Punk in Drublic review by NOFX

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  • Released: Jul 19, 1994
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (21 votes)
NOFX: Punk in Drublic

Sound — 8
this album sounds like a TRUE punk record. written and recorded in one day in "some guy's crappy-ass apartment" (as fat-mike put it), it's filled with your standard fast-paced drum beats that are all more or less the same, distinct (but not drowning) bass, and of course, great guitars headed out by el hefe. So, wat makes this record different than any other skate-punk record? nofx does their job well. Only a few bands actually have the perfect mix of musicians whos attitudes and styles blend together perfectly, and nofx is deffinetly one of them. It's got your fast-paced, short skate-punk songs, and a few just as loud but darker sounding songs. and of course, there's a great little acoustic ditty at the end about a homeless man dying and no1 ever notices. Now, I know this is a punk band, but el hefe is actaually a pretty good guitar player. He really gets over looked, and I think it's because he plays punk guitar. He's got a very distinct, recognizeable tone, and he can solo pretty decently. and I know, his solos don't have 1000 notes a minute or what ever, but what he plays blends perfectly with his songs. I only give it an 8 because it doesnt't seem to me like this album was built around the guitars, which I like more. I'd suggest listening to the opening track "linoleum". It's got an awesome intro, and I love the palm mutes at the beginning of the second verse. The outro is pretty awesome too, which is almost the same as the intro.

Lyrics — 9
where can you hear about bums, lost friends, posers and blue-balls? all on the same record? this album! actually, most any nofx album, but we'll stick to this one. Fat-mike always writes funny lyrics, but never too funny as to draw attention away from everything else in the record. When he sings his lyrics, you can tell that what he's singing (no matter how crazy or muffed up) is most likely an experience from his or his band mates personal life. But despite how bad of a story his lyrics are telling, he always seems to be laughing at them rather than dwelling on them. The best lyrical song on this record has to be "punk guy ('cause he does punk things)". He's singing about all the crazy stuff this bad ass punk does. Just check it out.

Overall Impression — 10
overall, this album is a masterpiece! everything from the instruments, lyrics, even the album name itself, is great. This album really is punk at it's best. If you think you like punk but aren't sure, and ur confused as to who to start listening to, buy this record. That's exactly what I did. Kinda thought I liked punk, but never really bought any cds. I had older punk friends who talked about nofx alot, so I looked for them in some record store one day. I picked the album with the best looking cover art, and pre-listened it. After the intro of the first track I was hooked. The best songs have to be "linoleum", "jeff wears birkenstocks?" and "punk guy". I love the fast paced up beat-ness of it. It just makes me wanna crowd surf at warped tour in '98! once again, my only beef is I wish it was more instrument driven, but that's just my opinion. If My copy was ever stolen or lost or broke, I'd cry and buy 2 more.

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