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artist: Nightwish date: 08/15/2007 category: compact discs
Nightwish: Once
Released: Oct 5, 2004
Genre: Rock
Styles: Metal
Number Of Tracks: 13
They have the same emotional passion and force as In Flames, but Tarja's vocals put Nightwish on a completely different playing field.
 Sound: 9.9
 Lyrics: 9.4
 Overall Impression: 9.9
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overall: 10
Once Reviewed by: ledzppln1969, on april 27, 2006
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Sound: For those of you who haven't heard Nightwish, you don't know what you're missing. They are one of the greatest bands out there. To describe their sound, it's power/goth metal with some more heavy songs and some amazing ballads. The first thing one would notice listening to this album is the intricate and incredible guitar work of guitarist Emppu. The riffs are fast, intricate, and catchy, with enough power to make you head bang, especially in "Romanticide". Then there is the drums, held down by Jukka. Fast double bass combined with some complex tom and cymbal work create a sound which is not often duplicated in metal drummers. Listen to it, and you will know what I mean. Then there's the bass, which is thrown down my Marco, who is also a backing/main vocalist, and even though this is his second album, fits in well with the band. Tuomas the mastermind keyboardist has cool synthesizers, pianos, and other effects going that really make Nightwish's music unique. Last, but far from least, their until recently amzing singer, Tarja. Beautiful in figure and voice, their is no better metal female singer out there, none. Singing both operatic and more metal, her skills are unmatched. Those of you familiar with Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, and Arch Enemy, this is nothing like them. None of those bands has the originality and incredible sound displayed by these 5 people. The full blown orchestra doesnt hurt either. // 10

Lyrics: Tuomas, the keyboarder, writes all the lyrics as well as much of the music, and the lyrics are amazing. Here is a brief overview of the album as a whole. 01. Dark Chest Of Wonder - begins with a charging riff followed by orchestra, drums, and the whole shibang. Great opener, really gets one goining. 02. Wish I Had An Angel - one of the singles off this album, and the first song I ever heard by them. Once again a fast metal song with a great riff, and great lyrics. 03. Nemo - another single, and one of the best Nightwish songs ever. This is a ballad, which begins soft but ends as an orchestral monster. This was the song that drew me into this band. Tarja's voice shows incredible emotion, one of their best. 4. Planet Hell - what can I say besides hell yeah? One of the heaviest songs, builds slowly with a choir, orchestra, and then drums. Some great double bass, and good singing by both Tarja and Marco, do not miss this. 05. Creek Mary's Blood - this is different. A song about Native Americans and how they lost their land. Interesting, begins with tribal sounds and acoustic guitar. The only thing I don't like about the song is the chanting at the end. good effect, but I could have personally done without it. 06. The Siren - a much softer song, once again featuring dual vocals. Not much more to say. 07. Dead Gardens - like the Siren, a good song, but not one of my favorites. Still, it is not one to skip over. 08. Romanticide - here's a metal song for you guys. Sweet riff, sweet double bass, and sweet solo. Goes into a heavy breakdown of sorts at the end, where Marco and Tarja once again switch off vocals. Heaviest song on the album, and great too. 09. Ghost Love Score - there is no way to describe this song. It is an epic, 10+ minute ballad that goes from soft to heavy and is amazing all the way through. Though long, it never gets boring, Tarja sings like an angel, the lyrics take your breath away, and the orchestra compliments the music like never before. If "Ever Dream" isnt the greatest Nightwish ballad, this is. IF ever a song deserved better than a 10, its this. 10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan - this is a soft balld with acoustic sung in their native Finnish. It's interesting, and it's a nice break, and pretty, but also feels out of place, and is greatly overshadowed by the other ballads on this album. 11. Higher Than Hope - once again starts with acoustic, but gets heavier. Has some of the best lyrics on the entire album, and once again Tarja's voice will send shivers down your spine. Great song. 12. White Night Fantasy - good mellow song, not too complex but once again has different instruments worked in to create a great effect. Another winner by Nightwish. 13. Live To Tell The Tale - starts off sounding almost Christmas like, but turns much darker and heavier with great distorted guitar and much darker singing by Tarja, not so operatic. Great song, yet again. // 10

Overall Impression: This is by far the best Nightwish album to date, and possibly the best album that I own. There is not a song worth skipping, and everyone is amazing. The people in this band are some of the most talented there are. I love the lyrics, the singing, the guitar, the drumming, everything. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this album. If you like Lacuna Coil or Evanescence, or any goth, death, black, power, or just heavy metal, get this album. If you like Nightwish, get this album. If you like music at all, get this album. You will not regret it. // 10

