Nevermind review by Nirvana

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  • Released: Sep 24, 1991
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (356 votes)
Nirvana: Nevermind

Sound — 10
When Nirvana released Nevermind, the band nor DGC had any idea of the impact it would have. With the video of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana reached mainstream success they never thought would be possible. The widespread radio play of their first single drove this album to the top of the charts. None of this was a goal of Nirvana. They just wanted to put out a good album that captured their new songwriting styles and musical taste. Nevermind has more of a pop side to it which was concieved by Kurt Cobain's songwriting. He took this technique on purpose but, he didn't want it to be too "poppy" so, he made the guitar sound really heavy to get a unique sound. Most of the songs on Nevermind are basically original. The only song that is directly influenced by another artist is "Smells Like Teen Spirit." That was a direct influence by the Pixies using a quiet, loud formula for that song. Even Kurt Cobain said he "basically ripped off that guitar riff." The other songs are just amazing when you listen too them. The album grabs your attention and you do not want to quit listening to it until the last second. Nevermind is a classic album and has influced countless artists the day it was put on the record store shelves.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on Nevermind are somewhat hard to understand for a first time listener but, if you take the time and listen to them, you can decipher what they mean. Kurt Cobain had a unique way of writing lyrics. He either had no specific meaning in a song or he had several main ideas in the same song. He left it up to the listener to decide what it meant. The way the lyrics blended with the music was a perfect fit. The melodies along with the heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums was a terrific balance. Kurt Cobain delevered his best singing in this album which helped bring the songs out to a whole other level. Dave Grohl also helped with back harmonies that added a good sound to the singing. Butch Vig did a good job in double tracking Kurts vocals and making the songs richer and giving them better fullness to go along with the music.

Overall Impression — 10
This album sometimes doesn't get the respect it deserves. People can say that Kurt wasn't a good guitarist or a good singer. They can say that the band as a whole didn't have any talent, that's fine. Those people don't realize the impact this album had on the music industry. Nevermind opened so many doors musically and influenced so many different genres of rock. I can't think of another album that created such a "buzz" on the radio or MTV so quickly. It changed the way everyone thought of the rock genre as a whole. Every song on Nevermind is amazing. Their are absolutely no fillers on this album. Every time a listen to Nevermind, I never skip a song. The particularly good songs on Nevermind are: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, Come as you are, In Bloom, Drain You, Territorial Pissings, and On a plain. The rest of the songs on Nevermind are terrific but, the songs above are the ones that just stick out. If Nevermind was never made, I don't think any other "grunge" album could have changed the coarse of music although, their was a lot of particularly good grunge albums (Ten, Superunknown, Dirt). If I lost Nevermind, I would definitely buy it again. It is a album that is unforgettable and is arguably the best rock album of all time.

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    It's become trendy to put this album down, because: 1) it makes you look like a 'real' Nirvana fan because you recognise it as their sell-out stuff 2) it shows you recognise the genius of other 'true' grunge bands over some MTV wannabes Get real. Snobs. Half of this debate is just namedropping, people who know nothing about the Pixies saying that Kurt ripped off the Pixies because someone else said that he did. And why are we comparing Kurt Cobain to Eddie Van Halen? Chalk and cheese. Stupid. Incidentally, according to Pat Smear on the In Utero tour a drunken EVH stumbled into the Nirvana dressing room and begged Kurt to let him play with the band onstage, demanding "the Mexican" give him his guitar (said Mexican obviously being Pat Smear, who isn't actually Mexican).
    As much as i love nirvana, I think this album is pretty lame. Nothing that special, and everything is just too catchy.