Heathen Chemistry review by Oasis

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  • Released: Jul 1, 2002
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (34 votes)
Oasis: Heathen Chemistry

Overall Impression — 10
I would like to say this album is as good as Oasis' first two albums, "Definetly Maybe" and "What's The Story Morning Glory" but it isn't. It is however better than every album to follow those two. So it's their third best, which in it's own right is quite good. I quite like every track on this album and are all easy to sing a long. I will say though I am not partial to the two instrumental tracks on this CD, and one of them is a hidden track after 30 minutes of silence on the CD. I will go through this song by song: The Hindu Times: This has got to be one of the most popular songs off the album because you can "feel" the Oasis of old in here, and hear it. It's good stompin, riff catchy rock n'roll high and good times! In and out your brain, but not forgoten... God gave Oasis soul in this Rock n' Roll song! Great first single, great song to start off the CD! 10/10 Force of Nature : I didn't like this song at first listen. I thought the song was repetitive with it's same power chords pummeled with no variation. But now I can't stop singing along. I still say Liam should have sang this song but Noel does good here too, especially at the chorus... 8/10 Hung In A Bad Place: The Gem Archer tune. What can I say? Hmmm it's a good rock n roll song too with loud guitars and a nice solo if a bit short. Someone once commented the chorus is annoying with the 'Huuuuunnngggg in a bad place', but I quite like it. It goes over quite well 'Live'. I have trouble making out some lyrics in the verse cuz of Liam's raspy mumurings. When I first heard this song via streaming over the net, I was impressed by the 'clean' vocals of Liam's, something I haven't heard since Be Here Now. So thumbs up for that. 8/10 Stop Crying Your Heart Out - This song has deep meaning for me. I was going through a rough time where I thought I had hit a major downfall in my life, this song was there to help me out in a very tough time. Pardon the bias. Their best song since Don't Look Back In Anger. The riffs are very very simple but not without emotion. This song goes over real nice live. 9/10 Songbird - Short, simple, sweet and effective. The first Liam penned track here. It's easy to sing, and sweet. The "Wonderwall" of this album I think. The vocals are very very Lennon like, and the "cleanest" vocals from Liam since What's the Story Morning Glory! 10/10 Little By Little - The second Noel sung track. This is my other fave Noel sung track on an Oasis LP in awhile. The chorus is quite rousing and will have great potential live. This is the next single after 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'. It should go over well on radio. Great guitar part, especially at the end. 9.5/10 A Quick Peep - I don't like this instrumental, even F*ckin' In The Bushes is better than this. Sorry Andy Bell, you should have had 'Thank You For the Good Times' here instead of this. I skip this track a LOT! 4/10 (Probably) All In The Mind - I quite like this song despite Liam's raspy delivery. At first you think it's a love song but the lyrics suggest otherwise. The harmony between Noel and Liam here is just wonderful. I like to hear them sing at the sametime! Very nice music, and bassline. 9/10 She Is Love - I don't know WHY a lot of oasis fans slag this song off. It's a very endearing love song written by Noel sing Wonderwall, and it's sung by Noel too. The chorus is very catchy with the 'She is looooooo-oooveee' part. It's an acoustic-er track, sorta like Songbird. Between this and Songbird, by my two fave love songs since Wonderwall from oasis. Very heartfelt delivery and sweet lyrics. 10/10 Born on a Different Cloud - The second Liam written song. This song is also a very Lennon inspired song lyrically and vocally. This song has the potential to get deep in you soul or annoy you. The vocals are to blame for this the most. I don't like the work they done to Liam, too much reverb I think? Not sure the correct term but it doesn't suit the song well. I almost wrote this off as my least fave track on here, but I quite love the outro, especially live. 7.5/10 Better Man - This is the last Liam penned tune here. It's the most unsophisticated and lyrically shortest song on the whole album. It's a lot of repeated "Yeahs" and "Unnh". It has a lot of attitude and confidence in the song because of its delivery. I would say Liam was inspired by his tour with the Black Crowes when writing this track. It has that feel to it. I forgive Liam for the lack of lyrics here cuz the attitude and the delivery of each "Yeah" and "Unh" at the end of this song is irresistable to me. Sometimes that's all I sing when the song is done. The guitar work is nothing special but it gets the job done. 7.5/10 Overall 8.75/10 Valiant effort Oasis! Worthy addition to the Oasis line up. Beats Standing On the Shoulder of Giants any day! Even beats Be Here Now (over all that is).

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