The Long Road review by Nickelback

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  • Released: Sep 23, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7 (68 votes)
Nickelback: The Long Road

Sound — 8
An album of many sides. In terms of production it is nothing new, with pounding but unimaginative bass lines, meaty guitars that never quite fullfill their heavy metal destinies and very good drumming which turns to be the highlight of the album (except the "Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting" solo done by the late great Dimebag Darrel Abbot, a freind of the band). Their sound is produced in a similar way to Load era Metallica, and POD or Staind at thier heaviest.

Lyrics — 6
Lots of topic displayed in this record, from Fear, (Believe It Or Not) stardom (See You At The Show), drunken violence (Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting (originally done by Elton John and Flat On The Floor) and insanity (Throw Yourself Away). The lyrical peak of the album is track 2 which is "Do This Anymore." I can't quite work out what it is about but the epic chorus of the song is actually pretty effective when combined with the music. But there are some truly stinky lyrics on this record. I mean, "Feelin' Way Too Damm Good" is about as immaginative as a Lard Sandwich and "Another Hole In The Head" is about as effective as Kurt Cobain trying not to take drugs. Also "Should've Listened" is just about as depressing as Lyrics get without being EMO (I'm not anti-emo just so you know) and the only reason they are depressing is because they are so bad. The singer actually has a respectable voice, making any emotion he tries to put accross clearly audible. He is particularly good at being angry.

Overall Impression — 6
The opening track is blisteringly fast and is called Flat on the Floor. It is a huge riff but it dosen't really change in the song at all, basically keeping the theme of "I'm going to kick your face in" during the riffs. Do this Anymore is track 2. It is the lyrical peak and has one of the best intros of a song on the album. There is a wimpish attempt at a guitar solo which stops this song from being very good instead of quite good. Someday is the "Run to the Hills" or "Enter Sandman" of the album, the 'pop' song as such with overly sad lyrics and a big chorus but it is redemed by a good guitar solo, Beileve It Or Not is a rather unusual song because it has some truly good bits, for example the bit before the solo, and some truly dire bits, the verses and the guitar solo. Feelin' way Too Damm Good is generally not very good but has an infectious chorus which isn't that bad. Because Of You is very heavy with a couple of monster riffs up its sleeve. The lyrics are not very imaginative but the chorus and the breakdown bits are very impressive. Figured You Out is another 'pop song' with simple and catchy lyrics and a simple guitar solo for beginners who want to learn Nickelback songs. Should've listened is the acoustic bit of the album but unlike otherer bands acoustic songs, for example Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive" or "It's Been A While" by Staind, it is not one of the highlights of the album, indeed it is possibly the very lowest point. Throw Yourself Away is brilliant. The crunching riffs, the short but sweet solo, the excellent lyrics such as "Damm you for thinking we would never now and damm you thinking we would never mind" and the blistering drumming. Another Hole In The Head could have been a single. Very poppy in every way immaginable but I have found use for it as a good song to listen to while playing a motor racing game on a games console or PC. See You at the show has a very good riff and very nice acoustic verses. The Chorus is also pretty epic and the Bridge riff (or solo I don't know quite what it is yet) is superb. The first bonus track is Yanking out my, which has amusing lyrics but is overall not very good. Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting has the solo from the god Dimebag (RIP) and for a song that was originally meant for Piano has some really good riffs. Learn the Hard Way is just generally boring in every way. Overall I don't know what to think of this record. Do This Anymore, Because of You, Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting, See You At The Show and the brilliant Throw Yourself Away would be good on any good album you care to think of but I would frankly throw most of the rest it (not including Flat On The Floor and Believe or Not, which I would make B-Sides out of) to the bin because these songs are either awful or even worse. If the 5 best songs were released as a 5 Track EP they would have been a good record. Too much filler and Not enough of the supossed influences of Metallica and Dimebag they claim to use.

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    PJamMan6 wrote:
    I like songs without any point. I don't really listen to the lyrics, but the lyrics for 'Photograph' absolutely suck, they all rhyme
    so let me get this straight... you like songs that have no point/meaning/worth to it, you like songs that do NOT rhyme, AND on top of all that you reviewed the WRONG album... sad...
    3 days grace14
    I would have to say this is honestly my favorite nickelback album dont know why everyones trashing the lyrics Its there best stuff in my opinion
    3 days grace14 wrote: I would have to say this is honestly my favorite nickelback album dont know why everyones trashing the lyrics Its there best stuff in my opinion
    I kno man...this one is really good compared to All the Right Reasons and Dark Horse...their early shit and this one are the best
    Quick note...The second review...Throw Yourself Away is about abortion, not insanity. "Baby's born on the bathroom floor, mother prays that it'll never cry, but nothing's wrong you got your prom dress on and if they ask you say it isn't mine...So why the hell don't you throw yourself away?"