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  • Released: Oct 29, 2002
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (77 votes)
Nirvana: Nirvana

Sound — 9
If ever a pointer was needed for the carrear of grunge giants Nirvana this was it until the famous box set "With The Lights Out" was released. It conatins all the hits and other famous songs mapping out each the bands different albums by the sound of their singles. From the rawness of Bleach to the global megahits Nevermind and In Utero and the promise shown for the future of "Silver" as well as the song "You Know Your Right". The best musicican in the group was master drummer Dave Ghrol. He is an immensly talented drummer and this fact helped him in his enormous catapult into fame and fortune with Foo Fighters. The Bass player Krist Novoselic has some intresting bass lines but in some songs his riffs are boring and rooty. Kurt Cobain was not a very good guitar player, although some of his riffs are rather impressive. What he did suited the sound of the band perfectly.

Lyrics — 10
Kurt Cobain isn't the best singer ever, his voice once again is moulded to suit the sound of the music perfectly although it is nothing special and for some can be a bit annoying. The true bit of genius in this grunge band comes with the lyrics that are written by Kurt. Songs like In Bloom and Heart Shaped Box helped to shape an entire generation of song writters looking for inspiration and focus. The best songs vocally are Rape Me and Where Did You Sleep Last Night. The best lyrics came from Pennyroyal Tea (in particular the mighty chorus) and Come As You Are.

Overall Impression — 9
You Know Your Right is a demo of a song that was going to be on the album after "Intesticide" and it shows because the shear rawness of the song. The lyrics are very good and the chorus is impressive. About A Girl is the very first Nirvana song ang shows in it's simplicity but that makes this song about dating ever more endering. Been A Son is short and racous, fast, simple, one of those songs that everyone will remember without to much trouble. Sliver is utterly hillarious. The lyrics depeict the young persons opinion of a stay at a Grandparents and the guitaring is suitably simple for the type of song it is. Smells Like Teen Spirit needs no explination at all because everyone has heard it at least three times. Come As You Are is everyones over favourite Nirvana song but the difference between this and SLTS is that this song actually deserves the praise it is given. Simple but great it shows exactly what Nirvana were about in three and three quater minutes. Lithium is one of the more popular songs by the band but for some reason I can't see why. The lyrics are good but guitar and bass parts are quite frankly annoying and the singing on this song is not on par with their greats. In Blooom is complelty great, it is one of those songs that never gets the recongnition it fully desereves. The solo is pretty impressive while the riffs are also quite noteworthy. Heart Shaped Box is a total classic. The solo is catchy yet brilliant, the lyrics are great while the drumming is the star attraction. Dave really does play the holy hell out of his kit at every oppotunity. Pennyroyal Tea is an unknown great as far as I am concerned. The lyrics are very breif and the solo is a gloryfyed riff but it all fits together so much and that chorus one of the greats in modern music. Rape Me is Nirvana's big FU to the civilised world with that opening line and some short but angry riffage. Dumb is nice, sort of innocent sounding song but it really dosen't strike any particular chord with me personally. All Apologies sounds excellent with the acoutic guitaring and very good lyrics. Man Who Sold The World has excellent lyrics, some soft but very good drumming by Dave Ghrol and a rather impressive bass line by Krist. Where Did You Sleep Last Night is a long, angry, interogation of a song with accusing lyrcs, mean sounding guitars and brilliant vocals by Cobain. Overall this is nothing more than a good pointer into one of the most important bands of the modern age, there is nothing unexpected on the album, except for maybe for the songs from "Unplugged". Most people will buy it just for Smells Like Teen Spirit and get into the band from there and the major fans won't buy this but will buy "When The Lights Go Out" for a more detailed look at the bands extraordinarily compact but somehow epic carrear.

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    And the Nirvana CD is not a good one to see what they sound like you little dumbass.
    Ooh nirvana smart ass comments here. And yes it is a good one to see what they sound like, its their greatest hits!!! Duhh! Its the songs that everyone hear.