The Armored March review by Oh, Sleeper

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  • Released: Nov 21, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (14 votes)
Oh, Sleeper: The Armored March

Sound — 9
Light the pyres! Fort Worth, Texas' "Oh, Sleeper" is blazing a trail all their own and they'll cut down anyone in their way! Cut down with what, you say? Most likely a sword! Oh, Sleeper brings an unheard of Medieval theme to their thrashing, pounding metalcore music. The band was forged into a menacing blade from remnants and shards of broken ones, and now they stand tall, challenging any of the giants that surround them. Ex-members of Terminal [Tooth and Nail] and Between The Buried and Me [Victory] storm their lore into the hearts of listeners! Micah Kinard fronts the band with blistering screams and speeches that will render you breathless. Never has a band created such a realistic atmosphere with their music. You will feel as though you stand in an ironclad army about to charge the greatest castle in the lands. And perhaps you will, maybe you will charge the greatest obstacle in your life because of the immense unity poured forth from Oh, Sleeper. The band sounds powerful, melodic, and dramatic. You'll be ready to take down any foe be it with sword or word! A similair band to Oh, Sleeper, though still distant, is Norma Jean. Their overall sound is a breakthrough in music, and I just know it will get them very, very far. 01. To Flagship - this song erupts from the sounds of a ship braving a storm, and the music is similair in theme! A very mathcore tint to this song makes it perhaps the most "jam-out" like of the album, the lyrics talking of braving the storm that approaches the ship you're on. 02. The End Of A Dark Campaign (The Amputation) - this song bursts open with Micah screaming "I've BEEN HIT!" and as the song explodes with riff after chaotic riff, a story is told about being in battle and getting struck by an enemy's weapon. This song is slow and somewhat sludgy, but still very accurate and piercing. A very rejuvinating message lies within and will bring any wounded "Back into the storm!" 03. His Name Was Bishop - explosive, shattering, and personal, "His Name Was Bishop" tears open a realm of hatred! Incredibly strong imagery in the lyrics, and Intense music that glows with disgust! Very interesting guitar riffs constantly pour out until finally a pounding, earthy closing riff is mingled with lyrics that do more than inspire: "Let it be known! This war will not be won, without fire, without loss, or without a fight!" 04. The Siren's Song - the most emotional and melodious song on the album. Tells an abstract tale of men's tangles with the mysterious "sirens": beautiful women that sing a hypnotizing melody to lure men to them, right before killing them. The song contains multiple dramatic guitar riffs that are hypnotizing in themselves. While listening to this song, you can't help but feel like you are at a funeral in the pouring rain. 05. We Are The Archers - certainly the most outstanding musical piece put together on this EP. Micah screams that "It's time to pick ourselves up and fight!" He claims now is the time to pick up our swords and "Learn to swing!" The story behind this song may very well evoke tears if you can relate to it! The song and album closes with an extremely empowering stanza: "As I, atop this hill, stand and scream, It's all I can do to control my gaze, From the curiosity of seeing myself as prey. And then I heard an armored march! I heard an armored march that shook the trees! Bows bent as they sang, "We Are The Archers!"

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics portray pain, suffering, betrayal, anger, and depression like or better than any other band out there. But what stands out so greatly is that Oh, Sleeper does it in such an incredible fashion, to the point of making you feel in a literal war and fighting for your life and freedoms. This gives you an incredible sense of pride and power, it's unlike anything I've ever felt. It is like some sort of magic, and any band that can affect me the way Oh, Sleeper does deserves to be at the top of the charts. Maybe these inspiring lyrics would do this forsaken society some good.

Overall Impression — 9
This EP does not compare with hardly anything because it is so different and unique from other music and that is why it has such great potential. Now, I understand it is only an EP and they never make it far, but to compare this with Dillinger Escape Plan's last EP, "Irony Is A Dead Scene", it is incredibly serious, emotional and strong, and god knows how breathtaking Oh, Sleeper's first full-length album will be! The most impressive song on this album is definitely "We Are The Archers", as can be proved by the fact that there is already a music video created for the song, viewable on youtube and other internet sources. The Downfalls of this album are that it is so short, and does not portray the "110%" feel that Oh, Sleeper crams into their songs. I feel that this EP does not do justice to the band's emotionally swaying capabilities. My guess is that their first full length will engulf the listener into a fantasy world, and pull and stretch their emotions to an unbelievable extent! Even so, the songs on "The Armored March" are threefold the creativity 80 percent of bands have been putting out recently. I am positive Oh, Sleeper's next release will move mountains.

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    "My guess is that their first full length will engulf the listener into a fantasy world, and pull and stretch their emotions to an unbelievable extent!" You guessed right, bro.