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artist: Nickelback date: 11/21/2011 category: compact discs
Nickelback: Here And Now
Released: Nov 21, 2011
Genre: Hard Rock, Post-Grunge, Alternative Rock
Label: Roadrunner
Number Of Tracks: 11
Nickelback's seventh studio album, though formulaic and with repetitive lyrical themes, is very catchy and at moments really great.
 Sound: 8.2
 Lyrics: 6.8
 Overall Impression: 8.2
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overall: 6.7
Here And Now Featured review by: UG Team, on november 21, 2011
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Sound: Over the past several album releases, Nickelback has become the band that everyone loves to hate. Maybe that reputation is deserved for their songwriting which is almost a caricature of formulaic songwriting, or possibly even for the repetitive lyrical themes: sex, strippers and drinking. I'll admit that I was definitely in that category of music listeners who looked at Nickelback with almost disgust, but I've been trying to listen to "Here And Now" with fresh ears. Back in the day, with the release of their first albums, "The Curb" and "The State" you saw a different band, or maybe just the same band without the preconceived notions going in to listen to them.

Nickelback was formed in 1995 by three Kroegers (Chad, Mike and Brandon) and Ryan Peake. They released their first album almost immediately ("Curb"), almost immediately after the release of their debut EP, "Hesher" in 1996. Brandon Kroeger left the band in 1997, replaced by Mitch Guindon who was replaced by Ryan Vikedal in 1998. Ryan Vikedal was replaced by Daniel Adair in 2005 and is still with the band. The other three members have stayed with the band since being founded. Chad Kroeger began, reputedly in 2001, dissecting all hit songs on the radio to understand the formula for creating hit singles. Since then, Nickelback has had numerous hit singles and earned the enmity of a large portion of music listeners for what is seen as formulaic songwriting and insincerity.

"Here And Now" is mostly heavier rock, or alternative metal with a few softer songs. The album clocks in at just under 40 minutes with 11 tracks. The riffs are very catchy, and being completely honest, if these came on the radio I would not turn the station. If I was going out partying with friends then I might want the album as our traveling soundtrack. Formulaic? Yes. Repetitive lyrical themes? Yes. Rockin? Yes. The songs on "Here And Now" seem to be consistently good, musically. There are a few tracks that are a little bland, but for the most part the riffs are powerful. The soloing isn't extensive, but in good taste and adding to the overall song. At the end of the day, taken as a single work and not part of a collective of albums, "Here And Now" is a solid release and is a very fun album to listen to. // 7

Lyrics: I've kind of grown to look at Nickelback the same way I looked at Poison back in 1992 when I was first really getting into music. Poison made some good rockin' tracks, then made some tracks "for the ladies", so to speak. Nickelback does the same thing. Poison used blatant metaphors for sex and came off as just trying to chase hit songs. Nickelback does the same thing. I'm not sure if I can really blame Nickelback for this while their songs are formulaic and have the same themes recycled over and over, the members seems to have a good time playing and when it comes down to it that is what a band is all about (and maybe all a rock band should be about).

As a sample of the lyrical content, from the track "Midnight Queen" you have "she's my midnight queen/ I'm locked and loaded and ready to go/ she's gonna lick my pistol clean/ she's got a hold of me and she ain't lettin' go". And then you have lyrics from "Trying Not To Love You" such as "you call to me and I fall at your feet/ how could anyone ask for more/ our time apart like knives in my heart/ how could anyone ask for more" then finally going into the chorus "Trying not to love you/ only goes so far/ trying not to need you/ is tearing me apart" and so on. For the ladies and such. // 6

Overall Impression: Nickelback hasn't skyrocketing into being one of my favorite bands with the release of "Here And Now", but I have to admit it isn't a terrible album. This isn't an album that I would be listening to on a regular basis on my mp3 player, but again I wouldn't change the radio station either. I guess my overall feelings towards the album are lukewarm. Not even lukewarm some of the riffs I really dig, but on the other hand the formulaic quality and the lyrical themes I almost detest. Very hot and cold mixture of feelings with this album and with Nickelback in general. My favorite songs on the album are probably "This Means War" and "Kiss It Goodbye". There are a few songs that I feel like are rubbish specifically "Don't Ever Let It End" and "Lullaby". The remaining songs are pretty much radio fodder. It is not a bad album, not a great album and not an especially sincere album. // 7

