Incesticide review by Nirvana

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  • Released: Dec 14, 1992
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (67 votes)
Nirvana: Incesticide

Sound — 9
I personally consider this one of the best rock albums ever. Depending on the song, the music itself is either hard, sharp, grungy, deep, straight and good (e.g. Dive, Aneurysm), or soft, poppy, light-hearted, happy and fun (e.g. Covers like Molly's Lips, Son Of A Gun). Nirvana has a good blend of various rock songs in this album, everything from their alternative sounding pop-rock to their famous grungy, hard and heavy sound. Of course, this album was a good comeback after Nevermind, especially with songs such as Sliver, Been A Son, Polly and Aneurysm. Out of 10, I would rate this 9. Their styles and sounds are fantastic. Kurt really seems to have thought deeply about what he was about to put into the album. Great job.

01. Dive - this song features Nirvana's famous heavy-hitting sound, and the chorus really reminds you of Kurt Cobain and no one else. Very dynamic song.
02. Sliver - I think this is one of the best song on the album. Despite the wierd counts and three-line verses and the senseless lyrics in the chorus (Grandma take me home), the way every verse is sung differently just gives the song just the right effect, and this fits Nirvana perfectly.
03. Stain - rather depressing compared to the other songs, the lyrics (I'm a stain) repeating itself over and over really does make you feel "like a stain". Kurt Cobain may have been reflecting upon his own life in a negative way with this comparison, but who knows?
04. Been A Son - this should definitely be one of their best songs ever, even though it is simple and straightforward. The guitar riffs are simple, and once again, the chorus is only a repetition of the words (She should've; been a son.) Yet the matching melodies and verse lyrics make it a very entertaining song to listen to.
05. Turnaround - this song is a cover song, the first of 3 in a row. It is a pretty good song, even though the talking during the song just somewhat does not seem to fit in. But a good cover though.
06. Molly's Lips - this song is a Vaselines cover, and it is fast-beating and poppy. It is fun to listen to, that's for sure, but the same guitar riffs are repeated over and over, along with the same lyrics every verse and chorus. Not bad at all, but a very simple song.
07. Son Of A Gun - perhaps one of Nirvana's best covers ever. Another Vaselines cover, and a pretty good one too. Nice and poppy, light-hearted and fast. It is very entertaining to listen to, and is a fun song on guitar as well. They skipped the guitar solo and put in a bridge instead, but the chorus sounds better than the original Vaselines version of it.
08. (New Wave) Polly - this is another fast-beating song, and surprisingly punky for a band like Nirvana. It is great, the way every verse starts off with something about "Polly".
09. Beeswax - this is not a bad song, but the vocals are just very "Kurt-ish". The music is good though; it's just not a song that you might list amond your favorites.
10. Downer - If I am not mistaken, this is a second version, a fresher, rawer and slightly faster version of the one on Bleach.
11. Mexican Seefood - this song is another very very "Kurt-ish" type of song, and as you can judge by it's title, it is another one of those "random" songs that Nirvana produced over the years.
12. Hairspray Queen - I just love this song. Kurt Cobain's pshyco high-pitched singing along with some fantastic guitar riffs, a great chorus with a strange but great outro. Wonderful. Very Nirvana-style.
13. Aero Zeppelin - another good Nirvana song. Kurt Cobain really does know how to write first-class music. This is why Nirvana turned out so popular. This is one of those first-class songs.
14. Big Long Now - this is not one of the best on the album, but it is a reasonably good song. Kurt Cobain seems to have described the song with it's title, "Big Long Now". The song is the longest song in the album, at a little past 5 minutes.
15. Aneurysm - this might just be the best song in the album. The guitar riffs, Kurt Cobain's vocals, the back vocals, the string-bending, the last bit where the repetition comes back, this is just a fantastic rock song. I love it.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics might not exactly make sense, but that is just part of this band's style, especially Kurt, and it is all part of the Grunge genre. Many of the chorus lyrics are just simple repetitions, such as in Sliver, where "Grandma take me home" just about takes up half the song, and in Stain, where "I'm a stain." repeats itself over and over in the chorus, and in Aneurysm, in which everything is a repeat. These songs are simply constructed, but that may just be what's making these songs so good.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, this may be Nirvana's most consistent album. There are no "bad" songs; only some mediocre senseless songs, but overall, very good. First class. The other albums are good, but there are always these wierd songs that you are sure to skip. This album is consistent, and you can go the whole way through. Great band. Great album.

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    flying fender
    Fuck yea thi cd is kickass my buddy and i played dive for our middle school fall talent show and every one went nuts
    it is disgraceful to call these songs B-sides, for this is Nirvana's best work right here. get it if you don't have it!
    Whoever said in a review that downer was rawer on this version, it's exactly the same. It's just that when this came out, downer wasn't on Bleach yet. There's a long story behind it...