Definitely Maybe review by Oasis

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  • Released: Aug 4, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (104 votes)
Oasis: Definitely Maybe

Sound — 9
Oasis' immortality and legions of fans have been set in stone for quite some time; the band having hit their zenith, and perhaps the popularity of British music's zenith in the last 25 years ten years ago. The place where it all started is Definitely Maybe; perhaps underrated upon release due to the band's obscurity, but commended and rightly acclaimed in recent times with further listens into its brilliance and confidence. Definitley Maybe's sound is the sound of band full of confidence, swagger, combustion, sentimentality and energy, pounding onto the scene with a live sound of perfectly placed proportion. Although it can initially be considered overblown and too rough at a first listen, it is quissentially easy to look past this shallow observation and delve into the recycled but yet masterfully composed fusion of true Rock and Roll.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics of Definitely Maybe were never meant to replicate Charles Dickens' or Bob Dylan's extraordinarity, and in turn Noel Gallagher's lyrics not only fit into the music with perfrect influxuation, but the words also rever almost perfectly with what the song is about; lines such as 'We'll see things they'll never see" being amongst Oasis' greatest works. 'Rock n Roll Star' mischieviously yet brilliantly enscapulates the band's general feeling, and perhaps righlty theorises the future; deeming that "Tonight, I'm a rock and roll star!". 'Cigarettes and Alcohol' cleverly takes aim at Manchester's lower-class life; whilst the ever sprawling 'Slide Away' breaks through walls and barriers with it's atmospheric chorus, "Now that you're mine!, We'll find a way, of chasing the sun". Liam Gallagher's singing has only been eclipsed on Oasis' next effort '(What's the Story) Morning Glory ?', and is in full flight on the sweet 'Live Forever, snarls and weaves through vines on 'Shakermaker', is sentimental on 'Married with Children', humorous on 'Digsy's Dinner', contemplational on 'Up in the Sky' and perhaps hits the perfect fuse of snarling ferocity and harmonic clarity on 'Supersonic'; the album's clear highlight.

Overall Impression — 10
'Definitely Maybe' plays and connects within it's songs and itself better than 'Morning Glory' does, and as a result is Oasis' greatest album in terms of consistency and positioning. The songs all come from the same vein, creating a rush of fitting concuctions and a superior listen from start to finish. An album without a weak point, 'Defintely Maybe' takes great strides in resurrection great Rock and roll for the new generations; soaring most highly in tracks such as the defying 'Rock and Roll Star', the hauntingly twining 'Shakermaker', the immortalised classic and perhaps Oasis' greatest tune to date; 'Live Forever', the periphially contrasting 'Up in the Sky', the wiry and outcast 'Columbia', the essentially vocal brilliant and guitar beaming 'Supersonic' and the age-defying love ode 'Slide Away'. 'Married with Children' closes the disc on a wise and sentimentally concluding note, effectively distancing itslef from the album's wide-spread intimidation and shedding light on the band's stellar lighter side. Being the album that thrust Oasis into the face of music critics and fans alike worldwide on release, 'Defintiely Maybe' has lost none of it's fresh appeal or pristine novelty within it's simple yet great tunes than it had when it was rleased, and to date it's remains Oasis' finest full-album effort.

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