Heathen Chemistry Review

artist: Oasis date: 04/20/2004 category: compact discs

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Oasis: Heathen Chemistry
Released: Jul 2, 2002
Genre: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock, Britpop, British Trad Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
 Overall Impression: 7.1
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
reviews (7) 3 comments vote for this album:
overall: 8
Heathen Chemistry Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 18, 2003
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

Overall Impression: Oasis, easily one of the best bands since the beatles, have recorded yet another album. Featuring the singles stop crying your heart out, the hindu times, little by little AND Liam written 'Songbird' it is definitly a must-buy album. I may like Oasis a lot and i'm sure some god forsaken townies who only like trance and techno are dissin this review right now, but I'm not kidding this is a great album. // 8

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overall: 8
Heathen Chemistry Reviewed by: Noofworm, on february 09, 2004
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Overall Impression: I don't think this is such a bad album. Out of the three latest Oasis albums to come out, this is definately the best, and comes the closest to being the good old Oasis of the Whats the story era that we all love. The Hindu Times started life as an intrumental, but the lyrics over the top do not suffer. Short verses in the song are effective and will lift any person up when they are down. Force of nature came from the SOTSOG time, but was held back, and so seems out of place. Hung in a bad place is not such a bad tune, but the chorus is a bit annoying, with liams vocals not sounding clean enough for the extended words he uses (HUUUUUUUUNG in a bad place) I think Stop crying your heart out is a beautiful song, although it does go on a bit. It could do with being 2-3 minutes rather than five. It is none the less a wonderfully written song, and its simplicity is very effective. The same goes for songbird. This time they have the length right. "-3 minutes of originality and simplicity from the pen of Liam rather than Noel. Little by little is a love it or hate it song. I am still divided on the subject, but I don't think its particularly bad. Its the kind of song that has probably spent hours in production, and still doesnt sound quite right. A quick peep I skip a lot, I don't really like it, even for an intrumental its pap. Probably in the mind is average, just average. It's not the kind of song that catches people imaginations, but again its not the kind of song you would skip, unless you were right by the CD player. She is love is a brilliant song. Its the first love song from Noel that is blatantly about love, and for anyone whos ever been in love, youll know exactly what hes singing about. As for the other two, well theyre ok, but i wouldnt want to spoil it too much for you. Overall, the best Oasis album in a while! // 8

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overall: 9.3
Heathen Chemistry Reviewed by: UJ_boy, on april 20, 2004
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Sound: Well, this is the equivalent of the beatles going from "Help" to "Sgt Pepper". It is a completely different type of music, compared 2 the well known "Mad fer it" sound. It's kinda wierd in the sense that it lacks rock n' roll guitar. Noel, and the others seem 2 have gone more 4 an acoustic rock which sometimes meets country...in a weird and twisted way. They pull it off though. 5/5 here! BTW, this is a chill-out album. Definitely not a sing along 1. // 10

Lyrics: Noel has taken a brake in terms of song writting. The others seem to have had a go, and it's proven to be alright. I think that Noels lyrics still show that he is 1 of top (if not the best) songwritters to come out of britan since John Lennon. Liam also gave a shock 2 my system with "Song bird". Liam has proven 2 me that he has something else in common with his brother with that 1. It's bloody good! Gem and aolan write a nice musical 1, but I personally think it needs lyrics over the top. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is definitely different. It's a varied over all opinion I think, but I rekon it's 1 of their best...in it's own special way. Maybe not as gud as deffinately maybe, but it definitely proves that they're not burnt out. The only thing I can suggest, is that they do another rockin 1 soon. That's what people love them for, and that's what will bring the cash in for them. Good album though. I recommend "Little by little", "Songbird" and "She is love". With songs like these on the album, I'd happily buy it again if it got nicked. // 10

