Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Review

artist: NOFX date: 01/16/2013 category: compact discs
NOFX: Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
Release Date: Apr 18, 2006
Label: Fat Wreck Chord
Genres: Skatepunk, Punk Revival, Punk-Pop
Number Of Tracks: 18
This album should appeal to people of all genres and it shows these punk legends keeping it up for over 2 decades.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: Confusedtheday, on april 21, 2006
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Sound: Good 'ol NOFX is back with another studio album. Their new album "Wovles In Wolves' Clothing" is nothing short of impressive. They haven't conformed with the times, and become different, its same old NOFX sounding goodness. This time around they added some spice to the mix with El Hefe singing in Spanish! It's hard to understand, you'll probably need to go to a translation web page if you don't know your Spanish. // 9

Lyrics: Their last album, "The War On Errorism," showed us their political sound, this does too, but not as much. Their lyrics are always original and funny at the same time, which is hard to fit into a song. Some may say that Fat Mike is no "American Idol" singer, but if he was, he'd get my vote. As I mentioned previously, El Hefe sings the song, Cantado En Espanol, which as you can probably guess, is all in Spanish. // 10

Overall Impression: Wolves in Wolves' Clothing is totally different from all of the other artists out there today, different from your My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. NOFX has creativity in their music, its never the same. The best song in my opinion is Cool an Unusual Punishment because it's NOFX lyrics mixed with ska and punk, with a touch of reggae. As I have previously said sooo many times, I love the originality. I would buy 4 copies if my one got stolen, it's that good! // 10

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overall: 9.7
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: HmTownHero1007, on april 21, 2006
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Sound: NOFX is probably one of the most influrential bands ever. They have been consistently been putting out great punk/ska records for like what, 20 years now? Their new CD is one of their best ever. Wolves In Wolves' Clothing is one of, if not the, best punk albums out this year. Ranging from punk, to ska, to even hill billy, this album covers all subjects. // 10

Lyrics: Less political than War On Errorism, which is good because they got too caught up on politics in that album. It's more funny and more about world culture and other things. Fat Mike is not a great singer, but he gets the job done and does it in his traditional snot nosed fashion. // 9

Overall Impression: This again is the best punk album this year. Th sound overall is great. The most Impressive song to me is The Man I Killed, because it can go from a bouncy, hillbilly country sound, to a raging punk sound and blend it seamlessly. I personally love how they can be serious on some songs (USA-holes), and then be hilarious on some songs (Instant Crassic). I dont hate anything about this album. If it were stolen, I'd buy it again 'cause it's a kick ass NOFX album. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: nacho_man_182, on july 07, 2006
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Sound: I have only recently gotten into Nofx and this was the first album I bought of them. I started getting into them after hearing some of The War on Errorism, an didn't know what to expect with their new album. Most songs start off with a killer guitar riff, joined in by drums and bass. A downside was that after hearing 50% of the tracks, I already knew what the rest of the album would sound like. Yet I was still pleasently suprised. Overall the sound is pretty impressive. // 9

Lyrics: Unlike the other Nofx albums, this isn't aas politcal as it could be. It takes lyrics about the American Government and turns them into a light hearted joke. Lines like "The people's revolution is gonna be a podcast", will get stuck in your head until they don't make sense anymore. With occasional joke song lyrics like "I'm climbing up a big mountain of poo", the original Nofx shines through. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is my favourite by Nofx by a long shot. It shows tha punk bands can still exist without going mainstream. The standout songs would include: Seeing double at the triple rock, Getting high on the down low, We march to the beat of an indifferent drum, doornails and instant crassic. The only the thing I dislike about the album is that it does sort of stay the same, but finishes before you get tired of it. If I lost this album and didn't have an mp3, I would definately buy it again. // 9

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overall: 7.7
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: ShredIsNotDead., on may 31, 2007
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Sound: NOFX have always played fast songs, with funny lyrics and bad singing (on purpose). I would describe their music as "punk rock". They have always seemed to play ska influenced songs as well, as a lot of punk bands do. This album came out in 2006 after them releasing an EP every month for a year, featuring demos of some of the tracks from "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing". There's nothing particularly new about this record, apart from the songwriting style, which, to me, seems to have changed a lot since the last album. The songs seem slightly less up-beat, which might have something to do with the band getting old (they have been arund since '83). There is a lot more of Eric Melvin (the rythm guitarist) singing on this album, which can be viewed as a bad thing, as he is a truly terrible singer, but I think it adds to the punk feel of the album, and he knows he can't sing, so it's a jokey thing, really. In fact the album was advertised "with 40% more Melvin", which I thought was quite funny. Anyway, this album is very well produced, as with most of NOFX's newer albums, and I think it sounds really good. // 8

