Dig Out Your Soul Review

artist: Oasis date: 01/06/2009 category: compact discs
Oasis: Dig Out Your Soul
Release Date: Oct 6, 2008
Genres: Psychedelic Rock
Label: Big Brother
Number Of Tracks: 11
For many people, the return of Oasis to the frontlines is cause to break out a bottle of Bolli Stolli champagne.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 7.3
Dig Out Your Soul Reviewed by: UG Team, on october 07, 2008
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Sound: For many people, the return of Oasis to the frontlines is cause to break out a bottle of Bolli Stolli champagne, since it has been Oasis' music that folks from around the world have grabbed onto as if it was their life-support. The band's forthcoming release Dig Out Your Soul is the band's seventh studio album and their first new music since the release of their 2006 hit single Lord Don't Slow Me Down, which was featured in the movie by the same name and directed by Baillie Walsh. Produced by Dave Sardy who also produced Oasis' 2005 album Don't Believe The Truth, Dig Out Your Soul is a collaborative effort among the band members, which includes lead vocalist Liam Gallagher, guitarists Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer, and bassist Andy Bell. There are a few tracks that will remind fans of the band's earlier days like the sleet of soft swirling melodic motions and slinky vibrations cast through Falling Down and the moody inflections of Ain't Got Nothin' but the exotic middle eastern overtones of To Be Where There's Life have shimmery psychedelics that wrap the listener in an altered state of being with slightly warped intonations and chains gilded in echoing cymbals which is unlike any of Oasis' previous works. At times, the music feels like it has tapped into new sources of inspiration mixed in with the band's old wells of trippy riffs, searing vocal moxie, and Brit-pop bearings which make up The Shock Of The Lightning. The vintage rock tazers and hard rock ridges in The Nature Of Reality and Bag It Up brick the rhythmic grooves with well chiseled formations while the slurring lines of Soldier On move like a blurry haze of fog. The slow moving bluesy keys swimming in the underbelly of The Turning and I'm Outta Time produce a subliminal aura as the rattling tambourines in The Turning and the seraphic moving string arrangement in I'm Outta Time wander wistfully. The heavy anvil-heeled rhythms of High Horse Lady and Waiting For The Rapture give the album substance and a firm backbone, while shifting the album away from it's Brit-pop pageantry and hypnotic whistling. // 7

Lyrics: The lyrics have a hypnotic ringing as well which complement the whispery shadows like in The Shock Of The Lightning. The song was penned by Liam Gallagher whose voice roams over the swells, Comin' up in the early morning / I feel love in the shock of the lightning / Come in, come out / Come in, come out tonight / Love is a time machine / Up on the silver screen / It's all in my mind / Love is a litany / A magical mystery / And all in good time. // 8

Overall Impression: Oasis' new album Dig Out Your Soul cannot miss with the band's diehard fans. The album has enough of the old Oasis to appease them, and just the right amount of different influences to draw in new admirers. Formed by the Gallagher brothers in 1991 in Manchester, England, Oasis has sold over 50 million records worldwide. Their love affair with rock music seems far from being over by the sounds of Dig Out Your Soul, and for many folks, that is just fine by them. // 7

- Susan Frances aka sweetpeasuzie (c) 2008

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overall: 9.3
Dig Out Your Soul Reviewed by: wiggy1988, on october 13, 2008
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Sound: This album is probably the best that Oasis have produced since their peak of the 90's. Fans who've followed the band should probably consider it part of a trilogy. Definately Maybe - The Rock n Roll dream Whats The Story - Achieving the dream Dig Out Your Soul - A Psychedelic Reflection The album itself works well as a whole, with each song easily fitting in with the next while at the same time having a different attitude and style. It might take some time for listeners to trully appreciate the album but if you play it through a few times it most certainly opens up. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty much the same as any other Oasis album but more along the lines of Champagne Supernova than anything else. As usual Noel is writting his nonesense lyrics which actually seem to make sense when put in song format. And Liams lyrics have certainly come a long way from his first attempts such as "Little James". // 9

