Nevermind review by Nirvana

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  • Released: Sep 23, 1991
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (354 votes)
Nirvana: Nevermind

Sound — 10
This album is great I think it's a bit underated. Thais was my first album and it made me see that I had a passion for music and it changed how I thought bout music. Just because it has smells like teen spirit dosnt mean your not a true fan if this is your fvorite. This Album also got a lot of bands starten as far as '90s alt goes. My impression was that I thought it was pretty poppy yet hardcore and it sounded good. The passion Kurt, Dave, and Krist had is what I love bout them. they're other albums may be very hard core. (which I love and I think they all deserve a 10) but along with most of they're work this is trully geneus (except people need to listen to more than smells like teen spirit).

Lyrics — 10
Ok I don't need to say much. Kurt Cobain was a lyical geneus and I think he's one of the best. Singer skills may be rough but you can tell the passion in his voice so it sounds good. I've seen people around here saying that eddy vedder writes better lyrics. Not even close. Kurt had so much more song writing ability than them.

Overall Impression — 10
I think this is one of they're greatest achevements. Anyone starting out listening to them should get this album then go from there. I think that "Bleach" is another great one and it will give you your hardcore grunge fix. This one is lik poppy/hardcore leaning a bit on the poppy side. Best songs: In Bloom, Come As You Are, Lithium, Polly, Drain You, Lounge Act, On A Plain. If I lost it I would definently have another one within the day.

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    Grunge is dissonant punk. It is not an attempt to sound as bad as possible. To label Grunge as that is to miss the point entirely. Many genres are based off of dissonance, like Jazz, for instance. Is Jazz bad music? No. Various strands of heavy metal are also fundamentally rooted in dissonance, particularly the mathcore camp. Is that bad music? No. Is it hard for many to listen to? Sure. But that's where this magical thing called "taste" comes in. I can understand someone not liking Nirvana; in fact, that's perfectly fine by me, because I understand the concept of taste. But when you try to back up not liking a band with so-called empirical evidence is when you just start to sound like a nut in my head. The fact is, there's no concrete proof of Nirvana being a "bad" band or a "good" band, so come off it and let people enjoy what they do. It ultimately comes down to taste. I'm also interested to know what qualifies Nirvana's lyrics as "predictable". Also, Cobain was not a regular heroin user until well after Nevermind was released and went gold; the album you're looking to criticise here is called In Utero. Also, comparing Bone Machine to Smells Like Teen Spirit leads me to believe that you haven't heard either. Bassline of SMTS - F Bb Ab Db Bassline of Bone Machine - D A C G Speaking in terms of intervals (with F and D being the root, respectively), that's 1 4 b3 b7 for Smells Like Teen Spirit and 1 5 b7 4. Not even close. I guess you could make the argument that they're both minor and both start on he root, but by that logic virtually every song ever written in the minor scale is a plagurism off of Bone Machine. I won't even mention the dynamic and tempo differences, nor will I mention the obvious difference in fundamental rhythm. Before you make wild accusations do a little ****in' research. Last thing, I swear (damn, it's just so easy to criticise). Actual music? Music is noise. If grunge is basically syncopated noisemakers then they're damn well close to actual music.
    Teen Spirit
    the most recent review just repeats all that everyone already knows, like the meaning of Polly. The writer's opinion is not one that I agree with, as Loung Act is a song I really enjoy, though the writer talks of it as one of the "weaker" tracks. Fuck you.
    ethan is hot
    alucardmik i love nirvana and thanks for saying most of what i would, but kurt should not have been number 11 eddie, randy rhodes, angus young, and slash were and still are better but don't get me wrong, nirvana WAS the most influencial band of the 90s
    British Josh wrote: dude, nirvana doesn't even come close to alice in chains, soundgarden or pearl jam. i mean seriously, shoe lace, you were dead balls on. i mean, can nevermind even compare to superunknown, dirt or ten? seriously, nirvana are way overrated as musicians. dave grohl is the best member of the band and he always will be. i'm sure that cobain was a great poet and all but he ultimately ended his life, the ****ind dumbass
    Thank you, thank you and again thank you. To everyone saying Nirvana are the best of grunge, go get Dirt, Ten, Badmotorfinger, Siamese Dream...heck, go get some Melvins or Mudhoney. Nirvana were good, but they were in no way THAT good.