Maximum Rocknroll review by NOFX

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (11 votes)
NOFX: Maximum Rocknroll

Sound — 7
The music is extremely fast. 22 songs in 30 some minutes. I liked the music. It isn't their best CD but it's decent enough to be honored. Being their first CD, a lot of the music sounds the same. It's been said more than once that most of these songs are demos. Due to the time of it's recording, it's almost impossible to tell. The music styles have changed over the years with "punk" being mixed with "pop" and "rock". NOFX are a solid punk band with some very impressive and original punk songs. They have done ska, rock, punk, jazz, classic dance and even a little bit of softcore metal. Softcore metal and punk Rock are shown off in this one quite well with the flat chords and thick bass lines.

Lyrics — 7
I thought the lyrics were very interesting. Simple and easy to remember lines from the short song "Six Pack Girls" were pretty much all Mike and Melvin were saying. The lyrics comply very well with the music and Fat Mike's vocals. The songs are fast paced and just insane. However, the lyrics could've been just a bit better. Even as this is their very first CD, they should've spent mroe time on the songs. Fat Mike's vocals are so young on this one. They are a lot more obnoxious when he was twenty years old rather than thirty-nine. He's an excellent punk rock singer and it's shown off on this album quite alot.

Overall Impression — 7
This would probably be NOFX's most "mediocre" CD. It's definitley not their best. Saying if all were demos then it would be very obvious that it's be their worst. The best songs on the album range from "Six Pack Girls" to "Cops and Donuts" to the rocknroll cover of "Iron Man". But there are others that people fail to realize how creative they can be. Songs such as "Live Your Life" and "Shitting Bricks". "Bob Turkee" was also one of my favorites on the album. What I love about this album is that the amount of songs on this album. It has some great songs and creative music on it. The thing I do not like about the CD is that it is so plain and rushed. If the CD was stolen or lost, fat chance that would happen, I'd most likely buy it again. Even as it cost a large amount of money for a CD like this, it's something of a collector's item and it's extremely hard to find.

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    haha. i love this cd so much just because it basically sucks and i have a lot of appreciation for old punk music. the songs tend to get stuck in my head even though they sound terrible. i dont have the actual cd cause they'd never sell anything like that in the local FYE, but you can get pretty much every other real nofx album, which i deffinately did. ummm... fat mike says it himself that it totally bites. it makes me laugh. and i noticed that the "instrumental" was like... "screamin for change" (from s&m) but wihtout words and variated. very interesting. this cd made me like "no problems" a lot. it's a great cd rather it sucks or not so just shut up!