Blackwater Park review by Opeth

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  • Released: Feb 27, 2001
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (173 votes)
Opeth: Blackwater Park

Overall Impression — 10
Again, Opeth have failed to release poor material. They are one of the few bands that succeed in taking their music to a new level every album. If you bought their previous release, Still Life, was amazing (which I sure did), then you are garentueed to be literaly and utterly awe-struck if you have not already heard any material from Blackwater Park, or Opeth either for that matter.

It starts with Lepper Affinity which takes us to My Arms Your Hearse era of Opeth, bringing out what they do best in that hard hitting metal, ofcourse, it has the versatility of your typical Opeth song. It is followed by Bleak, which is one of the greatest songs I have heard from Opeth. Harvest, which follows Bleak, is what seems to be their 'no distortion allowed' track that they manage to do on so many of their albums. Some might say "Harvest is NOTHING like Credence or Benighted...its just repeating chords!", but can those some people be able to do it as well as Opeth? I think not, with Mikael Akerfeldt's amazing voice over the top, it is by far, not a let down for Opeth. Mikael Akerfeldt would more than definatly have one of, if not, THE most amazing, and versatile voices in metal. What comes next, is easily, my favourite track on Blackwater park, and that song is..The Drapery Falls. Imagine their song The Moor from Still Life, now think of how Opeth manage to make better material every album. Now add that to The Moor, and there you have The Drapery Falls, amazing huh?

Later follows more typical, yet amazing Opeth that takes you through so many moods like a kaleidoscope. The song that finishes the album, Blackwater Park (the track is title named) is one of the rare songs that Akerfeldt doesn't show off his amazing melody and harmony vocals. All in all, a top, heavy, very death-metal influenced towards the end of the track, song. If you don't find a song that you dont like on Blackwater Park, or anything from Opeth for that matter, you obviously don't like metal.

As My Arms, Your Hearse, topped Orchid and Morningrise, and Still Life built on that again, and then followed up with the completely awsome Blackwater Park, in the future Opeth will be looked back on with the likes of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. I really urge those who have not heard Opeth to check out this album, I cannot stress enough the musical talent of this band.

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