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overall: 10
Once Reviewed by: PsychoWolfD, on december 27, 2004
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Sound: This album is an epic. I got this for xmas and I've been repeatedly listening to it since. There is pure musical innovation and inspiration in this album. I love it. The guitar does mostly rhythmic/strumming styles but he has some cool solos also. Also, I love how the bass keeps a catchy tempo when there's no guitar, and the same goes for the drums. Real technical keyboarding too. On the album there's even a chorus group and a symphony that projects a massive rush of sound that accompanies the band's metal sound. The writing credits for the music go to the keyboardist, Tuomas Holopainen, although the guitarist and bassist helped out on a few songs. // 10

Lyrics: Tarja Turunen: best female metal singer on this planet. Don't think Nightwish's sound is identical to Lacuna Coil or Evanescence. No, this band's different. Tarja was a classically trained opera singer, I believe. Most graceful performances in all the songs. I like how she seems to sort of blend in with the chorus in parts of songs (check out her singing in "Ghost Love Score"). Also, the bassist, Marco Hietala, performs some male backing vocals in some songs, including the hit single, "Wish I Had An Angel". I like how he's not a screamo-type person and I like how he uses clean vocals, but sings them with real force and power. On "Creek Mary's Blood", there is some guest performers chanting in Native American words in parts of the song, as the lyrics are about how the white man took the land away from the Native Americans, and some reference to the Trail of Tears. Also, listen to her singing in "Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan", where she sings in her own Finnish. It's beautiful. That track is the symphonies, some acoustic guitar, piano and a bit of chorus. One of my favorites. The lyrics are Finnish so I don't know what she's singing but I think it's a beautiful language and I might try to learn it. The writing credits for the lyrics go again to Tuomas Holopainen. Just him, I believe. He writes great lyrics too. Very inspirational. The almost operatic singing flows very well with them. // 10

Overall Impression: I wanted this album at first just because of the hits "Wish I Had An Angel" and "Nemo", but when I listened to the whole album I realized there were much more to it, and there were even better songs. I can listen to this album day after day and won't get tired of it. Best songs are "Wish I Had An Angel", "Nemo", "Creek Mary's Blood", "Ghost Love Score" (a 10-minute epic and my personal favorite), "Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan", and "Higher Than Hope". But then again, there isn't a weak song on this album and they're all a great piece of work. I got the bonus-tracks version of this album so it also contained to bonus tracks, "White Night Fantasy", and "Live To Tell The Tale", which are also great work. If you're into bands with female singers, buy this album and it'll inspire a thing or two. A definite epic. Yes, definitely worth buying. Nightwish don't quite compare to other artists, and they are unique, and that's what I like about them. I also plan to buy their previous album, 'Century Child' someday. I heard it was great. Go get it now and you won't regret it. // 10

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overall: 10
Once Reviewed by: Kappa, on january 27, 2005
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Sound: Nearly the same sound as every year, less heavier, but nevertheless Metal, with keyboards and operatic singing and sometimes with nearly screamed trash/power styled vocals. New are the orchestra and the choir, which create a good bunch of mystic atmosphere, and the more poppier sound. It is not pop music, neither are Nightwish sellouts, it's just more poppier, but old fans won't be that annoyed. The sound overall is brilliant. From the heavy opener, to bad-intoning-on-purpouse to church keys to long orchestral interludes, the sound never gets boring. There is nearly no repetitive harmony, neither are the lyrics repetitive. This is once again great work from a great band. The only exception is the song, which is sung in Finnish. It's nice, too, but it doesn't fit into the CD very well, consisting only of the orchestra and Tarja. Singing is awesome, though Tarja could use her operatic vibrato-voice more frequently. The guitaring consists pretty much of powerchords and great solos. The bass is great, too, drums and keyboards are excellent, though you'll miss the amazing technical keyboard solos from "Oceanborn," for example. Nevertheless 5 points, because it still rocks as hell with these flaws. Best songs: "Dark Chest Of Wonders," "Planet Hell," "The Siren" (phrygian modes rule), "Dead Gardens" and the wonderful "Ghost Love Score". // 10

Lyrics: Brilliant for most of the CD. The lyrics have some wonderful lines like "Beauty always comes with dark thoughts" or "If you'd be the one to cut me I'd bleed forever" and so on. No repetitive lines or stupid "Life is s--t"-moaning. The only weak points are the lyrics of "Ghost Love Score" because they are a bit over the top, save the citate further above. "Creek Mary's Blood" has lyrics in a native american language! Best songs: "Wish I Had An Angel," "Creek Mary's Blood," "The Siren," "Dead Gardens," "Romanticide," "Higher Than Hope." // 10

