Dark Horse review by Nickelback

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  • Released: Nov 18, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.4 (283 votes)
Nickelback: Dark Horse

Sound — 10
I have always liked Nickelback since I heard the song 'how you remind me' a really brilliant song with moving verses, perfect guitar parts and a catchy chorus. Since then I've been a fan, but this album was the first one I bought! As soon I heard the slick, catchy riff of 'Something in your mouth' I thought, oh yes. This is the sort of sound I like! And amazingly, this quality continued throughout the entire album. From the rolling cool of 'Burn it to the ground' and the melodic, soaring sound of 'Gotta be somebody' to more acoustic-based, soft songs like 'Never gonna be alone' and 'Id come for you' this album has it all. My personal favourite, 'Just to get high' has one of the best solo's I have ever heard and I'm a big AC\DC fan! Honestly, check it out, you'll be blown away. Chad Kroeger's throaty, awesome sounding vocie is present, reaching new levels of sound perfectly. Their new drumming man, Daniel Adair is a fantastic drummer with some suprisingly imaginative beats pounding out, it's a rare thing for an album to pay as much attention to the drums as everything else, but this one has. His best moment? Track 3. Overall, I can find no quips whatsoever with the sound, it's truly a musical masterpiece.

Lyrics — 10
Every song has a distinctive, imaginative sound to it and this is matched up perfectly with meaningful, well thought out lyrics that really express the mood of each song, even though each song greatly varies in their own subjects. Good job.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is a masterpiece, from the fantastic slickness of 'something in your mouth' and 'burn it to the ground', to the much more heavy sounding 'next go round' and the spectacular 'just to get high', followed by soft, moving, beautiful songs like 'never gonna be alone'. The final song, 'this afternoon', has a red hot chili peppers-esque sound to it and is a great way to end a fantastic album. The only song that i would deem lower than amazing would be 'Shakin hands' it's still a great song, but it's the weakest here. All in all, this album is a fantastic slice of musical cake and once you get your teeth into it, your not gonna want to let go! 'Just to get high' is the song that beat the once deemed invincible 'Animals'. If I lost this, I'd cry a bit, have a seizure, give myself a wedgie and do almost anything to replace it. An essential purchase.

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    Dark Horse is definitely an appropriate title for the album. Every album Nickelback has composed has had some raunchy songs on them but not as many as this one. I think this album was mainly developed to entice more of the fun side they live every day. The main riffs are an additive to the lucrative lyrics and sex appeal presented. It is my favorite album they have produced
    Good review. But the band is horrible. After their album "Silver side up" every other album was awful. The singer's generic raspy rock voice makes me and a lot of people I know want to kill kittnes.... this band is awful, they arent heavy at all. they need to just stfu because they have nothing unique or fresh to offer...
    Sgt Killswitch
    I once asked someone what his favorite metal band was. His answer was Nickelback. I then commenced throwing up all over him. News flash people: loud guitars do not denote metal. That is never true. Never. I give every album a listen before criticizing them to be fair. And it's safe to say that it exceeded my expectations: it's not a bad album, it's horrible. Enough said. I enjoy their early stuff up until SSU though.
    abomination794 wrote: Dark Horse? more like Horse Shit!
    I usually don't laugh out loud... but I just did.