Angels Fall First review by Nightwish

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1997
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.3 (21 votes)
Nightwish: Angels Fall First

Sound — 8
The only album where Tuomas did not write the majority of the music, it was a shared burden on this album. Musically, this album is interesting. If you are a new fan of nightwish, and only know recent material of albums like century child and once, then you can expect something very different here. Nightwish make use of the orchestral back drops as always, however, this doesn't sound so great, as at the time Nightwish didn't ave enough money to pay for an orchestra, so they use Tuomas's synthy keyboards instead, this leaves a sound which is missing that "epic" feel and feels a bit weak, like the bieginning of "Beauty And The Beast". Do not mistake me though, this is an excellent album, put together before Sami or Marco joined the band so Emppu plays all 6string and bass guitars, making this a bit of a boring album for those of you listening for killer bass lines. Originally, nightwish were a piano-guitar-vocal trio who later became a metal band. This is obvious on songs such as "Angels Fall First" where a small section of drums has been added and the 4 part song "Lappi". Apart from these few songs, which are still beautiful songs for those of us who are more open minded to others styles other than metal, the rest of the album shows the clear origins of the modern nightwish. "Know why the nightingale sings" has a killer guitar riff and drum line with a beautifl piano solo at the end. the album makes use of a lot of flutes, somewhat of an open for the appearence of John Two Hawks On The Once album. If you are looking for a stereotypical Nightwish album, this is not one for you, even though it was their first album and does show a lot of musical talent.

Lyrics — 6
As always, Tuomas wrote all the lyrics for this album. Mixed opinions on the lyrical and vocal side of this album; it is the only album to feature tuomas singing duets with tarja, and his singing at first seems cringe worthy, but after a while it starts to sink in a sound quite nice. Tarja's voice has yet to develop on this album, is sounds like any other soprano singer and has yet to show some charecter and unique sound. Lyrically, this album has highs and lows. ashamed to say, I deliberatley skip some tracks because the lyrics are either so cliche'd or cringe worthy. Songs like "Elvenpath", "The Carpenter" and parts of "Beauty And The Beast" are terribly cliche'd ("Forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you" etc) and the singing on the Carpenter from both tarja and tuomas is terrible in the chorus but alright in the verses. On the bright side of things, songs like "Angels Fall First" feature some amazing vocal talent and lyrical genius. Some of the phrases are poetic master pieces and hold an epic quality to them.

Overall Impression — 7
Over all, this album was a fairly neautral buy, I could have bought better but it wasn't a bad buy and I certainly enjoyed the album. The main let down was the lower quality lyrics and singing. Musically, the album was lovely, featuring a broad range of styles from acoustic to folk to metal. The artwork for the album is interesting, fairly basic but with nice photography on the front (believe it or not that is a real photo and not a coputer graphic) and features a picture of all the band with short hair on the inside as well as Tarja without her make up (she must have had a face lift since then aswell, her cheeks are far higher and slender now). I would probably buy this album again, as it is cheap in most shops and is worth it for the tracks I enjoy.

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    i dont really agree nor disagree with the review i really like this album, some classic nightwish song like Astral Romance, Angels Fall First, carpenter and above all, elvenpath the sound quality isnt that good, they were really beguining, but the song were already really good, but not well played, if you hear them playing astral romance or elvenpath these days, without any changes in music, youll know what im talking about =)
    I like this album. It's Nightwish's most underrated work. Best song on the album: Beauty and the Beast
    i wrote this review and i did not get to choose what genres it was put under, i see no way that this album was symphonic black metal. lol
    I have to agree with the review, with the bit about Tuomas' vocals (especially in Beauty And The Beast) he appears to struggle on the high notes lol. But his voice has developed alot since then and in the "over the hills and far away" single thingy, you hear a live version of him doing it, and its much better. Musically i think this album is one of their best. Ive seemed to notice that nearly all of the first Nightwish songs on every album seem to end most of the chorus' the same (with plagal cadences) which gives it that nightwish style which i love. And ive just spent the last 7 hours tabbing out one of their songs on GP, and they really are genius ^_^ overall a 10 *best songs on the album : Elvenpath and Nymphomaniac Fantasia, jsut because of the bitchin keyboard bit in the middle
    jimmy dark 0212
    i love the song beauty and the beast. i have not herd any others from this album. im not new to nitwish and there my favorite band. this is relevent to there now stuff. but the now stuff is tweaked more. still recopmend nitwish fans buy it
    jimmy dark 0212 wrote: oh and who was the male vocalist because it shure wasnt marco?
    tuomas (the keyboard player), as said above, marco didn't join till 2001 on the century child album. before marco they had sami playing bass and before the emppu had guitar and bass duties
    and i also forgot to mention in the review elven path and why the nightingale sings are the same song musically, just with different lyrics.
    Not a bad album, the songs are all pretty good musicly, lyricly sometimes puzzling (or awful, like in Nymphomaniac Fantasia). I don't think the band really had fully developed at this time, but all the basic Nighwish elements that are in the later albums are here. As mentioned before Elvenpath and Know Why.. are the same musicly. I really like Beauty and the Beast, I think its a really emotional track, Toumas sings a duet with Tarja and i think Tapio might say something also. The carpenter is an enjoyable listen, with toumas doing a fair amount of singing. Astral Romance also has lots of Toumas singing. Angels Fall First all all acoustic and all Tarja and is also a very emotional track, although you can tell at the end of the song it sounds like its missing something (emppu playing some distortion mabey). Tutankhamen has a strong egyptian feel to it. Nymphomatic Fantasia is very good musicly but like i said the lyrics are kinda rediculus. Even the band has said they dont like them. Lappi is a long and very good track that ends the album. There are 2 bonus track that are decent. So overall the album is probably a 7/10. Not their best offering but if your a Nightwish fan you will for sure want to buy this one.