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overall: 4
Heathen Chemistry Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 18, 2003
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Overall Impression: So...another album from the mancunian rockers, and the one highly-anticipated as their new "morning glory". sadly, this stuff is a far cry from those dizzy hights of the 93-95 period. After the disappointments of "Be Here Now" and "Standing on the Shoulders", Oasis had promised us a more mature, trademark Oasis sound within this record. True, Oasis have become more mature (although you wouldnt know it from the antics of the younger Gallagher brother) on this album, but their traditional sound? Nope. The album starts with single "The Hindu Times", which is, pretty much another step for Liam in his "John Lennon Wannabe" phase. The riff is oriental and the song is, addmittedly catchy, although the cheese stands through the most. Then follows "Force of Nature" and "Hung in a Bad Place" which are some of the most heavy songs Oasis have ever done, and are probably the best songs on the album. The guitars are infectious and the only thing which lets it down is Liam's pitiful, un-tuneful wailing (most be all the drugs). After that, 2nd single "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" is a boring, un-original song, which sounds repetative and you find yourself reaching for the "skip" button after only 50 seconds of playing. Not to say that you don't do it a lot on this album! Then, Liam's baby, "Songbird" is the most promising and mature song on this album if ever there was one. Ok, so its not as emphatic as "Hung in a bad place" but Liam proves that he supposedly can write a song, if he can write at all (im guessing no). The song runs through a tuneful acoustic melody and feels you liking this album just a teeeny bit more. Then, "Little by Little". God no, repetative, boring, and obvious that Oasis are trying to get back to their old selves a little too hard. "Skip" button anyone? "A Quick Peep", "In my mind" and "She is love", run through, some seeming a bit tedious, but more the average tracks on this album. "Born on A Different Cloud" is pleasant enough, and slightly pleasing, but "Better Man" is a poor ending to this album. It drones on & on and......snore. Kind of like this album. I'm glad I only got this on mp3, after all, it would of been a complete waste of my hard earned cash. 1...2...3...4 or so decent songs reminicant of times gone by, but, to be frank this album is boring and dissappointing to say the least. Morning Glory seems so far away... // 4

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overall: 10
Heathen Chemistry Reviewed by: Medalion, on july 18, 2003
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Overall Impression: I would like to say this album is as good as Oasis' first two albums, "Definetly Maybe" and "What's The Story Morning Glory" but it isn't. It is however better than every album to follow those two. So it's their third best, which in it's own right is quite good. I quite like every track on this album and are all easy to sing a long. I will say though I am not partial to the two instrumental tracks on this CD, and one of them is a hidden track after 30 minutes of silence on the CD. I will go through this song by song: The Hindu Times: This has got to be one of the most popular songs off the album because you can "feel" the Oasis of old in here, and hear it. It's good stompin, riff catchy rock n'roll high and good times! In and out your brain, but not forgoten... God gave Oasis soul in this Rock n' Roll song! Great first single, great song to start off the CD! 10/10 Force of Nature : I didn't like this song at first listen. I thought the song was repetitive with it's same power chords pummeled with no variation. But now I can't stop singing along. I still say Liam should have sang this song but Noel does good here too, especially at the chorus... 8/10 Hung In A Bad Place: The Gem Archer tune. What can I say? Hmmm it's a good rock n roll song too with loud guitars and a nice solo if a bit short. Someone once commented the chorus is annoying with the 'Huuuuunnngggg in a bad place', but I quite like it. It goes over quite well 'Live'. I have trouble making out some lyrics in the verse cuz of Liam's raspy mumurings. When I first heard this song via streaming over the net, I was impressed by the 'clean' vocals of Liam's, something I haven't heard since Be Here Now. So thumbs up for that. 8/10 Stop Crying Your Heart Out - This song has deep meaning for me. I was going through a rough time where I thought I had hit a major downfall in my life, this song was there to help me out in a very tough time. Pardon the bias. Their best song since Don't Look Back In Anger. The riffs are very very simple but not without emotion. This song goes over real nice live. 9/10 Songbird - Short, simple, sweet and effective. The first Liam penned track here. It's easy to sing, and sweet. The "Wonderwall" of this album I think. The vocals are very very Lennon like, and the "cleanest" vocals from Liam since What's the Story Morning Glory! 10/10 Little By Little - The second Noel sung track. This is my other fave Noel sung track on an Oasis LP in awhile. The chorus is quite rousing and will have great potential live. This is the next single after 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out'. It should go over well on radio. Great guitar part, especially at the end. 9.5/10 A Quick Peep - I don't like this instrumental, even F*ckin' In The Bushes is better than this. Sorry Andy Bell, you should have had 'Thank You For the Good Times' here instead of this. I skip this track a LOT! 4/10 (Probably) All In The Mind - I quite like this song despite Liam's raspy delivery. At first you think it's a love song but the lyrics suggest otherwise. The harmony between Noel and Liam here is just wonderful. I like to hear them sing at the sametime! Very nice music, and bassline. 9/10 She Is Love - I don't know WHY a lot of oasis fans slag this song off. It's a very endearing love song written by Noel sing Wonderwall, and it's sung by Noel too. The chorus is very catchy with the 'She is looooooo-oooveee' part. It's an acoustic-er track, sorta like Songbird. Between this and Songbird, by my two fave love songs since Wonderwall from oasis. Very heartfelt delivery and sweet lyrics. 10/10 Born on a Different Cloud - The second Liam written song. This song is also a very Lennon inspired song lyrically and vocally. This song has the potential to get deep in you soul or annoy you. The vocals are to blame for this the most. I don't like the work they done to Liam, too much reverb I think? Not sure the correct term but it doesn't suit the song well. I almost wrote this off as my least fave track on here, but I quite love the outro, especially live. 7.5/10 Better Man - This is the last Liam penned tune here. It's the most unsophisticated and lyrically shortest song on the whole album. It's a lot of repeated "Yeahs" and "Unnh". It has a lot of attitude and confidence in the song because of its delivery. I would say Liam was inspired by his tour with the Black Crowes when writing this track. It has that feel to it. I forgive Liam for the lack of lyrics here cuz the attitude and the delivery of each "Yeah" and "Unh" at the end of this song is irresistable to me. Sometimes that's all I sing when the song is done. The guitar work is nothing special but it gets the job done. 7.5/10 Overall 8.75/10 Valiant effort Oasis! Worthy addition to the Oasis line up. Beats Standing On the Shoulder of Giants any day! Even beats Be Here Now (over all that is). // 10

