Dark Horse review by Nickelback

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  • Released: Nov 18, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.4 (283 votes)
Nickelback: Dark Horse

Sound — 7
First of all, I love Nickelback. I think they are a great band, and I had high expectations for this album. I think when they make a good rock song, it is some of the best in modern rock today, due to those great hooks and riffs. The name of the album obviously tries to say that they are trying something new music wise, but I couldnt disagree more. I think this album sounds a lot like All the Right Reasons. The heavy songs have these great riffs, but the lighter songs are boring and overrated. I personally am against half of a heavy rock bands album to be slow and sappy.

Lyrics — 7
Chad is known to be pretty blunt with his lyrics, and he doesn't change that formula in this one. He believes, just like other rockers, in Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. He shows that by writing songs about Sex, Drugs and Rock And Roll. My personal favorite is S.E.X. Great riff, and amusing lyrics. When Chad writes songs about sex, they manage to be hillarious, just look at Animals. Something in Your Mouth follows the same formula, as well as Next Go Round and Shakin Hands. Burn it to the ground describes getting drunk and partying, but I was really surprised with Just to get High. Chad never has been shy about joking about Marijuana, but this one takes a different apparoach. I don't know if it's based on a true story or not, but I find it to be a sad song about his friend overdosing. I think this song is Chad's best written song of the album, and it is a great example of taking a slow song and making it very rock oriented. The other slow songs I can't say the same about. They all sound very radio friendly, and all talk about love and wanting his lady back and what-not. I try to avoid them. As far as the singer goes, well it's chad. No one sounds like chad.

Overall Impression — 7
Compared to their other albums, this one would probably rank on the lower half of the list. Not last, but that's because for the most part I wasn't a fan of Curb (except fly). My favorite album is still The State, followed by Silver Side Up, because both of those have a cornucopia of heavy songs with great hooks that probably will never be matched. Unlike other albums, I haven't heard a song to start a show off with (Like Animals, Flat on the Floor, or Woke Up This Morning). I think the heavier songs are very good, and are enjoyable to listen to, but I'm not looking forward to listening to the more radio friendly songs played over and over 600 times so I will become even more sick of them. I have always been a fan of the old stuff that made Nickelback famous in the first place, and I think unfortunately they have moved away from that. Buy the album for the heavy stuff, I think there are just enough songs to make 13 bucks worth it. If you like the old nickelback, buy the heavy songs off itunes, if you like the new Nickelback albums (all the right reasons), especially the radio-played songs (not including animals), buy the CD. In my opinion the good songs are good, and the bad songs could be a lot better.