Overall Impression: To all Nightwish fans or people, who like metal, symphonic metal or movie soundtracks: get this! This CD is one of the best that I know, it's not boring after over two months and it's simply brilliant. "Once" was on #1 on German charts, smashing such stupid pop bitches and the like. It's gone platinum here and it deserves it. It's really great. But I'm repeating myself. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Once Reviewed by: Antidark, on june 10, 2005
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Sound: The sound is so theatrical that it sounds like going to a heavy metal opera. The live orchestra just fits so well into their music, which may be one of the reasons I like this album so much. Every track is different, but they are all equally beautiful and powerful, thanks to their amazing vocalist, Tarja Turunen, and their innovative composer Tuomas Holopainen. // 10

Lyrics: Pure poetry. The lyrics are just as bautiful as the music, just listen to the lyrics in 'Ghost Love Score' and 'Higher Than Hope'. // 8

Overall Impression: Very powerful and adrenalizing music with beautiful lyrics. The live orchestra in the background creates a theatrical atmosphere unlike any other power metal bands. If you like power metal, heavy metal, any kind of metal, this album is a must have. Unforgettable. // 10

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overall: 10
Once Reviewed by: The AfterLight, on july 27, 2005
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Sound: The first time I heard 'Ghost Love Score', I was blown away. Period. The instrumentals on this album are outstanding. Nightwish uses a variety of sounds to create epic songs. Their recognizable distorted guitars also make appearance on this album (like in 'Romanticide' and 'Dark Chest Of Wonders'). Their sound won't disappoint. // 10

Lyrics: I haven't found skills that exceeded the opera-trained vocals that lead Nightwish. The vocals are a big part in how Nightwish carved their music. 'Ghost Love Score' is a good example of the power of Nightwish's vocals. 'Nemo' (a well-known Nightwish song) also proves the talent Nightwish holds vocally. The lyrics are comparable to poetry, because poetry is the essence of the lyrics found in this album. Amazing lyrically as well as vocally. // 10

Overall Impression: Nightwish is epic metal that won't disappoint any fan or new listener (unless they don't dig beautiful opera harmonies and symphonic music, which just classifies them as insane). Tracks that will hook listeners include 'Nemo' and especially 'Ghost Love Score'. The other tracks do not let me down either, though. I'd recommend this album to anyone who is searching for poetic lyrics and talented female vocals backed by uncomparable music. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Once Reviewed by: bozaki, on september 08, 2006
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Sound: The Once album sounds different than the average Nightwish albums. Although the band has released some great cd's and dvd's, Once is an epic CD whith great sound quality. The style still remains cold and kind of sad gothic only this time it seems more alive. It's like the band recorded it in an abandoned cathedral or a recked castle. // 9

Lyrics: Before the release of Once, word had gotten out and practically every Nightwish fan knew that this album was Mrs. Turunen's last "job" with Nghtwish. Still she did a great job, as usuall and helped the songs come to life through the amazing lyrics. Some of my friends said that Nightwish are bercoming weared out and make commercial songs just to sell more. I don't beleive that. Maybe the lyrics were more understandable than usuall, you don't have to go through dictionaries to find out "What is the poet trying to say here?" Still the lyrics are great, in my humble opinion, and deep as usual! Great job! // 8

Overall Impression: From the album I have to try hard to descermine the best track Planet Hell and Romanticide are great, I think, but still, every track is awesome. It's not like you're listening the same and the same over and over again, every track is a different, deep and very complicated story, coming out of one of ther best gothic bands I've ever heard. Did you know that the cover is the work of Mr Vargo? I didn't. This album is a must. You don't have to be a Nightwish maniac to buy it. If it ever wears out (I've been listening to it without stop). I'm not gonna buy it again. I'll buy the special edition. // 9

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overall: 10
Once Reviewed by: MegaMaidenMan, on august 15, 2007
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Sound: Nightwish's sound developed into a more orchestrated/darker symphonic metal than from previous albums. Also with more vocals from bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala this makes for a great album. With the songwriting of Tuomas Holopained and Classically trained Tarja Turunen theyr stronger than ever on Once. This has become theyr most popular album due to the sudden grow in popularity from their video for "Wish I Had An Angel". // 10

Lyrics: Nightwish's lyrics can sometimes be easy to comprehend the message behind them, others can only make sense to songwriter Tuomas. But on a few tracks the lyrics are not hard to figure out. In the song "Plant Hell" it has many references, including Gaia (An ancient Greek Titan), the ferryman (an ancient greek ferryman who would give people rides across the river Styx) God, The Ark of the Covenant, a dead world, paradise, and many other things. But with the vocals of Tarja Turunen and Marco Hietala every word sung is a masterpiece. // 10

Overall Impression: A great album, not my personal favourite, but still a great buy. Notable songs include "Dark Chest Of Wonders", "Wish I Had An Angel", "Plant Hell", "The Sirens", and "Ghost Love Score". I love the orchestration use for the album which gives them an even more epic sound to their already symphonic sound. If this album would be lost, you should buy two copies, if it was stolen, you should find the culperate and beat them. // 10

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