A New Disease Is Born Review

artist: Nightrage date: 01/30/2008 category: compact discs
Nightrage: A New Disease Is Born
Release Date: Apr 17, 2007
Label: Lifeforce
Genres: Death Metal/Black Metal, Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 12
Refusing to align themselves completely to either of the aforementioned metallic approaches, each of the album's 12 tracks are equally brutal and melodic.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 8
A New Disease Is Born Reviewed by: metaldud536, on november 29, 2007
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Sound: This band has been around for a while but the first actual album I heard from them is this one, there latest one and let me just say I"m very impressed. Though I have't heard their older work this stuff is good. The band claims to be a melodic death metal band but some songs have that metalcore feel, though there are plenty of melo-death style guitar lines throughout the album. What I like about this album is the way the songs are structured. There's no unsual timings but there are some sweet rythms (think Self Revolution by Killswitch Engage) and the way some vocal lines are repeated and various stuff. The album has it's death metal drumming, guitar solos, thrash influences and some songs like Reconcile have that metalcore clean vocals. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics can get catchy in songs like in Scathing ("Falsification of the human touch, waves breaking with a roar" just listen) and Death-Like Silence but overall some of it does not make sense seeing as how the way they're sung and the way they're written doesn't relate (some lines sound like broken sentences). Overall I think the lyrics are alright nothing special like Opeth. The lyrics are yelled like in metalcore screaming which is why the songs seem like a mix with melodic death, but at the same time the yelling sounds a bit like high pitched grunts. There are also some clean vocals but that shouldn't be a turn off since they're done right. // 7

Overall Impression: My main favorites on this album include Spiral, Scathing, Death-Like Silence, De-fame, Surge of Pity, and pretty much the whole album except this one song. The album has some awesome guitar riffs, and the solos remind of Arch Enemy. The album has one instrumental, the title track. I like it. Reconcile, though, sounds like an attempt to be mainstream. To me it just doesn't fit in. It's got its cool guitar leads but the clean vocals and lyrics don't fit in. In general it's a solid album. I go by what is memorable for being good I find most of these songs memorable (can't get Death-like silence out of my head). In a genre they say can get repetitive (metalcore), I think this album is nice breath of fresh air. // 8

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overall: 9.3
A New Disease Is Born Reviewed by: Halfmastmutiny, on january 30, 2008
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Sound: When I first heard these guys I was blown away. The killer solos and all around guitar playing is incredible, not to mention the drums. Anyways this band has come out with another solid album (in addition to "Sweet Vengence" and "Descent Into Chaos", I also recomend these albums as well) the band constantly comes up with new ways to blow your mind. No two songs really sound the same. All in all I have to say, damn those Swedish people really know how to kick ass! // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics in this album are intense to say the least. Most of the lyrics aren't your normal metal lyrics. In the song "Reconcile" one of the lines goes "I am sucking your marrow out. Sucking you dry. Walking so empty entered this chasm of mine In this world for you. I am sucking your marrow out. Sucking you dry. Walking so empty like a casket without a corpse I have been re-inventing this world for you." Now that's intense. Some of the other lyrics in the CD aren't as out there but they're still great. As for the singing (screaming) the lead singer just belts out an ear piercing scream (not that it's a bad thing) and then pulls back to let loose some amazing melodic singing as well. so as the overplayed borat would say, "very nice." // 10

Overall Impression: You could try and compare this to other albums but I doubt you'd be able to find one that can hold its own (same sounding one's that is). As for the best songs on the album, you have to listen to "Spiral" and "Death-Like Silence". I love just about everything about this album except for the fact that although the vocalist, as good as he is, will get kinda annoing after a while, but hey you gotta take the bad with the good, and rool with the punches. This is apparently the walking cliche'. // 9

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