Coaster review by NOFX

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  • Released: Apr 28, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (29 votes)
NOFX: Coaster

Sound — 9
NoFx stays pretty true to the sound they've developed over the course of their last several albums. It's almost like Wolves in Wolves Clothing pt. II, which is not a bad thing. I'm glad to hear that they've started re-introducing more ska elements as they've always mixed in seamlessly with Fat Mikes shifting bass lines and the classic "Nofx drum beat'. Somehow NoFx has added a level of production to their more recent works that rivals mainstream albums in sound quality and yet doesn't sound forced or over-worked. Like most of their albums, they probably spent less than a month on this one, which speaks more for the spontaneous nature of the songs and less about musical content, which, for a punk band, has always been amazing. I would have liked it to be longer but, when all the songs are 2 or 3 minutes long I'll just settle for a new album every couple years.

Lyrics — 9
I don't know how Fat Mike comes up with some of the lyrics he sings. He's some kind of punk enigma in that regard, writing incredibly intelligent songs that are more than likely going to be lost on many casual fans. This album is a little more general in content than say, American Errorist, with only a couple politically charged songs. Still has all the typical NoFx lyrical content though, like: Alcoholism, lesbians, passing drug references, downfall of the record industry, the trouble with religious types, and of course... the rewards of homelessness. Mike still remains one of the most unique voices in not just punk but all music. And of course Melvin retains his trademrk 'Mel-Yell', although a little more sporadically this time out. No spanish from El Hefe however, too bad.

Overall Impression — 10
As far as I can tell, there are not too many bands of this style that are sticking to their guns and staying the course for punk. I don't think Nofx will ever change, at least I hope not. I don't mind if the last few albums are somewhat similar, it's like one big long continued epic and it's all good. After all, they really have nothing left to prove to anyone musically. As long as they don't O.D. in the near future I suspect that they will continue to produce albums that are on par or better than this one. Although not my favorite (that honor belongs to the classic 'So Long....') I'm hard pressed to pick the best out of this, 'Wolves', 'Errorist' and even 'Pump'. I downloaded this, I'll admit, but after hearing it, I immediately went to the record shop and bought a copy. Can't wait for the vinyl version 'Frisbee' from the 7" of month club. If other mainstream 'punk' bands can release 7 albums with only 3 or 4 chords imagine what Nofx can achieve with at least 5 or 6.

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    lazy town
    its not a bad album..a bit too short for me i still prefer their old stuff (white trash, two heebs and a bean, war on errorrism) but new stuffs still good
    lazy town wrote: its not a bad album..a bit too short for me i still prefer their old stuff (white trash, two heebs and a bean, war on errorrism) but new stuffs still good
    The war on errorism is one of there new ones...
    great band, great sound. i'd have to agree and say their old work was better (like separation of church and skate), but thats just my opinion.
    yeah, war on errorism is DEF new i effing love all their stuff. oi oi! another victory for NOFX!!
    War on Errorism is still a few years old, and it's still good. This was pretty bad. Definitely the worst NOFX album that I've ever heard.
    letsbe fair, we could all have nine hour long rants about what nofx album is best, track-wise on this album though, the title track is waaaay up there, and my orphan year. the production on this album is gonna take a lot of beating! i really do think they proved thier point, 25 years together by showing how well technically and sound-wise they play. i bum nofx with my happy.
    im a HUGE fat mike and nofx fan, and to be honest, i really never like any of their albums until ive heard them a few times. this album is actually pretty good. mike stays true to his punkass sense of humor of hating idiots and livin a life like a nonstop party. however, of the newer albums, the recording and mixing of this album just isnt up to par as compared to say errorism and wolves. but give this a few listens and im sure youll begin to appreciate it.
    its ok, but nofx is a band and is not immune to the inevitable decline that every band goes through. so having said that, ill say what every band hears after theyv reached their peak "their old stuff was better"