Damnation review by Opeth

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  • Released: Apr 22, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (99 votes)
Opeth: Damnation

Sound — 10
The opening song I expected to be heavy as hell so I was slightly shocked to hear a jazzy piece as the opening track. It had a groove to it though so I really dug Windowpane. Then I listened for distortion for the rest of the album but there was none. I didn't miss it. The 100% cleanness of the album made me listen harder because it was so quiet and in the end I soaked up a lot of the CD. The tone of the guitars on the solos was good. Those were distorted but I would count it as such. I really think distortion would have ruined this masterpiece.

Lyrics — 10
These were sort of cryptic but I think I got the gist of what Mikael wa trying to convey to me. It seemed as though the lyrics were all about dying and regret. My favorite lyrics were those of Hop Leaves. I foun out that the song is dedicated to Mikael's grandmother who died just before the release of the album. Windowpane was the same way. I liked the vocal melody during the choruses of In My Time of Need. I only sort of missed the death growl. For that I would put a 9 but I don't feel like ruining this albums perfect streak.

Overall Impression — 10
Top-notch blue-chip CD for the soft rock lover who is into underground music. Even the people who like the hardcore will get into the groove of the first track, Windowpane right away. Ending Credits also moves right along with the fantastic bass work. I only kinda missed the distortion and the death growl but other than those I have no complaints. I think this album should have won a grammy of some sort for something.

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    both (heavy opeth & soft opeth) are great, the great part of every band who change their style is how much it still with the same influence..when i listen to soft opeth albums or tracks i get the same feeling from listening to the heavy music of theirs..great example about a song with all opeth work is (Blackrose Immortal) i think it's a legend this track..unlike Anathema when they changed their style the released more than an album to be the style they are now..
    Opeth and Arch Enemy are the only good bands ever from my country! (Sweden
    you must be kidding. if your not your an idiot. ever heard of at the gates?
    The JesterHead
    Emenius Sleepus wrote: ^or Dissection or... many many many many others *sigh*
    Oh, sooo many other things...
    I am so surprised to see that every comment is very positive about this album. It must just be something about Opeth fans which is awesome. Because usually when bands make E.g. 'Load' like Metallica did or 'The Crusade' like Trivium, people get pissed and hate them after that. This the second Opeth album i got, Ghost Reveries was my first. and i was quite dissapointed. and i can see how its a good album and how you all love it, but even for its softness and stuff, I still just cant find the awesomeness. I like it more now than when i first heard it though. But its no Ghost Reveries or Blackwater Park in my opinion. Death Whispered A Lullaby is the best track off this album!
    Wartooth is sexy and wat he saiz iz allways 100% correct! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    I got all Opeth albums and this must be their best one behind Morningrise, no album can beat that one