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  • Released: Oct 29, 2002
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (77 votes)
Nirvana: Nirvana

Sound — 10
This album covers the pop side of Nirvana leaving out much of the early noise rock songs (Sifting, Blew, Negative Creep) etc. It also has only 3 recordings from In Utero. The album not so much itself but the song You Know You're Right was heavily disputed between Courtney Love and 2/3 of Nirvana (Grohl and Novoselic) being settled in the courts in the end an unreleased real song not a demo from Nirvana. If you like the singles from the band you'll like the album.

Lyrics — 10
The new song You Know You're Right has very good lyrics and possibly the best Kurt Cobain vocals ever recorded. The rest of the album features the pop tunes which feature lyrics that follow the band's poetic pattern. The vocals are somewhat tame other than on 'Teen Spirit', Heart-Shaped Box, and Rape Me. If you don't like the grunge vocals the last two tracks and Dumb are easy going acoustics with soft vocals. Rape Me isn't explicit other than the word rape (doesn't talk about rape at all uses rape as a metaphor).

Overall Impression — 10
If you don't know any Nirvana songs, I highly recommend this album. If you're a hardcore fan you have to buy it for the new single "You Know You're Right" not to mention a re-mix of Pennyroyal Tea This by far is one of the best Greatist Hits albums ever. If it were stolen I'd buy it again and again. Keep one to listen to one in a vault and frame one. Here's an overview. 01. You Know You're Right - a must listen to song, combines every aspect of Nirvana in one sweet 3 and half minute present. 02. About A Girl - the only song from bleach on the album, but possibly the catchiest and lightest song featuring little distortion. 03. Been A Son - one of the shortest songs on the album with a high amount of distortion. One of two songs from Incesticide. 04. Sliver - a song recognized only by true Nirvana fans with one of the greatest bass lines ever. 05. Smells Like Teen Spirit - if you have never heard even part of this song or heard of it where have you been since 1991. 06. Come As You Are - a radio friendly upbeat song with no particular meaning. Most likely to be heard on a pop station today. 07. Lithium - this song describes multiple emotions not seriously though. And features the most simple chorus ever featuring one word YEAH. 08. In Bloom - a slower hard-edged grunge song with an awesome solo. Sometimes played by foot live. The last song from Nevermind. 09. Heart-Shaped Box - the lead single from Nirvana's final studio album. Often regarded as some of Nirvana's best work. 10. Pennyroyal Tea - the re-mix of a great Nirvana song, even better than original cut. Was to be a released as single in April '94. 11. Rape Me - the most controversial Nirvana song ever. Overlooked by many because of the title, Rape Me is one of Nirvana's best musical efforts. 12. Dumb - a fun song with a carefree attitude. This song is about what it's called. About being dumb. 13. All Apologies - unfortunately, it's the unplugged version so it's not as good as the studio version on In Utero. Along with Smells Like Teen Spirit one of the greatest Nirvana songs ever. 14. The Man Who Sold The World - a memorable moment from the unplugged performance and the only unplugged song to feature distortion. A great rendition of the David Bowie classic a great send-off.

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    \m/ slayer \m/
    the demo for rape me on the best of the box cd is amazing. dont know why they changed it. should have been a double disc