Incesticide review by Nirvana

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  • Released: Dec 14, 1992
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (67 votes)
Nirvana: Incesticide

Sound — 10
The sound of this album is what Nirvana are grunge. It's nothing special, but in the fact that it isn't special, the emotion and everything else that Cobain et al put in shines through, therefore making it special. It's wise to keep in mind that some of the recordings are old b-sides and radio performances, but regardless of what's said or done, the sound is superb. Especially when turned up loud.

Lyrics — 10
One of Nirvana's strong points were the lyrics. Sliver is the stand out track lyric wise, 'mum and dad went to a show/dropped me off at grandpa Joe's/kicked and screamed said please don't go/grandma take me home', as they're just simple lyrics that describe the situation but, more importantly, fit perfectly. There are then other songs like 'Been A Son', 'Aero Zeppelin', 'Downer', 'Anaeurysm' and 'Big Long Now', which are all, in my opinion underrated lyrics. 'Big Long Now' is a genius of a song. Cobain was able to show what he can do with his voice on this album as well, with the angular track 'Hairspray Queen', 'Beeswax' and 'Mexican Seafood'. The fact that he is able to get these almost psychotic screams from his mouth, it's amazing. It's hard to imagine what it must have felt like to know that you're making the screams too. Unfortunately, due to the singing on 'Hairspray Queen', it takes a while to get into. But after a while, you grow to love it.

Overall Impression — 10
While I think this album is great, it still doesn't compare to In Utero. However, it's different to a lot of other things, and makes a good change. 'Anareusym', 'Big Long Now', 'Aero Zeppelin', 'Sliver', 'Been A Son', 'Dive', etc. They're all great songs. They're all so different too, so I find it hard to pick a favourite as they tend more to match my mood. Covers such as 'Son Of A Gun', 'Molly's Lips' and 'Turnaround' are good too. I love this album. It was the first real Nirvana album I brought, and I think that was probably a wise move, as I got to see the poppy side to them and the pure grunge side to them in one go. It set me up well for Nevermind, and In Utero. The only dislike is the amount of time it took to get used to Cobains singing in some of the tracks. If I lost this I'd buy it again. If it was stolen, I'd find the thief and steal it back. I advise you, no, urge you, to buy this album.

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