Redeemer review by Norma Jean

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (125 votes)
Norma Jean: Redeemer

Sound — 9
Norma Jean and their music is very abrasive on so many levels that it almost creates it's own genre of music. The music can make you drop kick the nearest person around you. The CD is one of the few that you can listen all the way through to the end; especially with all the bands taking up all the success for their half-ass music and rip-offs. Norma Jean have created an underground following that can be measured in the thousands. We are a true fan base. Their is one slight misconception to the band though; a lot of people seem to think that they're a Christian band when they are not. Some people mistake that because there are religious people in the band but that does not make them a Christian band. Just like people relate Slayer with a Satan worshiping band when they're not, the lead singer is Catholic. I'm just saying that people don't need to mix up the titles. The fact of the matter is that Norma Jean created one of the most progressive records of all time and I applaud them for it.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are very simple yet some aggressive. "Let's break out the shotguns, we're going to town." The way he delivers that lyric makes me think of horror movies and the last man standing against the zombies. Greatest lyrics out their right beside Protest The Hero.

Overall Impression — 6
"Blueprints for Future Homes" and "No Passenger, No Parasite" are very deep in their simplicity. These songs are what creates the atmosphere of the whole record. These songs I hope are playing in hell so it'll be awesome; or they'll play Hanson so it might suck.

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    he left the band and was replaced by Cory Putnam
    dude...his name definately isnt corey putnam. its Cory Brandon. and this cd is amazing. anyone that says an idiot. if you dont like the band, then go away and stop complaining about them. we dont care what you think.
    Absentmental wrote: this might be the best cd of 2006
    [quote]aloveforenemies wrote: are fing kidding me???
    There is a stereotype about christians. That we only make elevator music like third day or sanctus real, the worship stuff on american family radio or stuff like that that puts people to sleep! And only satan-lovin, beer guzzlin guys can play double bass drums or dimebagian solos or james hetfieldian guitar riffs. And only transvestite, manic-depressive, self-destructive emo kids and their scene brethren can scream their heads off and have heavy breakdowns. Uh, just because an atheist started metal doesn't mean a christian can't do metal too! I mean, i think it'd be pretty funny if there was islamo-metal or buddhacore! Maybe some progressive jewcore to go with it! Mark my words, there's gonna be religiocore or theometal coming around soon! Lol. Not saying I'm jewish or buddhist or whatever, i'm saying that metal is not limited to atheists!
    wow people need to relax here haha. if you don't like it don't listen to it, their your ears, they obviously have talent if they have a couple cds and are on selves of stores and w/e. just because the band is differant doesn't mean you have to attack them. im not a huge norma jean fan im just saying, some of the people here are going or went over the top on this one...