Nirvana Live Vol II Review

artist: Nirvana date: 12/07/2010 category: compact discs
Nirvana: Nirvana Live Vol II
Released: 2002
Genre: Rock, Grunge
Label: SW
Number Of Tracks: 16
That Nirvana Are good live and that nothing fades from a studio session to a live performance.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8
Nirvana Live Vol II Reviewed by: Nirvanafan60, on december 07, 2010
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Sound: This is the second best album I own by Nirvana. It really shows That Nirvana Are good live and that nothing fades from a studio session to a live performance.This Album introduces new nirvana fans to what is one of the best collections of Nirvana songs I've ever seen, but also offers the more experienced fans a deeper look into the live performances of Nirvana and yet again reassures that Nirvana can perform just as good live. The wide variety of songs shows Kurt's Versatile voice as he has to change pitch and sound a lot through out this disc. This is the line up: 1. Aneurysm 2. School 3. Floyd the barber 4. Smells like teen spirit 5. About a girl 6. Polly. 7. Lithium 8. Sliver 9. Come as you are 10. Breed 11. Been a son 12. Negative creep 13. On a plain 14. Blew 15. Wreck me (similar to Rape me.) 16. Sparks 17. Territorial pissing // 8

Lyrics: What can you say about lyrics from Nirvana, Mostly written on past experiences such as Kurt Cobain's ex-Girlfriend Tobi Vail which songs like "Polly" and "Smells like teen spirit" are written on his relationships with her. Kurt Cobain is my favourite singer and one of my favourite guitar players of all time. He is amazing live as he proves on this CD. Even if you aren't a fan of Nirvana you have got to admire the talent of Kurt Cobain the other members of Nirvana. The lyrics Defiantly Comply to the Grunge style (seeing Nirvana practically reinvented Grunge.) Overall Kurt is an amazing performer. // 7

Overall Impression: This album compares to nothing that Nirvana has ever done this a unique album that can't be compared. Every song has its own unique attitude to it creates an incredible atmosphere. I love this album because it has got really good sounds and shows that Nirvana can perform live just as well as they do on CD's. My only dislike is that you can't skip through songs you have to actually fast forward to get certain song if you want but that's what live CD's are like and plus this album is good to listen to from start to finish with out skipping songs. I would really look hard to find a new copy of this album if it were stolen but I'm lucky to have been able to get this album in my hot hands, if it were damaged I would get some of that CD fixing stuff and fix it up. Over all awesome album, yet again thumbs up Nirvana. // 9

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