- Brandon East (c) 2011

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overall: 6.3
Here And Now Reviewed by: betterman5, on november 23, 2011
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Sound: "Here And Now" is a huge improvement on Nickelback's last album "Dark Horse" which I found over produced and boring. Nickelback stated they wished to go back to the more organic sound of "All The Right Reasons" and I think they have achieved this with Here and now. The album has it's typical Nickelback sound, its ballads and rockers but I was quite pleased they didn't just release an album full of power ballads which they could easily do to appeal to the radio. When I heard the song "When We Stand Together" which I find to be possibly the most annoying song Nickelback has ever written, I had low expectations for the album. However as shown in the past the rest of the album is quite enjoyable and the songs are solid. I've always loved Nickelback's rock songs more than their pop ballads and they pleased me with the opening rock anthem "This Means War" A riff driven rock song reminding me of "because Of You" off of the long road and perhaps one of the more original songs on the album in comparison to their other works. "Bottoms Up" is really just "Burn it to the ground" part 2, however I find it much catchier than its predecessor. "Midnight Queen", "Gotta Get Me Some" and "Everything I Wanna Do" are you're typical riff heavy rock song to have sex to like "Next Go Round" and "Figured You Out", because lets face it everyones come to expect that from Nickelback, nothing new in these pieces. All three are upbeat and catchy with "Everything I Wanna Do" being a bit less generic sounding in it's breakdowns and the better of the three. "Trying Not To Love You" surprised me with a quite nice rock intro to this ballad having a tone to it like a Santana piece. Possibly one of the better songs musically. "Holding On To Heaven" is so similar to "If Today Was Your Last Day" it's ridiculous. But in saying this, it's catchy and not as bad as the albums lead single. // 8

Lyrics: Nickelback's lyrics have never been the most deep and meaningful really. This album is no exception with songs like "Bottoms Up" generic beer drinking lyrics "Another round, fill her up, hammer down, grab a cup, bottoms up". Then you've got the typical sex orientated "Gotta Get Me Some" and "Midnight Queen" reminiscent of "Something In Your Mouth" and "Animals". Nickelback try to get deep and meaningful with "When We Stand Together" and "Lullaby" but the lyrics to both came off as generic and cheesey. As with any Nickelback album if you're looking for something poetic and meaningful you're probably looking in the wrong place. But Chad's simplistic lyrics do seem catchy and will evoke some sort of emotion in the end. // 3

Overall Impression: Here and now blows "Dark Horse" out of the water. It is a much better album. It is quite similar to "All The Right Reasons" and "The Long Road". I actually quite enjoy this album when I didn't think much of their previous effort. Songs that stood out to me were definitely "This Is War", "Lullaby", "Everything I Wanna Do", "Kiss Is Goodbye" and lastly "Trying Not To Love You" with this being the best song on the album. It wouldn't be a Nickelback album without a few songs that you can tell will get annoying as hell on the radio with "When We Stand Together" being the worst song on the album by far. This album is not entirely different to their previous works, I can't see it winning over any new fans, it will keep the fanbase happy and keep the haters disgusted. I love it, it's Nickelback and you bet I'd buy it again if it were lost or stolen. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Here And Now Reviewed by: the chalky one, on march 15, 2012
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Sound: Well first off they sounded like they were trying to be serious with songs like we must stand together, and lullaby. Those were songs to me that made me think. And I don't know about you I like songs that make me think about the meanings. Then there were songs like. "Trying Not To Love You", and "Don't Let It End". People can relate to those songs. I think when they made this they were thinking of not only the way they felt but the way everyone feels at times. One more thing: if there is a week song on the album... I'd have to pick either "Kiss It Goodbye" or "Holding On To Heaven". That's just my personal opinion. It just seems like there's something missing in those songs. // 8

Lyrics: Well my personal favorites on the album are. "Gotta Get Me Some", "Midnight Queen", and "Don't Ever Let It End". "Gotta Get Me Some" just had great riffs and great lyrics to complement it and make it better. And I thought Chad's voice was great, and went perfectly with the music. "Trying Not To Love You" is a song that really made me pay attention to the lyrics along with the vocals and I thought it was great and he perfectly captured the feeling of being in love with some one (based on the lyrics most likely a friend). But all the other songs on the CD was great and had plenty of thought in them. // 9

Overall Impression: I don't like to compare people to others because I believe every one is different and even if they sound like some one else they have there own personal style and spin on things. If I had to pick one song that was my favorite I would pick "Don't Ever Let It End". It was a great way to close the album and I pushed replay like a thousand times when I heard that song it's one I can relate to. If there's some one you like or even love that your friends with, it may be hard and scary at the same time but its best to be honest. Hey you never know, they could feel the same way. I love that this album has a little of everything and to me it tells me a few things. Love, I'm gonna rip some ones head off!, party all night, that girl over there is hot, and for me cherish the times you have now. If this CD was lost or stolen I would call the cops, FBI, CIA, S.W.A.T., and call the president. And yes I would definitely buy it again. // 9

