Wolves In Wolves' Clothing review by NOFX

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  • Released: Apr 18, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (125 votes)
NOFX: Wolves In Wolves' Clothing

Sound — 9
This album is great! I haven't been a long time NOFX fan so I truly don't know about much of their other stuff except the recent EP, Never Trust A Hippy, and the song The Sepperation Of Church and Skate. Anyway, this album is very creative they do a lot of stuff you wouldn't expect on a punk album like singing in spanish or singing about being dissed by Germans. They are still one of the bands that haven't gone all pussy and sung about love and everything else that isnt punk. They guitar work is great and once again, not like many other punk bands out there. Their drummer has that classic fast paced punk beat. The only problem with the CD is that they focused a lot of the CD on religion, which I have nothing against, but still.

Lyrics — 9
These lyrics are great, they have comic lyrics like in "Instant Crassic", and some serious lyrics about realistic thing like in "You Will Lose Your Faith". My favorite lyrics might be in "Insulted By Germans... Again" because of how he compares NOFX to Bad Religion.

Overall Impression — 9
01. 60% - a pretty good opening to the CD but I don't listen to it much. 02. USA-Holes - a good song with a great starting rythm and a catchy little chorus. 03. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock - this song is one of the highlightes on this CD, the guitar part is a very memberable one, and this song will get you pumped! 04. We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum - starts out great with a catchy guitar riff then slows down to a chill part then quickly speeds up to a great chorus and the whole song is just awesome. 05. The Marxist Brothers 06. The Man I Killed - this song is awesome it is an example of how great Fat Mike is, pretty funny too. 07. Benny Got Blowed Up - not a relativly rememberable song put still pretty good, it's here where they need to change it up a bit. 08. Leaving Jesusland - this song is really cool, it talks about a afterlife where anyone can come to like lesbians, vegitarians, atheists, etc. This is where they start changing up vocal patterns and guitar riffs more. 09. Getting High On The Down Low - awesome opener with the drums and great guitar rythm, not to fond of the chorus but the rest of the song is great. 10. Cool And Unusual Punishment - this song is a very catchy song with a classic pattern and a cool guitar break after each chorus. 11. Wolves In Wolves Clothing - this is another amazing song on this album, the beginning bass and guitar go perfectly together then the rythm the guitar plays on the faster part is just so sweet, and there is a really cool little solo. 12. Contado En Espanol - not to sure what he is saying through the song but it still has a cool riff. 13. 100 Times F--kder - this is a very punk song with a chorus demanding respect, literaly. 14. Instant Crassic - a wierd song that has comical lyrics that don't completely make sence but still make you think, wtf is he talking about? 15. You Will Lose Faith - my favorite song on the album, it is more serious then the others but also has more meaning. This song always gets stuck in my head. 16. One Celled Creature - I personally think they should have ended the album with this song. It talks about how people think music can hurt society. 17. Doornails - I couldn't tell if this song was all true but it isn't that bad either way. 18. 60% (reprise)- they really didn't need this but it's still good, kinda 19. Insulted By Germans... Again - my favorite lyrics on the album, funny and I love the German guys accent.

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    DUDE WTF IS WRONG WITH EVERY1! I really like NOFX but SOAD is probably one of the most amazingly created metal bands that there are
    SOAD have about as much relevance here as Kool and the gang. And Wolves in Wolves Clothing is one of the best albums i've heard, My favourite is 60%, It's a shame more songs off there E.P "Never Trust A Hippy" are on it, Every song on that E.P is awesome.