Nevermind review by Nirvana

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  • Released: Sep 24, 1991
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 9.1 (356 votes)
Nirvana: Nevermind

Sound — 6
Well what can I say. It's The album, the one everybody owns, even if they don't like Nivana. The sound quiality is perfect. Guitar effects and poppy balance make this album very cheesy, but a clear sound is given in every song. However, in the absence of much screaming and heavy riffs it is a wuss of an album, it's turquoise and blues in contrast with the Black And White of Bleach in sound and appearance.

Lyrics — 6
Lyrics, again the ones everybody knows. However, this could be seen as a good thing. Not quite as abstract as other albums, songs like lithium and territorial pissings have some very nice lyrics however. On a plain is the criptic song of the album, really, an justification by Cobain that although his lyrics are strange that doesn't stop them making good music. Breed and Stay away have weaker lyrics as does Come as you are and dare I say it Smells Like Teen Spirit! Shock Horror!

Overall Impression — 8
01. Smells Like Teen Spirit - here it is, the big tune. The opening chords of this song will immortalise Kurt for ever. The way Dave crashes in on the athletic drum line is thrilling, but poor krist has little to do. 8/10 02. In Bloom - this, like teen Spirit, has a very poppy sound. It is a very catchy song and hints at the screaming guitar soloes cobain will adopt on In Utero. This song is not particulaly strong, but has interesting chord changes. 7/10 03. Come As You Are - another of the big tunes, this one has grown on me. I originally got iritated by the slow tempo and watery guitar riff in the intro. It does get better, and the version on Unplugged is somehow much more interesting. 6/10 04. Breed - a nice driving guitar riff to start, a very exiting song. The balance isnt quite right though, the bass is louder than the guitar, which has a mega distorted drive, very powerfull and needs to be emphasized alot more. Lyrics are a little weak but and imaginative song. 05. Lithium - if it's possible to have a grunge anthem this is it. Simple, effective and a brilliant song. I defie anyone to forget the words to the chorus, and lets face it, the words are great. Its a real juicy song, with interesting drums and unusually complex bass runs for Krist. However, the studio quality of the guitar takes away some of the unleashed beast element of the live recordings. 9/10 06. Polly - I love this song, so simple and incomplicated. It's a calm, but dark release from the so far loud and thrashy tracks. Acoustic guitar used for the first time in Kurts album writing, and it is very effective. 10/10 07. Territorial Pissings - a sneaky peak into the punk origins of the Nirvana grunge style. A great distorted phase to open, and exiting drums. The lyrics are very cynical and make me smile. A realy rebelious song. Needs more screams at the end however, as it is let down by the vocals, which don't provide enough of a musical climax. 9/10 08. Drain You - a song that seems over looked. At face value not much effort has been put into the end ofthe album but Drain you is infact not that start of the crappy songs but the end of the good ones. One of Kurts favourites it was performed frequently at most performances. It grows on you however, the guitar is very chinky and the middle section becomes boring after about 5 seconds. 7/10 09. Lounge Act - I have to say this song is crap. A very twee song it has no spark. The chorus uses random stereo effects which make no sense. It does pick up when Kurt sings up an octave at the end however. 4/10 10. Stay Away - Another crap filler song. I dont think its ever been performed live, and it shows how over rated Never mind is. little effort to make it exiting, it sounds like some one trying to copy Nirvana. 3/10 11. On A Plain - a very poppy and happy sounding song, but very powerfull and holds well, even though it's very repetative it keeps the listeners interest all the way through. 9/10 12. Something In The Way - another first, this time the use of cello, which re-appears on In Utero and of course Unplugged in New York. It was a sound and feel that Kurt liked and it is obvious. The lyrics in this song, although simple speak volumes. It is a calm end to the album 9/10 13. Endless Nameless - as usual with Nirvana albums and extra track on the end. It seems like Gallons of rubbing Alchohol on In Utero to be a seoerate thought to the Album proper. This is wild, messy and very heavy. Again use of thick distortion and screaming anti guitar soloes make up this song. 8/10 If I lost never mind I would most likely buy it again although I wudnt be too dissapointed. For Some one new to Nirvana this is the Album to get. The songs have a poppy edge that is unlike any other grunge album of the time. After all it disgraced MJ, white socks and black shoes were out and cardigans and unwashed hair in. What do I hate about the album? Well its a little too popular, and over rated. I'm a hardcore Nirvana fan and would recomend the unrealeased material as it shows the true talent of the band. Still a good album and a record that changed the world of music for ever.

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