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overall: 6.7
Here And Now Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 23, 2012
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Sound: Well to start off, this is Nickelback, so don't expect anything new or anything to be majorly changed in terms of their sound or lyrical content. Being a fan though, I instantly loved the album and found it to be worth the wait. The sound covers everything we're used to, from their alternative metal anthems to the soft rock / pop ballads. The heaviest track is the opening "This Means War" which has also been released as a single. Other songs that keep the driving 'metal' sound include "Bottoms Up" (also a single) & "Kiss It Goodbye" (both of which utilise driven guitars well, the drums stand out especially). Where as the ballads include songs like "Lullaby" (which features piano work as well as the usual instruments we're all used to) & "When We Stand Together" (which is primarily an acoustic ballad) and have both also released as singles from the album. The album features great guitar work & vocals from frontman Chad Kroeger & guitarist Ryan Peake, solid basslines from Mike Kroeger & awesome drums from Daniel Adair. They stick to the formula which the fans love & the haters are obviously going to hate. // 7

Lyrics: Overall, the lyrics (much like the music) are what you'd expect with Nickelback, a mixture of the party songs which include lyrical themes about sex & women, but also the ballad-esque songs which discuss themes of love, death & life as a whole. In general the vocal work mixes with the instrumental work very well. Chad Kroeger's powerful voice soars above the music in some songs and helps get the point across, songs like "Midnight Queen" really do show off his ability to sing about what he wants to do (this one obviously talking about sex) but this aside, the ballads also show off this voice and lyrical talent as songs like "Trying Not To Love You" discuss the loving and psychological side of relationships as opposed to just the sex and fun side of them. // 6

Overall Impression: Nickelback's "Here And Now" is the seventh studio album in their career and being a long-time fan it didn't disappoint me at all, granted it's not as good as some previous releases (Such as "All The Right Reasons" but the band have done well in creating something the fans will love & possibly gain some new fans in the process. The most impressive songs on the album were definitely "Trying Not To Love You" with it's heavy hearted lyrics & overall tone "This Means War" which is essentially (in my opinion) a call out to everyone who has ever doubted them as a band & "Don't Ever Let It End" which tells a story of lust between friends which has grown in to love. The weakest song on the album would have to be the lead single "When We Stand Together" not because it's a bad track but because of all I could have listed, it is the one I liked the least. This is definitely a must buy album if you're a Nickelback fan & worth a try if you're interested in getting in to their music. I'd definitely buy it again if stolen/lost. // 7

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overall: 8.7
Here And Now Reviewed by: jedke, on november 28, 2011
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Sound: Alright so I got this album because I was curious. I hated "Dark Horse". But this album made me a fan once again. The band sounds great. With Chad and Ryan cranking out amazing riffs. I have to say I always took Nickelback as the band that played boring riffs. But I couldn't be more wrong. The riffs sound like they were influenced by great artists. So the first song comes on is this means war and it sounds like a Pantera riff! Finally some Nickelback you could head bang to. And "Gotta Get Me Some" opening riff reminded me at moments of Black Label Society. The bass in this album is powerful and will blow you away. The mix is perfect I just wish they could crank the drums a bit more and turn Chad a bit down. // 9

Lyrics: As always Chad writes lyrics about everything from sex and drugs to relationships. He is a good singer and I for one like his voice. It's a love or hate thing and I think it's responsible for haters. But this album the voice suits the music. There were moments though when I didn't feel his radio friendly "rasp" suited the song. Mainly on the heavier numbers. But there isn't a song where the lyrics don't fit at all there's angry guitar riffs and soft piano bits the lyrics match. I really think Chad is a great lyric artist. His lyrics reach people on this album. His voice on the song "Lullaby" Will make you want to cry. But then on "Bottoms Up" he ups the aggressiveness and it makes you want to head bang along with the guitar. I'm rating it 8 out 10 because at times his voice doesn't fit. But lyrically it's great. // 8

