O.F.R. Review

artist: Nitro date: 04/13/2007 category: compact discs
Nitro: O.F.R.
Release Date: 1994
Label: Rhino
Genres: Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 9
It encapsulates evrything about the scene, and more, it pushes all the elements, shrieking vocals, insane guitar and the image of heavy metal to its maximum.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9
O.F.R. Reviewed by: jamiedonnelly93, on april 13, 2007
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Sound: O.F.R was the first album from hair metal band Nitro's 2 album discography. Nitro started up as 1987 Jim Gillette (vocals) asked Michael Angelo Batio (lead guitar) if he would record on his solo album (Proud To Be Loud). He was joined by T.J Racer (bass), Vinnie St. James (percussion) and Kevin Jachetta (keyboards). Shortly after the release of Proud To Be Loud Vinnie St. James and Kevin Jachetta decided to go their separate ways which gave Jim Gillette, Michael Angelo Batio and T.J Racer an idea, to start a band. Nitro were in the making and swiftly recruited Bobby Rock who took over from Vinnie St. James' percussion, Bobby Rock had formerly been in a hair metal band, Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Soon after they where signed by Rhino Records and on their first gig Jim Gillette smashes three wine glasses with his high pitched vocals! Soon after the release of O.F.R Bobby Rock (percussion) left and was replaced by K.C Comet and Nitro went on tour. K.C also features in the two music videos they recorded 'Freight Train' and 'Long Way From Home'. The sound on this album is a 9, it's beautiful. There are very distinctive neo-classical elements in their and some true metal (Not death, thrash, heavy etc.) with pounding beats to truly head bang to. The tone that Michael Angelo Batio (Guitars) seems to get is unreal, not to mention the 4 necked guitar he uses (can be seen on the music video for Freight Train) interestingly enough Michael Angelo Batio built the 4 necked guitar himself but was sadly stolen and never retrieved. The solo's on the album are so ferocious you think they've been sped up but they haven't, after seeing him on some live video's his hands become a blur and he does some awesome showboating such as his over and under technique. Putting that aside even with the thumping guitars you still can here Jim Gillette (Vocals) singing over it and you cannot miss his trademark high pitched vocals that on the album he did a no effects 32 second scream which is the longest in metal on the track 'Machine Gun Eddie'. Bobby Rock (Percussion) can be heard the only bad thing about the sound is that T.J Racer can't really be heard much at all on the album which is sad because he is a very talented bass player. Because of the last factor I am giving the sound a 9. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics, vocals, Jim Gillette, Jim Gillette is an outstanding vocalist to all Glam/Hair/Sleaze metal fans lets start on the hair, it's like the hairstyle of Russell Brand and Amy Winehouse's child if it were to have blonde hair, it is huge. He has the vocals perfectly put, as I mentioned earlier his high pitched vocals on the bands first gig caused three wine glasses to smash, now you must have a pretty high pitched voice to smash any sort of glass so that is an achievement on it's own, also the thirty-two second scream on 'Machine Gun Eddie' just puts into perspective how talented he is not to mention his lung capacity. The lyrics are interesting as there is a usual songwriting topic (love) but a different approach towards it. Here is an extract from 'Long Way From Home', which is about being away from a girl that you thoroughly love and care about. 'long way from home, in your arms back where I belong' now the first line there is saying that he's relieved to be back with here but for me this is a bit clich but for a love song it's kind of acceptable, 'long way from home, so baby please don't cry cause I'll be home tonight' the second line there is suggesting an unrest between him and her because he's away frequently, better than the first line I think, 'From this long & winding road, long & winding road' third line saying that no matter where he is it seems that it goes on forever which links in with the previous line of her crying because he's not their because the road just goes on and on. I think the lyrics on the album as whole are average but in places are a bit stupid as their way to cliched and sometimes don't even make sense so I'm going to give them a 8 for lyrics as the singers skills alone deserve a 10 but the lyrics wrote a 6 so on average that becomes an 8. // 8

Overall Impression: The impression that this album left on me deserves a ten, it is an outstanding album and what I haven't mentioned yet is Michael Angelo Batio's technicality. The album is so technical, fast and melodic that between the notes you couldn't fit a toothpick they're that rapid! The album is in great comparison with a lot of the Racer X album but it is better than the entire Racer X albums but one (Technical Difficulties). I think the most impressive songs of the album are Freight Train as the sweep picking; in fact all of the complicated stuff that Michael Angelo Batio does on the song is superb and mind boggling. Machine Gun Eddie for the 32 second vocal scream from Jim Gillette and lastly probably Long Way From Home as it's a massive comparison with the rest of the songs as the others are all metal where as this is a nice, slow and flowing acoustic ballad which shows Michael Angelo Batio's versatility on the guitar. If this album was stolen I would attempt to buy it again as it is really hard to find, I bought my copy from eBay and it was the only one on their at the time so if your looking to buy it good look! // 10

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