Paranoia In Hi-Fi review by Nurse With Wound

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (1 vote)
Nurse With Wound: Paranoia In Hi-Fi

Sound — 10
First off, I'd like to put the following review in context; This album retails for 99p. Not as a download, as a physical CD to be bought from a shop. This in itself makes what is contained inside all the more interesting, and appealing to the casual shopper. I won't even attempt to categorize what is found inside this CD into a genre. Technically, this is 4 separate songs, clocking in at around 80 minutes, and compiles a large amount of Nurse With Wound's material into one album. In that 80 minutes, Steve Stapleton manages to cram in more musical experimentation than every album you will hear this year combined. Lengthy passages of white noise segue into smooth jazz accompanied by animal noises, cut off abruptly by more abrasive noise. Downtuned acoustic guitars fight to be heard over abstract sounds of unknown origin. Tribal experimentation is inexplicably followed by 10 seconds of surf guitar, followed by more white noise. Simply put, this is insanity committed to a disc, and is unlike anything else you'll ever hear.

Lyrics — 8
This is a tricky one. Strictly speaking, there's a lack real singing on this disc. There are moments of spoken word, pitch shifted tribal chants, animal sounds, samples of other singers (often with sinister twists) and samples of distorted radio reviews for the band. However, the lack of frequent vocals means that when you do hear a voice, it's there for a reason. Or no reason at all. I couldn't honestly say which, which I feel is entirely the point.

Overall Impression — 10
Again, I can't stress enough; this album cost me 99p. For that one pound coin, you get some of the most inventive musical experimentation you'll ever experience. Unless you can already honestly say you enjoy artists such as Merzbow, Japanese Torture Comedy Hou and Throbbing Gristle, this will undoubtedly alienate you almost immediately. Persevere, however, and you will be richly rewarded with a greater appreciation for what can be considered music.

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