Cosmogenesis review by Obscura

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  • Released: Feb 17, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (33 votes)
Obscura: Cosmogenesis

Sound — 9
Obscura is a technical progressive death metal band from Germany. The album "Cosmogenesis" was released in 2009. The sound is very tight, it's very much like Necrophagist (well, Christian Muenzner (Guitar) and Hannes Grossman (Drums) moves from Necrophagist to Obscura, so it isn't suprising). Guitars deliver very fast, technical riffs. I like how Obscura is giving bass the place it deserves in a band. The bass is very hearable, and it blends very good with the music. The solos are shred. You can hear a lot of sweep-tapping there. But it isn't soulless shredding, the solos are written very much, they add a lot of epicness to the music. This album is a beast. Technical death metal mastery.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are, as the title says, about the space. I don't care about them very much, but they're written very well. Steffen's vocal skills are insane, he can do lows, mids and highs very well. And he does. And he plays guitar at the same time! But, I'm a huge fan of double vocals (Like Dying Fetus.).

Overall Impression — 10
Retribution is nothing when compared to Cosmogenesis. It's just diffirent. But when I hear something from Retribution, my first thought it "Man, give something from Cosmogenesis!". In my opinion, the best songs are The Anticosmic Overload, Universe Momentum, Orbital Elements, Noospheres, Cosmogenesis, and Centric Flow. There are 2 guest appearances on the album. The solo on "Cosmogenesis" track is played by Ron Jarzombek. I don't know anything about the second appearance. I can't find any flaws here - this album is perfect!

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    Funny because I didn't like Retribution very much, but this is probably one of my favorite albums. I would have to agree that they are definitely better than Necrophagist, even though they are both great bands.
    All of the above are right. Sounds to me like a Necrophaghist clone, just with some more harmony riffs. Fretless bass sounds nice though, like a smooth wobwobwob.
    The lyrics are about anyone else noticed the majority of their songs on this album are cut and paste from the Padma Purana? This review is so horrible, amazing album regardless.
    I was just listening to this on the way to work today... spectacular album. And it's far better than Necrophagist, as they actually focus on creating great melodies and song flow rather than just finding a place to put technical wankery. That Obscura's solos would be insane beyond reason is a given, but more importantly this album has some of the most gorgeous riffs/melodies metal has to offer. And the fact that they make BASS as (sometimes more) prominent as the guitar makes this as close to a perfect death metal album as you can get. The review could be better but I'm going to give you a thumbs-up just for calling more attention to this masterpiece. Literally nothing I can complain about--even the lyrics I find to be poetic and profound.
    this review is fvcking terrible :|
    the best songs are The Anticosmic Overload, Universe Momentum, Orbital Elements, Noospheres, Cosmogenesis, and Centric Flow.
    you might as well have listed all the songs....
    This album is magic. One of the absolute best albums in the tech-death genre and one of the best albums on the whole.
    good band and good album. Obscura and Gorod are my favorite in the tech death scene right now. The reviewer was right about one thing, the bass isn't disregarded like in a lot of metal bands which is certainly a good thing.