Be Here Now review by Oasis

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  • Released: Aug 21, 1997
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (53 votes)
Oasis: Be Here Now

Sound — 8
Although Be Here Now often receives far more negative reviews than Oasis' first two albums for being overproduced and trippy, the expirimental sound is, on the whole, still very pleasant to listen to, and nowhere near as extreme as some retrospective reviews have made it out to be. Sure, some of the songs are too long, and some of the backwards helicopter nonsense is a bit of a waste, but, on the whole, Be Here Now is another very good Oasis album.

Lyrics — 8
One of the very nice things about Be Here Now is the mixing of the non-sensical lyrics like in Magic Pie and Be Here Now (the song) with much deeper, more meaningful songs like Don't Go Away. My Big Mouth's lyrics are genuinely very funny, and it is a bit of a shame that it is probably the worst song on the album musically. The songs are, on the whole though, catchy and upbeat.

Overall Impression — 8
Be Here Now came at a difficult time for Oasis. The pressure to match something like Definitely Maybe, or even just (What's The Story) Morning Glory? was massive, and Be Here Now quite clearly does not measure up to what are two seminal rock 'n roll albums. However, Be Here Now is packed with good songs, with several excellent ones. Don't Go Away, Stand By Me, All Around the World, and It's Getting Better (Man) are the standouts, with really only D'ya Know What I Mean and My Big Mouth being particularly boring. Definitely a must have for even the remotest of Oasis or Britpop fans, as it is definitely a quality album. As the title would indicate, it really is more about living in the day, and really does have less staying power than the first two Oasis albums, but still very enjoyable to listen to.

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    i think this is the best oasis c-d, their first 3 albums were amazing, but in my mind this is my favourite, i think it should be better than and 8, 9.5 at least
    Actully, definatley maybe is the best debut album in the U.K. Worldwide, I think it's Guns N Roses Appetite for destruction, if not, bostons debut album. Keeping on topic, i found this quite a good album to my oasis collection.
    the only song on the record that sounds kinda weak is d'you know what i mean it takes time before it gets into your head but when live the tunes are just mega especially d'you know what i mean