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artist: Opeth date: 04/01/2009 category: compact discs
Opeth: Orchid
Released: May 15, 1995 (EU)/1997 (US)
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Label: Candlelight Records/Century Black
Number Of Tracks: 7
This album was the start of Opeth, the most influential progressive death metal band from Sweden.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Orchid Reviewed by: RAH7747, on april 01, 2009
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Sound: This album was the start of Opeth, the most influential progressive death metal band from Sweden. Orchid shows their many influences including black metal, death metal and of course progressive metal. From complex song structures to incredible riffs all round to mind-blowing scintillating solos, this album has everything. Only problem being parts of song editing were not done properly then, resulting in "Requiem's" ending part being recorded as the first part of "Apostle In Triumph". But that is just a microscopic mistake someone can find in this incredible album. Sound is out of this world on this one without a doubt. // 10

Lyrics: The vocal styles in this album range from growled vocals to clean ones. Mikael Akerfeldt has shown why he is (alright in my opinion) the best metal singer at this point of time. The lyrics on this album are great too. I'm really not much of a songwriter (at least not the lyrics part), so I really don't get a lot of the deep lying feelings in the songs. But I can tell that they are really complex and have deep thoughts put into each one of them, excluding "Silhouette" and "Requiem" which are instrumentals. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this album has got to be one of the best of the 90's without a doubt. If you are into progressive metal/rock or death metal, this album is a must buy. The best songs on it are all of it. Honest. All songs stand out as the best on the album with "The Apostle In Triumph", "In The Mist She Was Standing", and "Under The Weeping Moon" popping to my mind as the best. "Silhouette" is an awesome piano instrumental that really shows the musical diversity of a primarily metal band such as Opeth. This album and Blackwater Park are the two albums of Opeth that I would like to recommend to any metal fan. The others are also brilliant but these are two are a must in my opinion. If it were lost, well, you know what everyone does. I would do the same. Must buy for every metal fan out there and also for others. These guys have put in something for everybody. // 10

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