Century Child review by Nightwish

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Nightwish: Century Child

Overall Impression — 10
Nightwish is one of my hard/heavy rock favourites of all times, because of their wonderful mixture of deep, touching melodies and probably one of the best female vocalists in the world, Tarja Turunen. Make no mistake here; Tarja alone is a *very* good reason for buying at least one Nightwish album!!

The groups fourth studio album starts well. Bless the child is as classic Nightwish as it gets - and Tarja Turunen sings like an angel. There is no other way to describe it, take my word.

When there's an angel, there has to be a devil as well, or what? Nightwish has lately added another lead vocalist, a male, Marco Hietala (known from Tarot) who adds some devilish power to some songs. The songs themselves have melodic power, and serve the two vocalists well.

The result is still a bit mixed. In a way, Century Child is mostly nothing new. Composer Tuomas Holopainen could use some new ideas, I think. On the other hand, even if a little repeating itself, Nighwish is a very spectacular, even magical act. There are moments on their albums that simply leave one breatheless.

I cannot say this strongly enough: Tarja Turunen is probably the most impressive female singer Ive ever seen and heard - and young as she is, her - and Nightwishs - future may well be something to watch!

Warmly recommended.

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    no actaully i think in each song the orchestra sounds different. would you rather them change thier sound completley? thats a no no
    this is my fave nightwish album. i love the lyrics, so bitter and depressive but amazing heavy music
    thug angel
    its a great ablum but some of their song lacks melody but still the song phantom of opera is a enough reason to buy this album..