Overall Impression: Alright so I go back and forth between hating and loving Nickelback. "Dark Horse" there last album was a sell out album you could tell each song was made to get on the radio. It reminds of the long road. The old Nickelback is back. This album is true music. Full of ballads and hard core numbers. Some of the songs could be your breakup song. But some of them make you want to head bang and go crazy. In all honestly I love every single song on this album. I love the way they do the ballads. They make you want to cry. You can definitely feel the emotion in them. I recommend this album to everyone it has something for everyone unless you're a hardcore jazz musician. My least favourite song would have to be "holding on to heaven" even though it's still great. I took a gamble getting this and it paid off I would buy it again in a heartbeat. You won't be disappointed. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Here And Now Reviewed by: badco1992, on august 24, 2012
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Sound: I've loved Nickelback for quite some time now. While I didn't care for "The State" and much of "Curb", the albums after those two I have really enjoyed! "Here And Now" is just another in a long line of great albums from Nickelback. Like most of their other albums, "Here And Now" mixes hard, driving rock/metal with softer, more sensitive power ballads. Granted, I don't think it's anything new from the band, which is fine in my opinion since their formula has worked for a while now. "Here And Now" is somewhat of a departure from the sound and production of "Dark Horse" and gets closer to the sound of "All The Right Reasons". That's not to say that "Dark Horse" was a bad album though, I enjoyed most of the songs on it. "Here And Now" may follow the same formula that Nickelback is known for, it is still a great sounding album. The sound Chad and Ryan lay down on many songs such as "Bottoms Up", "Gotta Get Me Some", "This Means War", and "Midnight Queen" are fantastic! Daniel Adair's drumming is once again superb especially on "Bottoms Up". And Mike Kroeger's bass is solid on the entire album. There is something on this album for everyone from heavy, head banging rock to the power ballads which are very well written and sound great in my opinion. The ballads will never achieve the popularity of "Savin' Me" or "Far Away" off of "All The Right Reasons", but they are still listenable. I love the riffs on "This Means War", "Bottoms Up", and "Gotta Get Me Some"! Those are probably my favorite songs on this album even though the entire album is great, except for "Kiss It Goodbye", which is probably the only song I don't like. In my opinion that song is a little over the top with voice distortion. There is something here that everyone can enjoy, except for the Nickelback haters which are unlikely to change their opinion of the band with "Here And Now". // 10

Lyrics: There really is only two sides to Nickelback in my opinion. One side is the balls to the walls party side where themes and lyrics revolving around sex and drinking are prevalent and then you have the sensitive side where the lyrics revolve around love and relationships, the more personal side of things. "Here And Now" follows this same pattern. The album doesn't depart from these themes in the slightest as songs like "Bottoms Up", "Midnight Queen", "Gotta Get Me Some", and "Everything I Wanna Do" share the sex and drinking themes while other songs like "Lullaby", "Don't Ever Let It End", "Holding On To Heaven", and "Trying Not To Love You" are the other side to Nickelback. I enjoy the lyrics on most of these songs. The lyrics go with the sound and feel of the music quite well and everything flows great. People hate on Nickelback because their lyrics and songwriting never seems to change that much, but I don't find that an issue. They know what their fans want and they deliver it everytime! I have no issues singing along to any of the songs on this album. Chad's voice is once again amazing. He has great range and can sing with the best of them. I know some don't like his voice but I think the growl or gravelly voice works well with the music. Chad may write songs that have the same theme over and over but they lyrics are catchy and enjoyable in my opinion. The lyrics on the ballads can be quite emotional at points. Those are the songs people can relate to especially on "Trying Not To Love You", "Don't Ever Let It End", and "Lullaby". // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, I love "Here And Now". It's a great sounding album with songs that I can play over and over again. Everything sounds like classic Nickelback. They give their fans more of what they love and the songs are fun! Like on most of their recent albums "Here And Now" combines hard driving rock songs with power ballads which is great! I like their hard stuff a lot, but I also enjoy a good ballad sometimes and Nickelback is really good at writing them. It's hard to get as good as "Savin' Me", "Far Away", or "Photograph" and honestly the ballads on "Here and Now" are not as epic or grand as those, but they are definitely some good songs. The heavier songs on this album are right up there with Nickelback's greatest. My favorites off the album - "This Means War", "Gotta Get Me Some", and "Bottoms Up" rank up there with some of the heavy stuff from previous albums. The main riffs to each of these songs are really great and just sound really cool. There isn't much that I don't like about "Here And Now" however I think some other themes and more variation would be nice sometimes. Every artist has a theme or style they usually use and Nickelback's just happens to be sex, drinking, and more sex. I happen to like the lyrics and music, however, I think they would get even more fans if they wrote about other things and mixed new styles in with what they already do. It could make them a stronger group and have more sales for their music or it could break them. Overall, "Here And Now" is a great album but may not ever be as popular as "All The Right Reasons" was. However, the album still deserves a look if you are a true Nickelback fan. I would definitely buy this album again. If you are a true Nickelback fan, you won't be disappointed. If you don't like Nickelback because of the themes or the voice, this album is not for you, since nothing has really changed. Nickelback knows what it's fans want and they once again cater to them with "Here And Now". // 9

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