Redeemer review by Norma Jean

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (125 votes)
Norma Jean: Redeemer

Sound — 8
Astounding! This is the first Norma Jean CD I've heard. I have to say that I am impressed. The guitars and bass are both amazing. Working together, they create a very dirty sound, which works very well. The drummer is also pretty skilled too. The beats are amazing. The songs on the record are pretty catchy, despite the singer doing no actual singing, but screaming. You'll want to scream (or try) along. Norma Jean defies all songwriting rules, which each song being different in each other. The way Norma Jean writes their songs has it's flaws too, because some of the songs have boring parts which you'll want to skip. The singer repeats himself a lot too.

Lyrics — 9
The songs are amazing. You really want to try and sing along. The lead singer is an amazing screamer, but you can't really understand what he is saying. Sometimes you can understand what the singer screams, but this is only when he is repeating the same line for 2 minutes. You have to look up lyrics on the internet, but once you actually see the lyrics, it opens up a whole new perspective in the songs. You actually realize what they are saying and the point they are trying to convey. There is one song where lyrics are the lacking point, and that is the last track "No Passenger:NoParasite". There are only 3 lines. Wake up, no passenger, no parrasite. Occasionally, in different songs, the singer tones down the screaming a bit, and actually tries to, you know, sing. But the singer is one of the reasons Norma Jean is set apart from other metalcore bands. All he does is scream, but he is one of the best screamers I've heard.

Overall Impression — 9
Norma Jean is a metalcore band, but it's not the same as the other metalcore bands. They are different because the singer just screams, the songs lack solos, and they don't follow melody. This makes them amazing, and sets them apart from everyone else. The most impressive songs have to be "A Grand Scene For A Color Film", "The End Of All Things Will Be Televised", "Amnesty Please", and "Cemetary Like A Stage". I love how different this band is than everyone else (as stated before) and the way they write their songs. I hate how the singer repeats himself alot. I also dislike the last track because it doesnt't make sense to me. If I somehow lost this album, I would definately buy it again, as it has influenced the way I write my songs and guitar playing. As a last word, I would like to say "bravo" to all the people invloved in the porduction of this record.

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    I skipped reading all the nonsense, but stop fighting. Music is just ****ing music. Don't put genres on it, or things will get messy. Just listen to it if it appeals to you, and leave it alone if it doesn't. But once you get enough fame to be talked about on a review page on UG, then you can talk all the nasty shit you want about bands lower then you. haha.
    IMO i think norma jean sounds like satan having explosive diarrhea.....never would hav thought they were a christian band
    angels side
    Alibiestroyed wrote: This cd is great and so is Norma Jean. I do like some metal bands but there is no way Norma Jean or any other hardcore band can be considered metal because metal is dead. Get over it. I know that there are probably a bunch of old guys who still think Ozzy is the greatest and that metal is going to come back that hate me right now but I don't care because they are all closed minded freaks who are still stuck in the 80's. Get a life instead of bashing the music you don't like. And for all those guys who do hate Norma Jean, Why are you even looking at this reveiw?
    i love you for that. i dont much like metal either.
    SlashRules wrote: Genres: Heavy Metal, Post-Hardcore haha exactly my point of how dimwitted you all are.
    just because ultimate-guitar classifies them heavy metal and post-hardcore doesnt mean they are... Norma Jean is a Southern Rock band...
    i love all the user names like MAKETHEMSUFFER and ASSCLOWNSATAN666 or whatever...haha it's sooo metal