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    Nirvana6722 : Its spelled mOm
    hang on a sec... not where i come from! Nickelback rock hard their more classic rock stuff makes me shiver - this new album is just feeeeel goood. But hey, everyone to themself.
    MrOtter wrote: MonsterOfRock wrote: Nickelback is, well, nowhere near the best of them... but hey I'd rather hear Nickelback in the video charts than effing Rihanna or 50 Cent. ehhh... i dunno, at least Rihanna is hot, and 50 sucks but he's not a complete ****ing sellout like Nickelback
    Umm wait what? Does nickelback have a lame ass reality tv show just to make a quick buck that i am not aware of? Ohhhh riiight, they don't. 50 cent does.
    "This band tastes like a popsicle that has been stuck up someone's ass"-Eddie Vedder
    i second that. these guys are sellouts
    hahaha oh god the second review makes no fukin sense at all and niether do all these idiots arguing about random shit no-one cares about
    haha the second review makes no ****ing sense and neither do all these idiots arguing about nothing no-one cares about
    pyritmann wrote: Why is everyone defending crap like this saying that people need a mainstream sound to get into other "better" music. Me and my friends grew up on mainstream popular music too but it wasn't shit like this. We listened to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, etc, etc. All of these bands were popular as hell but still had a good sound and most of all integrity. People who consider nickleback good mainstream music habve terrible taste and do not know genuinely good music from bands like creed and nicleback. Not to mention posting on a guitar site means you probably all play guitar, which makes it even worse. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
    Yes mainstream sucks, but not alll mainstream sucks. and though im not a huge nickelback fan, they have stuck to their original sound all the way through their career and not change their sound at all because of pop pressure(its true thought many of you will argue) and nickelback is one thing. CREED how dare you! mark tremonti is one of the best guitarists in rock music and hes better than you ever will be. go listen to any creed or alterbridge solo then come back and try to diss that guy.[/quote] Actually, You both make no sense telling nickelback fans that they got no taste,...if you actually believe that so why you're paying attention to us,so go make urself a living rather than wasting your time in posting freaky f***** replies which are non-sense all in all,everyone got his own music taste so it's not you're right to sniff your f***** nose inside it unless you're an idiot lol.Nickelback Rocks & all nickelback fans believe that & I don't need to prove it! coz you know that, what you call it when "ATTR" went to 7X Platinum,& Still on the top for more than 120 weeks.Beside that nickelback rocks they really care they dedicated the sell out of their single if everyone cared which was more than 500,000 $ to charity!! Just one more thing, Nickelback will always stay Nickelback, They Rock, They got their fans,listeners & lovers & They Are The Best Now! Have a f*****nice day :
    Dude i have a file of two of there songs playing on top of one another and it is the exact same song with different lyrics. Same intro, same verse chord progression, same bridge. Anyone who likes this band should seriously draw a warm bath and open some veins
    True..get on You Tube and do a search for "Nickelback split song." Their music is so formulaic and predictable. And those are kind words for what I really think of them, but UG will ban me for a month if I give my true opinion, even if I back it up with facts. "Forum," huh? Right!
    I didnt like it specially the parts where they try to sound like U2 or Duran Duran but heavy. Couple of goods song around cachy lyrocs the rest ....hmmm not the nickelback i used to love
    3 days grace14
    T-Unit33 wrote: 1. I don't think that the second review is technically considered to be written in the English language. I understood hardly any of it. 2. What I did get from it was that it was like the Nickelback of old, and that only the old style nickelback fans would like it. I think the opposite. This sounds very little like Silver Side Up, or The State. The heavy songs I enjoyed, but the other half of the songs are poppy and somewhat boring. The good songs were good and the bad songs were bad.
    "...check out Daniel Adair...he's a pretty sick drummer" True that man. When I first heard All The Right Reasons I was like damn this guys gotten better, without knowning they had a new drummer... Most peoples opinion of Nickelback is bassed on the one song they hear on radio, not the entire album. I think if people who claim to hate them so much would actually listen to them, they might change their minds I think there are much better bands that could be "gateway bands" as someone put it, into Rock for non-fans, but don't get the success they deserve. Like Alter Bridge, their music is proper Rock, but not so heavy and shouty as to put off more commercial listeners.
    Indeed, i liked the comment that people love to break down Nickelback. The music just s so straight forward that people can't really listen to the hart of a Nickelback song. It's funny, i like the way some music can be absolutely subtle (picture Sigur Ros), yet i gotta love Zero-Bullshit music like Nickelback. Nice album, yet indeed a little boring. I'd say there are absolutely great tracks to be found, but also annoying songs. Who cares... as long as they keep up the Rock!
    I think there are much better bands that could be "gateway bands" as someone put it, into Rock for non-fans, but don't get the success they deserve. Like Alter Bridge, their music is proper Rock, but not so heavy and shouty as to put off more commercial listeners.
    I couldn't agree more. Alter Bridge is one of the best rock bands out there playing today. When your band's rhythym guitarist (myles) could easily be a lead guitarist in any other band, then thats a good line-up. I would like to take this time to thank Mark Tremonti for bringing sick solo's back to rock music.
    I hate nickleback SOOO much. Dosen't seem fair that they're loaded as hell and I'm stuck in my house broke. DAMN YOU NICKLEBACK! TO THE DEEPEST PIT OF HELL! MUWAHAHA. (I'm not making fun of them them, just thought I would try to lighten everyone's day)
    By the way, this is quite humorous in my opinion. It's kind of like the Black Tide argument, all the stupid elitists saying that they're not metal when the only difference between them and metallica(over rated band of the year, every solo Kirk Hammett does the same thing, some quatuplets down the neck and go into a pentatonic for the rest of the song.) is Metallica's music is a bit faster. It's like saying Nickleback isnt rock. They can't help it that teenage girls go wild for there music. Wish teenage girls would go wild for my music. But they don't. They dont understand the subtleties.