Lyrics: As with most of NOFX's albums, the lyrics are about all the things wrong with the government, how they don't like Christians, and their views on drugs and suicide and stuff. There is one song with really crap lyrics, called "Instant Crassic", whic I usually skip, because I find it really annoying. I think earlier NOFX albums have had much better lyrics, such as "So Long And Thanks For The Shoes" and "Punk In Drublic". // 6

Overall Impression: I think this album is very good, considering how old the band are now, and how much good material they have poured out. A thing I really like about them is how they have never done anything just for the money. It has always been about the music, which I think is a very good thing. My favourite thing about this album is the well mixed sound and slightly darker songs, such as "Doornails". The problem I have with this album is the track "Instant Crassic", which I find totally pointless and not funny. I think the best tracks on this album are "The Marxist Brothers", "Doornails", and "Seeing Double At The Triple Rock". If this album was stolen, I'd be like "fuck you! Give me back my NOFX CD." No, seriously, I'd go and buy it again. When I first heard it, I played it over and over again so many times that my iPod ran out of battery power. I recommend this album to just about anyone, but especially NOFX fans, as it's not just the same old stuff again. // 9

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overall: 10
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: Jaw Knee, on april 24, 2006
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Sound: The sound is filled with rhythm and magic. The chords, solos and bass and drums lines are fantastic through the album. It's a bit different from previous albums with several of the songs. There has never been another song similar to "Seeing Double at the Triple Rock" or "The Man I Killed." Not all punk music sounds the same, as most claim. Rumors were circling the internet saying that "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing" would feature hip hop beats and such forms of music as that. Sorry to say, whoever made that rumor was wrong. Totally wrong. The only other music used in this CD aside from punk could be a bit of ska, but that's only how hard you listen to it. The sounds on this CD are fantastic. You will feel right at home with "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing" and may claim it to be their best album since 1994's "Punk In Drublic." Which, in my opinion aside from this album, could very well be their best album ever. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are incredible. The line "When they tightly strapped in, gave me lethal injection, just a few moments to live, no remorse for what I did" is from one of the best songs on the album, "The Man I Killed." But the lyrics were great in each of the songs. "We call the heartland, not very smartland, IQs are low but threat levels are high" is another clever round of lyrics in the song "Leaving Jesusland" which is obviously relating to the fanatics in the South. This time around, NOFX sets aside most of their political views and focuses on the problems religion is forming along politics and the people alike. Complying the lyrics music may seem odd at some times. Most of it may sound a bit strange at the beginning of "USA-holes" but they clear it up in the middle and towards the end. Otherwise, the alliance with the lyrics and the music are, again, fantastic. Fat Mike is fantastic. His voice hasn't changed a bit since the last album and this time around, El Hefe sings a song in Spanish! Eric Melvin also has a few singing lines as well, but Smelly's voice is nowhere to be heard. // 10

Overall Impression: This album and "Punk In Drublic" are by far their best albums yet. "The War on Errorism" and "White Trash Two Heebs And A Bean" comes to a close second and with "So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes" and "Pump Up The Valuum" coming to a "almost-as-good" third. The most impressive songs on the album? Simple. All of them. While all of their songs are fantastic and very impressive, I couldn't choose which ones were the better ones and which were the greater ones. You'll have to choose which ones you'll enjoy the most when you purchase this fantastic punk anthem. What do I hate? Nothing. Maybe make some of the songs a bit longer because this album is about thirty or so minutes long. Lamesauce but I could never hate anything about this album. What I love about this album could be each and every song, the clever lyrics, guitar riffs, bass lines, drum beats and the song themes. The cover art isn't too shabby either. If this album was stolen I'd hunt down the thief. My God, it's that fantastic. Don't even question me on that! I would buy it again obviously and if they were out of it in stock, I'd simply buy a different NOFX album and when they came back into stock, buy it again. Comparing to other artists. Let's see. NOFX has to be my favorite band, next to The Offspring, but they're the best punk band I'v ever heard. Their lyrics could quite simply be how bad they suck and I would love them even more. The Vandals have turned against them from their past album "The War on Errorism" for their lyrics attacking Republicans and George w. Bush's tactics on how to make this country better. They have respected Fat Mike less now with his plan to "Get Bush Out Of Office" which I'm behind completely. Though this album is not creditted as to be fantastic, I disagree, but they're albums are never given the chance to be as great as I say they are. They are the best punk band, ever, and if I had a chance to meet anyone of the members of this fantastic rebellious band of Misfits, I'd tell them how great they truly are. // 10

