Dark Horse review by Nickelback

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  • Released: Nov 18, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 6.4 (283 votes)
Nickelback: Dark Horse

Sound — 8
This album has one thing that stands out from all others (except pehaps some ACDC or the Crue) is lots of hard-hitting guitar and bass riffs. These riffs hit you like a frieght train from hell. It also has a single acoustic party song, and a couple of the pop-style songs like a recall of All the Right Reasons.

Lyrics — 6
I'm torn; I can either praise Chad Kroeger for writing such funny and sexual lyrics, or I can criticise him for writing dirty, inappropriate lyrics. With such titles as S.E.X. and Something in Your Mouth, (the something is her thumb) he also writes a song called This Afternoon. Inoccent enough, but the theme of the song it partying, getting drunk, and getting high. It is literally a party tune, as the background noise is literally just a recording of a party.

Overall Impression — 6
I like a few tunes from this album, but not all of them. It takes a fistful of songs to make a good album, not just 2 or 3. I love it's hard hitting metal, but I hate it's inappropriateness. I love the "one-way ticket to hell" personality, but I hate how it has only a few good songs. Frankly, it's about a...

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    another terrible album from this terrible band... Chad Kroeger is going to turn out to be 90 years old in a wheelchair with a nurse strumming the three chords while he still sings about "somebody out there" or somebody far away... he needs to learn how to write some different material and play the guitar and maybe, just maybe they will make a decent album, but I doubt it...
    sabaka151 wrote: mlukeroberts222, picture this... Nickelback as a gateway drug... you start with this light stuff, but eventually you will need a harder fix, and then you start to look toward the heavier stuff... first you get Linkin Park, Audioslave, & Staind. Then Disturbed, & Rage Against the Machine, then Godsmack (Tony Rombola and Shanon Larkin ROCK!!!!!)... then you want to know about what influenced them, and you get Metallica and Pantera. Do you see the bigger picture??? My gateway drug was 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite to be exact, and then came Enter Sandman, and then came South of Heaven (Slayer in case you didn't know) and now I play Guitar and Bass... so Nickelback serves their purpose for the people that aren't ready for Cradle of Filth (they will be) but don't want the Jonas Brothers either. But i see how you could be upset... My favorite 2 bands are Godsmack and Metallica and the "Gateway Drug Theory of Music" (this is what I'm calling it) makes me feel better about lighter bands.
    hell yes! my gateway drug was green day
    i love nickelback but it seems that they are loosing their edge on this CD...Silver Side Up was their masterpiece in my opinon. This album is good but i would prefer nickelback's The State, Silver Side Up, and The Long Road
    sabaka151 wrote: This is a solid Nickelback album, the one thing I hope Nickelback does is introduce the masses to rock music and then when they explore the genre, eventually people come across all the great music rock (Metallica, Pantera, Cradle of Filth, Slayer, Godsmack and so on...) has to offer... So keep playing those typical power cords Nickelback!!!
    thats a great way to put it right there internet five for you
    I am a huge nickelback fan..... older stuff was harder than this pussy shit they put out now but they have more to offer than what there showing
    red157 wrote: 'Everyone loves to hate Nickelback', true and for good reason. 8 UG? Horrid.
    these guys have done more in 9 yrs than most have done in twenty. think of them like the bon jovi in the mullenium, oh wait, cant do that either cuz ur dad probably hates jovi right? ^_^
    BenFoffenbock wrote: Minds_iron wrote: painful voice He has a great voice, it's the best thing about Nickelback.
    i completely agree and nickelback is easily one of the best bands of the modern era
    3 days grace14 wrote: Dude your missing the big picture...Yeah they know how to sell records...they have immature lyrics about sex like they're still in high school...YOU KNOW WHY? Cause SEX sells and like you said APPEALS to all those dumb ass simple minded mainstream music loving people...The big picture is that it's all about EASY MONEY...and BIGLAZ84 is right, if you play guitar and actually respect the guitar playing of this band you SHOULD be ashamed of yourself...I don't just listen to metal but god i'd love to see a celebrity deathmatch between LAMB OF GOD and NICKELBACK or better yet how about a real brawl between the two. you know who my moneys on... Fuck man it aint all about guitar. I love guitar and would be quite likely dead if i didn't have it but now you guys are missing the big picture its not about guitar ist about the music made by the BAND not just the guitarist's and so yeah lamb of god kick there ass in our eyes and in our sense of musician ship but they aren't as successful for it im not saying they should go market them selves to teenage girls im not saying they should change at all but.. Yeah nickelback changed a whole shit load not for the better in my opinion but yes i respect them for there accomplishment's and no hater can deny what they have accomplished. All you haters might not like it but there going to continue to make music that is radio friendly and mainstream until thay get sick of it or if every one who bought there albums are. lamb of god and PANTERA and METALLIC are my choice of music but they arent IT there are other elements to music!!!
    you make excellent points in there but if you look at the tab for gotta be somebody it is very easy compliments the notes that chad is singing and it is the melody of that song that makes it so good so a person who prefers metal will obviously choose that because it has head banging riffs
    another MTV band. started out rock. now they're pop. why can't they put out another silver side up?
    Teen Spirit
    ^or even better sulley, another Curb/The State I miss their old stuff oh well. Grunge really is dead innit?