The Feel Good Record of The Year review by No Use for a Name

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  • Released: Apr 1, 2008
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.8 (8 votes)
No Use for a Name: The Feel Good Record of The Year

Sound — 6
Rory Koff is an incredible drummer! Just listen to Biggest Lie and you will have to agree. Tony Sly has an amazing voice, trying to sing along is pretty damn difficult. Dave is an insane guitarist and writes some really awesome riffs(outro to the trumpet player) but he doesn't have enough solo's, the band need to give him more time to roam free and shred his guitar. I'll go through the songs one by one. 1.Biggest Lie: brilliant! Only way to describe it, brilliant chord progression for the intro. Awesome drums, brilliant lead guitar and catchy vocals. Best song on the record, no doubt! The only downer is that it only just goes over 2:00mins, but to be fair if it was any longer it might get too much so I think they did well ending it when they did. 2.I Want To Be Wrong: a really good pop/punk song, catchy and quick, everything you'd expect from a band of this calibre, delivering what they do best. The only downside is that it doesn't break any new promising groud, but it still shows after 20 years they can still do what they've been doing the whole time. 3.Yours To Destroy: again, a pop/punk song and nothing more, not as good as I Want To Be Wrong, but still a good, catchy, fast listen. Which to be fair is all you can really expect from nowadays pop/punk bands without being disappointed. Again, not breaking any new ground but still delivering a good song. 4.Under The Garden: again, a pop/punk song. Fast and catchy. Listening to this album at this point you are probably beginning to get ready for something different. But having your iTunes on shuffle you will find this nothing more than a good song. Again, not breaking any new ground but doing what we know they can. 5.Sleeping Between Trucks: this is a really catchy acoustic song, you will find yourself humming this song to yourself hours after listeing to it, but it seems unfinished as it's so short, and there are a lot of things you can think of to make it more interesting, I don't see why they didn't make it a whole band song. it's nothing but a pop/punk acoustic song. 6.Domino: really catchy verse's giving you the impression that you could be about to hear something you haven't heard on this record yet. Sadly the chorus is just a basic pop/punk song, and as you'll find that the songs are starting the lack in the catchyness that they had in the first three songs. Only real pop/punk fans will like this, there isn't anything special about it, just an ok song. 7.The Feel Good Song Of The Year: this song starts off really well and has very catchy verse's. And kind of sounds a bit like I Want To Be Wrong but with a less catchy and less memorable chorus. Again a pop/punk song, not having yet heard a heavy song like Biggest Lie you will be just about ready to have thrown at you. Nontheless though, one of the better pop/punk songs on the album. 8.The Trumpet Playe: not heavy like I'd hoped. A slower pop/punk song, but with a needed boost of catchyness. Also with one of the best riff's on the album as the outro. One of the better songs on the album. 9.Night Of The Living Living: again we're back to the quick pop/punk. But this time it's one of the better songs. Really catchy and it's the catchyness that makes the song so good. And a really good guitar solo, not technically difficult but just a really good sound being made. One of the better songs on the album, it's just a shame no new ground was made on it. 10.OntarioA: pointless song to have, an album filler. I was waiting for it to kick in, thinking that surely they wouldn't just bore the listener like this without rewarding them with something really good. But nothing really good came, a waste of a track, just an orcestra and Tony (the singer), and the worst thing of all, it's not even catchy like sleeping between trucks. 11.Pacific Standard Time: nothing new here, a catchy, quick pop/punk song. No new ground covered. From reading this review I know it must sound like every song is just the same as the last one. it's surprising though, listening to these songs on shuffle is a much safer bet than listening to the whole album. 12.The Dregs Of Sobriety: a good catchy pop/punk song, the chorus is really good, but doesn't have a good climax, I get the feeling that they came up with most of the chorus and tried to think of a climax that would suit the song but had a mind blank. Disappointing really as the lack of climax to a good chorus. 13.Kill The Rich: The title of this song told me I was going to hear a fast, heavy punk song like Biggest Lie. I was let down big time! An acoustic song, catchy, but just not needed. it's not as good as sleeping between trucks. Pop/punk artists only need one acoustic song on. Unless they have written some really good one obviously. This song is just an album filler, better than Ontario though. It just doesn't suit the punk name it has. 14.Take It Home: kind of has the essence of a final song. it's catchy and pop/punk just like all the other song, but it just has somethign about it which I like more than most of the songs on here. Nothing new, but a good song. To be honest, No Use For A Name are always going to be a top band in my opinion, this is down towards the bottom of the ranks in their discography. A disappointment considoring the glowing reviews I have read about it. When I heard Biggest Lie, I was blown away, but there isn't another heavy punk song on the album. These guys are best at wring punk rather than pop/punk, I was really excited about hearing some more songs similar to Biggest Lie, but instead I was treated to a standard pop/punk album. A disappointment, songs go well on shuffle with your entire music library, it's not an album to be listened to from track 1 to 14.

Lyrics — 5
You can't say this band have matured, because they have been making records since before I was born, and every record has had mature songs on it which are mature. They have never been your standard immature pop/punk band. The lyrics are definitly not the thing that stands out on the album, this being Tony growing up was never trying to make it as a singer in a band, always as a guitarist, but he moved onto vocals because he had the ability and they couldn't find anyone else to do it. He is obviously a natural singer, his vocal ability is one of the top of all pop/punk bands. But the lyrics are merely about nothing in particular on most songs. Song like Biggest Lie are political and are brilliant in the lyrical aspect. Most songs are political but the lyrics are not the main thing on the album. it's lucky that the sound of Tony's voice is as good as it is.

Overall Impression — 6
No Use For A Name are a band I respect a lot. They have some absolutley brilliant songs and continue to make them going on past the 20 year mark now. Listening to their albums after all these years of listening to them I have noticed that they don't have much variety in the way their songs go. Sure, they have their heavy songs and yes they have their slow songs but what I mean is that their songs sound like the could have a lot more work done on them. Some songs sound as if they were written in about 10 minutes. Despite this I still have a love for them and their songs, but I think this may be a reason they haven't made it as big as some pop/punks around. Being a huge fan of No Use For A Name, I am glad I have got this record even though it is not one of their best, if it were stolen or lost I wouldn't buy it again as it was extremely hard to get hold of in the first place and it's on my ipod and my computer. But if you are a big fan of the band I recommend it, if not then just download the tracks rated 3/5 or more. If you are looking their more impressive albums, buy Hard Rock Bottom, or Keep Them Confused. Making Friends is also very good. More Betterness is okay. As is this record. Disappointing considoring the glowing reviews I read before listening, but still some good songs. I hope the band write more punk songs rather pop/punk as I think it's always those songs that stand out.

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    well, Ultimate Guitar, this album or band is clearly not for you, nor is any other Fat Wreck band.