Overall Impression: This is certainly one of their most Beatlesesque album, though there are a number of other influences floating around. it's a highly psychedilic album that shows the Gallaghers have looked back on their strengths and really gone all out on this one. The most impressive songs for me were: - Bag it up - Waiting for the rapture - I'm outta time - The Shock of the lightening (I would have liked this song more if Radio 1 hadn't played it to death already) Though to be honest all had their strenths and weaknesses. If this album were stolen I would deffinately buy it again. Definately, not maybe. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Dig Out Your Soul Reviewed by: masterplan2114, on december 26, 2008
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Sound: Oasis at last produced the best colection of tunes since their top seller record (Whats The Story)Morning Glory? Their last record "Dont Believe The Truth" was a return to form for oasis, and in that record they began to function as a band and now in this one they are even more focused, and began to expand their sound. This album brings a fresh air to the Oasis sound without sounding like another band. Here goes a track by track review... 01.Bag It Up: this song its the greatest 1st song on an album since Be Here Now. It is a heavy rock and roll track with the two brothers singing and has a really good chorus. 02.The Turning: this is one of the best tunes on the album and has one hell of a chorus, even better than the one in bag it up. 03.Waiting For The Rapture: this is a Noel sung song and reminds me of The Importance Of Being Idle in terms of singing. Really good song that steals that five to one riff.... 04.The Shock Of The Lightning: the first single of the album and the best one since some might say....nothing more to say... 05.Im Outta Time: this song was written by Liam and is his best song ever and one of the finnest song on the album. The Only ballad by the way... 06.(Get Off Your)High Horse Lady: this is the most experimental song ever producced by Oasis and that is very shocking. It has some folk chords that with a repetive seccion of drums make the song. Worth A Listen... 07.Falling Down: this could be the best oasis noel sung song of all time without counting the masterplan and that is awesome. Instant Classic. 08.To Be Where Theres Life: another experimental tune this time by Gem Archer but this one is a lot better. It has no guitars and has a really good bass line. 09.Aint Got Nothing: this one is nothing more that dumb rock and roll tune by liam. Similar to the "meaning of soul" on "dont believe the truth" and it is easly the worst song on the album. 10.The Nature Of Reality: starts with an amazing riff and....nothing more...the riffs repeates itself again and again with some really boring lyrics and goes anywere... 11.Soldier On: a really good tune with an adictive bass line...its not one of the greatest on the record but is a good closing tune. // 9

Lyrics: In This record noel wanted lyrics that suited the music not the other way and that is one of the reasons why almost every song on the album are about nothing. But it still has some good lyrics like the ones on Falling Down and Waiting On The Rapture and I'm Outta Time. // 8

Overall Impression: This One is Oasis best record since morning glory without a doubt and marks the return for oasis in doing great record again not only good or decent records. The Most Impresive Songs On The Album are Falling Down, The Shock... , I'm Outta Time, Waiting For The Rapture and The Turning. If this album were stolen I definitely (not maybe) buy it again. // 9