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overall: 10
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 26, 2006
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Sound: The sound is typical NOFX, the great pumped up, mosh pit inciting punk rock we've all come to know and love. They haven't changed their sound at all, and they've been around for about twenty years? They get props from me for that. I love a lot of the riffs on this album, such as the intro to "Seeing Double At The Triple Rock" and the solo in "Getting High On The Down Low." They have El Hefe singing en Espanol on "Cantado En Espanol," and it's pretty sweet. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are somewhat politcal, but not as much as "The War On Errorism," like the other reveiws say. The lyrics are about the state of the world, current culture, etc. My personal favorite songs on this album are "Seeing Double At The Triple Rock," which opens with a sweet intro riff and continues into an awesome song about drinking, "Leaving Jesusland," which I can really relate to since I moved to Kentucky from South Florida, and the people here really are religious freaks, and last but not least "Getting High On The Down Low," because it has a sweet solo in it. Fat Mike sounds the same as always, which is a good thing in my opinion. // 10

Overall Impression: I think this is one of NOFX's best albums. All the songs are great with memorable riffs and lyrics that make you want to start a pit in your bedroom or car or wherever you're listening to the CD. If it were lost or stolen I'd definately go pick it up again. It's that good. Go buy it. Now. // 10

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overall: 9
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: toolemerica, on january 27, 2007
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Sound: This album is great! I haven't been a long time NOFX fan so I truly don't know about much of their other stuff except the recent EP, Never Trust A Hippy, and the song The Sepperation Of Church and Skate. Anyway, this album is very creative they do a lot of stuff you wouldn't expect on a punk album like singing in spanish or singing about being dissed by Germans. They are still one of the bands that haven't gone all pussy and sung about love and everything else that isnt punk. They guitar work is great and once again, not like many other punk bands out there. Their drummer has that classic fast paced punk beat. The only problem with the CD is that they focused a lot of the CD on religion, which I have nothing against, but still. // 9

Lyrics: These lyrics are great, they have comic lyrics like in "Instant Crassic", and some serious lyrics about realistic thing like in "You Will Lose Your Faith". My favorite lyrics might be in "Insulted By Germans... Again" because of how he compares NOFX to Bad Religion. // 9

Overall Impression: 01. 60% - a pretty good opening to the CD but I don't listen to it much. 02. USA-Holes - a good song with a great starting rythm and a catchy little chorus. 03. Seeing Double At The Triple Rock - this song is one of the highlightes on this CD, the guitar part is a very memberable one, and this song will get you pumped! 04. We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum - starts out great with a catchy guitar riff then slows down to a chill part then quickly speeds up to a great chorus and the whole song is just awesome. 05. The Marxist Brothers 06. The Man I Killed - this song is awesome it is an example of how great Fat Mike is, pretty funny too. 07. Benny Got Blowed Up - not a relativly rememberable song put still pretty good, it's here where they need to change it up a bit. 08. Leaving Jesusland - this song is really cool, it talks about a afterlife where anyone can come to like lesbians, vegitarians, atheists, etc. This is where they start changing up vocal patterns and guitar riffs more. 09. Getting High On The Down Low - awesome opener with the drums and great guitar rythm, not to fond of the chorus but the rest of the song is great. 10. Cool And Unusual Punishment - this song is a very catchy song with a classic pattern and a cool guitar break after each chorus. 11. Wolves In Wolves Clothing - this is another amazing song on this album, the beginning bass and guitar go perfectly together then the rythm the guitar plays on the faster part is just so sweet, and there is a really cool little solo. 12. Contado En Espanol - not to sure what he is saying through the song but it still has a cool riff. 13. 100 Times F--kder - this is a very punk song with a chorus demanding respect, literaly. 14. Instant Crassic - a wierd song that has comical lyrics that don't completely make sence but still make you think, wtf is he talking about? 15. You Will Lose Faith - my favorite song on the album, it is more serious then the others but also has more meaning. This song always gets stuck in my head. 16. One Celled Creature - I personally think they should have ended the album with this song. It talks about how people think music can hurt society. 17. Doornails - I couldn't tell if this song was all true but it isn't that bad either way. 18. 60% (reprise)- they really didn't need this but it's still good, kinda 19. Insulted By Germans... Again - my favorite lyrics on the album, funny and I love the German guys accent. // 9

