Lost Isles review by Oceans Ate Alaska

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  • Released: Feb 24, 2015
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.9 (14 votes)
Oceans Ate Alaska: Lost Isles

Sound — 9
Oceans Ate Alaska are progressive metalcore band (yes, apparently that does exist now) from Birmingham, UK. But seriously, you will understand why they're categorized there once you listen to this album. Take what you heard from Architects, or even The Dillinger Escape Plan, for example. And I know everyone is going to argue the fact that Architects isn't mathcore anymore, blah blah blah. But they're still putting out some kick a-s music that is complicated. But yes, as I was saying, all of these bands do fit under that weird label of odd time signatures, and crazy riffs that you won't hear from other metalcore bands. That's how this whole weird mathcore label existed. But TDEP most certainly takes the cake for the most chaotic and odd in this sense. But that does not make these guys not unique. These guys make the average Fearless Records fanboy confused out of their f--king mind. And the irony behind all of this is that they just signed to their label. There's no other bands like these guys on their label. Maybe August Burns Red in a sense of odd time signatures, but all in all, these guys make completely different music to them. This type of music will only suit certain people's taste. People who enjoy that odd time riffing, and while the cleans are not necessarily the best I've heard in this scene, the uncleans are f--king brilliant. I do really like their cleans though. Just listen to any song off this record, and right away you can James Harrison's accent in his cleans. The drums, while not as insanely technical as guitar, still get the job done.

Lyrics — 7
This section is not necessarily amazing, but there are moments of some pretty good lyrics, but in the end, most of the time it's just your typical metalcore lyrics. Not in a terrible way, but obviously I've seen much better lyrics from different bands in the genre... ahem, Beartooth. Some of my favorite lyrics doe example in "Linger": "I lie in my room pulling out my own hair, it gives me something to do, but doesn't get me anywhere. Not even time can repair the space that you left here in my chest. You linger in the air."

Overall Impression — 9
Just check this video out.

YouTube preview picture

Of course, it's a bit unrelated, but it's a guitar playthrough, so if you didn't think they were technical from these song leaks, well just watch that and say it with a straight face. That zigzag pick scrape at 2:08 left me speechless. I can't name any favorite songs, honestly. I love them all equally. And honestly, "Blood Brothers" is probably my least favorite track, surprisingly. But you will find lots and lots of goodies on this album. From the very unique intro: "FourThirtyTwo," to the interlude: "Equinox," to the very last track: "Mirage," this album is a masterpiece from start to finish regarding the sounds. This is one of those albums most of the time you have to start from the very first track and make your way through. If like you listened to "Mirage" first, you'd know exactly what I'm trying to say. That song makes a perfect closer. The song starts out light with the instruments, but hits hard later in. "Part of Something" will be most of the technical junkies favorite track. Right from the get go, the song starts with some crazy riff-ge. Skip to 1:47. I don't know what the hell is going on, but that's what's so f--king awesome about these guys. I know there will be people saying this is all over the place, but seriously, if you like odd time signatures, you will f--king love this album.

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    i feel like the reviewer mixed up "strange time signatures" with "strange rhythmic patterns" because im prettty sure both these songs are in 4/4 at best, an average metalcore band with a good drummer
    hey dude, its the guy Oliver-Vic Carquinn. Pretty good review i agree with everything on here c: My fave song from this album IS Linger and that Part Of Something is crazy as hell. This guys kick ass, love to see them live. Now I don't know much about guitar technique and whatnot, but this sounds pretty accurate c: I'm no expert but i thought OAA was mathcore, but I think that you are right about progressive metalcore, that sounds much better. Though correct me if I am wrong, I thought that OAA was from Australia? Again I could be wrong, but overall, fave album of the year great review you have here on the band and I wanna see if you have any more c:
    Thanks man. Yeah, go on my profile and look at my contributions. I have like over 50 lol
    Just recently gave these guys a listen and enjoyed this album a lot, the riffs and drumming were great. Wish for maybe less breakdowns but yeah that playthrough is pretty awesome