guitar part doesn't seem to work. 09.If Everyone Cared: the song with the most meaningful lyrics. It tackles the subject of building a better world. This song is very atmospheric and Kroeger is very well projected and accompanies the piano/guitar part well. Very impressive when the song reaches its climax. 10.Someone That Your With: this song is about jealousy. One of the "blasters" designed probably to blow you out of the water following the last track. Very well written with good lyrics. 11.Rockstar: the final track on the album was a great track to begin with, clocking 50 consecutive weeks on the album charts, until it hit the radio. The amount of radio airplay it recieved where I live made me sick of the song by the end. The song does have some good lyrics and speaks of someone's dream of becoming a rockstar. Kroeger does a brilliant job of the vocals, a song that every teenager has heard and can sing along to. The tracks on this album give a complete overview of all Nickelbacks talents and provide some powerful messages about society.

Overall Impression — 9
This album far surpasses most american albums. For me the most impressive songs were the slower more quiet as it makes the listener more reflective. I love the mix that Nickelback have created of slow and fast songs and look forward to purchasing some more of their work.

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    wtf are you talking?
    McKillswitch wrote: Hamer213 wrote: Dude i saw Nickelback in Kansas last February and it was Fuckin' INSANE!!! Who the **** do you think you are? Dissing nelly murtando... tut tut
    icemanicx220 wrote: turbopunk2000 wrote: NIckelback is really boring. I listened to this one and the only good song is "animals". Everything else sounds like theory of a dead man or default. ok first no they are not boring, they are one of the best bands to have existed in recent years, second they dont sound like theory of a deadman, theory of a deadman sounds like nickelback, they were signed by chad kroeger's record label and nickel back is a big influence in their music. next time get your facts straight
    No one cares about fanboy's, keep your comments for the Nickelback forums okey, Your on ug, not everyone likes nickelback, far from it.
    holy shit does this band blow, so much so I felt the need to post it. I mean, listen to Everyone cared and listen to Cowboy Hat, and try not to tell me somethings wrong. sure artistic freedom, and musical evolution, but as this band "evolves" and expresses thier "artistic feelings", they seem to have less to say and the melodies are more formulaic. to the point of instead of driving riffs or twisty-turny melodies, its just A5, E5, G and so on, just power chords thrown together like any ballad from a hair band, sans the guitar solos. I'll still say they can churn out the odd good riff nowadays, but How you remind me has dominated their songwriting style so much, that for me the band is long past stale, to the point that they are more than dead in the water nowadays. But thats just me