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overall: 9.3
Wolves In Wolves' Clothing Reviewed by: ChrisDingus123, on january 16, 2013
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Sound: "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing" has to be one of the better, if not the best NOFX record. Lots of the songs are strong and softer when you need it. It is still the classic NOFX that we all love, and a bit extra! 1. "60%" - I really liked this song as an opener. Starts off slow, than picks up setting the tone for the rest of the record. As Fat Mike says in the song, it is the mission statement of "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing". 2. "USA-Holes" - Right off that bat hearing that bass you know this song is gonna be fast. I really enjoy Fat Mike's lyrics in this song as well. Very catchy. I enjoy Eric Melvin's solo in the song as well. Fit it great. Great song. 3. "Seeing Double At The Triple Rock" - Again, Eric Melvin's intro riff is perfect. This is definitely a highlight on this record. Also, the song that got me into NOFX in the first place. I definitely recommend checking out this song. 4. "We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum" - I was a bit iffy on this song. During my first listen to "WIWC" to my last listen of "WIWC" this song never really stood out to me. I wasn't the biggest fan of it. 5. "The Marxist Brothers" - Now, this is a song that stood out to me. It has the reggae/ska feel to it which NOFX is really good at it. Fat Mike's lyrics are very good in this as well. The drums have a cool beat, all around good song. One of my favourite songs on the record. I love the ending, it seems like the built up to it with the ska part. 6. "The Man I Killed" - Another good one! Nice short eighty second song that were used to with NOFX. Fat Mike's lyrics are great. Cool beat at the intro as well! 7. "Benny Got Blowed Up" - Not really into this one. If it was cut off "WIWC" I wouldn't really care. Doesn't stand out that much at all. 8. "Leaving Jesusland" - Here it is. The best song on the album. Fat Mike is a lyrical genius. The Chorus is really catchy, and the guitar riff just makes it all so much better. I think I could listen to this song over and over again. Definitely listen to it. 9. "Getting High On The Down Low" - Not much to really say about this one. It was pretty good! 10. "Cool And Unusual Punishment" - Again didn't really stand out to me, but is still a good tune! Eric Melvin does some cool noodling on the guitar. 11. "Wolves In Wolves Clothing" - Love that opening riff! When this song kicks in it kicks hard. Great tune. The guitar work is very very good. 12. "Cantado En Espanol" - This song was weird to listen to at first, probably because it is not in English. It wasn't that enjoyable but a nice change of pace. 13. "100 Time Fuckeder" - Really awesome drums at the beginning. Wasn't my favourite song thats for sure. 14. "Instant Classic" - ?? Wut. 15. "You Will Lose Faith" - Another classic NOFX song. Fast drums, cool guitars in it. Again wasn't one of my favourites but pretty good. 16. "One Celled Creature" - This one always seemed epic to me in a way. Eric's vocals are always good! 17. "Doornails" - I really liked this one. It's sad, and I shouldn't say much about it. But definitely give it a listen. Definitely stood out, especially the lyrics. 18. "60% (Reprise)" - A great way to end this monster of an album just as it started. // 9

Lyrics: Fat Mike to me has always had amazing lyrics. Every song has some different on this album lyrically that makes them all so good. For example "Leaving Jesusland" had some of the best lyrics on the record. Same with the "Marxist Brothers" and "Wolves In Wolves Clothing". Fat Mike is not the best singer ever, but he vocals fit perfectly for the songs he is writing. I could not imagine these songs with any other singer. The lyrics don't always rhyme at all, but Fat Mike seems to always fine ways to make them work! Eric Melvin as always does a good job with his vocals. // 10

Overall Impression: Most impressive songs have to be: - "Leaving Jesusland" - "Seeing Double At The Triple Rock" - "The Marxist Brothers" - "Wolves In Wolves Clothing" - "Doornails" - "USA-Holes" I loved the recording quality again the lyrics. The musicality was terrific. If this album was stolen I would with no question go buy another copy. Really really good record. I recommend to anyone who is a NOFX fan. I also believe this record is great for people just getting into NOFX. The only thing I hated was a couple filler tracks but hey, that happens with almost every record. "WIWC", great album.

// 9

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