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  • Released: Oct 29, 2002
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (77 votes)
Nirvana: Nirvana

Sound — 8
Their greatest hits album has the signature sounds of Nirvana. obviously because of the singles Smells Like Teen Spirits and in Bloom and all of that. But it doesn't have some of the more rawer and different sounding songs. It's pretty easy to get used to because the songs are more pop and pretty familiar too. Also the last song is the very catchy David Bowie song, The Man Who Sold The World and they did a great job covering it.

Lyrics — 10
kurt wrote some great lyrics that are in this album. You can see his growth as his feelings and style of writing change in this album because it has songs from the different time periods of Nirvana. On About A Girl, from their first album, and also Sliver, if you compare it to the other songs, it sounds more premature and just typical teenage attitude. That still lingers a bit in SLTS but you can also tell Kurt was changing his outlook on things with Lithium and Come As You Are. Then, after the Nevermind songs end, the matured writings of In Utero follows. You can tell how much Kurt has matured on songs like Heart Shaped Box and Pennyroyal Tea.

Overall Impression — 8
The cool thing about this album is that its sort of like a chronology of Nirvana records, from the first Kurt ever written (About A Girl) to the last recordings they did before nirvana stopped (unplugged)in order. Although, the first song is the last song they ever made, you know you're right. This is probably sort of like a goodbye note before you reflect on nirvana's history. What I think it lacked was more songs. The cd's only about 50 minutes and I no they could have fitted more on it. They couldve used this to put some of the more unknown songs or songs with different sound to it, so it would give off a more accurate impression of the whole Nirvana. But if I had to buy it again because somethin bad happened to it, I would. The cd book gives you a great summary of nirvana and the songs. And its a great way to start off if you want to get into Nirvana.

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