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overall: 4
Heathen Chemistry Reviewed by: Casper, on july 18, 2003
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Overall Impression: At one point in my life I absolutely loved Oasis, it was around about 1995. The pure genius of Definetely Maybe(which contained Columbia, one of the greatest rock and roll song ever written) and the progression of Whats the Story(Morning Glory). Back that up with some of the best B-sides I've ever heard (Masterplan,Aquiese,Talk Tonight) and I really believed that Oasis where the best thing since the Fab Four. All this changed however, with the 1997 release of Be Here Now. Although the album sold like crazy in the U.K, it was only on the strenght of reputation, not on the actual music. What was more suprizing was almost every official music critic gave it rave reviews, they obviously where not Oasis fans, because anybody that had followed Oasis from the start knew that this album was almost an insult on the previous two. Then came Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants in 2000 and with it came another barrage of mediocre songs from the lifeless Go Let It Out to the awful I Can See A Liar. They tried to end the album with an anthem in Roll it over, No-body listned. The only saving grace from this album was a song called Gas Panic, which made me think that Noel still had something to offer, I almost brought me back to the glory days of Definetely Maybe and on the strenght of that one song I purchased Heathen Chemistry, hoping for some kind of redemption. How wrong I was. Hindu Times is the first song and I was pleasently suprized, an uplifting song that actually rocked, my mind wandered again back to the past. As the song ended I was thinking to myself Ok Oasis, nice start, now lets keep this rock and roll train going, but thats where it ran out of track. Listning to songs like Songbird(a Liam song) and Force Of Nature actually made me sick, this is not the Oasis I once loved, this is not the reason 250,000 people crammed into Knebworth to hang on every note. It actually makes me sad to listen to such rubbish, because at one point Oasis where a massive influence on me. If Oasis decide to make another album I think Noel should hire a songwriter. In conclusion Heathen Chemistry is below Be Here Now in my opinion, which does not say much for it at all. P.S. A note to Noel - In the words of Micheal Corleone "You broke my heart, you broke my heart". // 4

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overall: 6
Heathen Chemistry Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 18, 2003
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Overall Impression: Oasis have a problem. If they change their style then reviewers would all say " just do what your good at", and when they don't change it, they all say "you need to change." Heathen Chemistry is just like the others, very oasis-y. From the start (opening with "The Hindu Times", which bears more than just a striking resemblance to "Same Size Feet" by Stereophonics)to the end, Liam's song "Better Man", the album delivers no surprises at all. Apart from brilliant moments like Gem Archer's "Hung in a Bad Place", Liam's "Songbird" and "Born on a Different Cloud" or Noels "She is Love" this album could have been released as a back to back with any of their previous albums. In it's own rights "Heathen Chemistry" is a good album, and too say anything worse about it would be overcritical. This is the first album recorded with the new bassist Andy Bell, and guitarist Gem Archer, and for that the album is much tighter, with the standard of musicianship being much higher. Some songs are slightly out of place, the likes of "Force of Nature" and "A Quick Peep" but over all a pleasing album from from the best band in the world. // 6

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