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overall: 7.7
Dig Out Your Soul Reviewed by: rocknrollstar, on january 06, 2009
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Sound: Oasis. Dig Out Your Soul. Noel talked and promised Oasis fans around the world an album which was different.Recorded at Abbey Road studios Noel said the album was "collosal" and that "the songs would sound amazing live, which is the important thing" So we see Oasis a bit more mature, experimenting with sitars, noises, soundclips and Drop D tuning for most songs. 01."Bag It Up": a rather solid opener, Liam on vocals here, some harmonys and a pounding drum beat(played by Noel) which kicks in straight away with the guitar. I think it's fair to say it's straight up Oasis.Written by Noel Gallagher. 02."The Turning": starts off from where Bag It Up left off, with a solid groove on the drums, some light piano chords and again Liams voice coming in. With a rather harrowing chorus and vocal accompliment from a vocal orchestra, it's a very big sound and slowly we start to see some changes to the typical Oasis formula.Written by Noel Gallagher. 03."Waiting For The Rapture": Noel drumming here again. Now there's been talk of this song being a straight rip off of the Doors song "5 To 1". Comparing them both there is definetly a similarity however it's nice to see a different influence for a change. A very slow pounding beat and with Noel shouting "Waiting For The Rapture" this album begins to give a quite "The End Is Nigh" sort of vibe. Great track. 04."The Shock Of The Lightning": again another Noel penned track. A very consistant rhythm all the way, with the drums keeping a strict triplet kick on the bass drum. The hightlight in this song is when we here Zak Starkey taking a drum cadenza in the middle where we really here how Keith Moon told him to play the drums. 05."I'm Outta Time": written by Liam Gallagher. Starting off with a piano and guitar playing and an echoed Liam singing "Na na na na na". Written down this looks quite juvenile but I can assure you hearing it on the CD you'll see why it's quite haunting. A beautiful chorus with the lines "If I'm to fall/Would you be there to applaud/Or would you hide behind them all" this is the ballad of the album.Piano, guitar, strings and even a speech excerpt from John Lennon are all in this track, kudos to Liam a very heart-warming song. 06."(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady": handclaps and a massive snare drum. This song to me sounds almost like a chant. Noel singing and the Drop D tuning is really heavy here. Most of the verses are just a Dm9 over and over again (similar to Within You Without You by The Beatles).With the hypnotic rhythm and distorted vocals, this has to be one of my favourite on the album and possibly even one of my favourite Oasis songs. Many will be shocked by this, but listen to the song "Shakermaker" and then listen to this. You'll see how far these lads have come.This song ends with the sound of footsteps on gravel.Written by Noel Gallagher 07."Falling Down": The Chemical Brothers have done an offical remix of this. First off it starts with noise from the previous song and fades into computer like noises which then melt away as the drums kick in. Again very hypnotic and one of the few songs on the album which aren't in Drop D, some great lines are in this song. "Catch the wheel that breaks the butterfly/I cried the rain that fills the ocean wide". Quite a touching song again to me it speaks of the end of the world and a man looking back on all he's done, and all he regrets. Written by Noel Gallagher. 08."To Be Where There's Life": Toy sitars with left to ring out loud in the echo chamber of Abbey Road studios are what give this song it's pedal throught. Again Drop D, a repetitive bass line and lyrically it seems to be about searching for life. Again some Revolver-esque backwards guitar and noises end this song and it seems to finish all so quickly. Written by Gem Archer. 09."Ain't Got Nothin'": this was written by Liam and apprently it's an experience of him being arrested and refusing to speak. Very short, very fast, 3/4 timing and this is definetly one of those signature Oasis songs. It seems a tad out of place on this record I must say after the song previously, however the 3/4 vibe is very catchy and also very different for Oasis. 10."The Nature of Reality": written by Andy Bell. Very typical 12 bar sorta vibe. Some cool hand claps in the middle and a solo from Noel. Nothing mega though to be honest, it's definetly listenable but it doesn't grab my attention as much as everything else on here. That being said I do like the riff and the way the drums crash in earlier than expected. 11."Soldier On": here we are. Will it be another acoustic ballad like "Married With Children"? another psychdelic trip like "Champagne Supernova"? Will it even be like "Better Man" with a 40 minute silence and an instrument jam at the end? No. This tune written by Liam in my opinion is just awful. it's not catchy, it goes nowhere and it does nothing for me. After the rest of the album being so good this really upset me.Boring. Definetly a skip track. All in all I guess 8 amazing tracks, 2 not so bad tracks and 1 awful track isn't to bad. Showing influences of a very psychdelic nature this album will please hardcore Oasis fans, but those who love them for the sing a long might be dissappointed by this album. // 8

Lyrics: Lyrically there was some good and bad. "I'm Outta Time", "Falling Down" and "Waiting For The Rapture" have great lyrics. I wont mention them again as I mentioned them before. However "Solider On" and "To Be Wheres there's Life" don't do much for me. The lyrics however do fit the music and the theme of the apocolapyse. As for performance it's typical Noel and Liam. Noel pushes the high notes and Liams got the signature rasp. No compliants. Overall there isn't a "Little James" in sight so I reckon they've done quite well for themselves here. // 7

Overall Impression: Despite a few tracks being iffy it was a brave move. Comparing this album to others like it, I would say it has the vibes of The Beatles - Revolver. The talk of the world ending and themes of this nature remind me of The Doors - The End. Overall this album would have been awesome after Morning Glory as their are some signs of maturity but still things that echo the youth of those older days. "I'm Outta Time","Waiting For The Rapture","Get Off Your High Horse Lady" Shock Of The Lightning" and "Ain't Got Nothin" are great tracks and as Noel has said, they will sound amazing live. Solider On and To Be Where there's Life don't have much going for them and I would've replaced these tracks. The artwork is very Beatle-esque which is awesome.The experimentation and also the fact each member of the band contributed at least one song, make this album feel warm and good to listen to. If it where stolen I'd hunt down who took it cause I hate payin twice. However I do recommened you get this album if your a die hard Oasis fan. Fans of psychdelic music (e.g. Iron Butterly, Steppenwolf) might also like this album. // 8

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