Watershed review by Opeth

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  • Released: Jun 3, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.3 (215 votes)
Opeth: Watershed

Sound — 10
The sound, on it's own, is a unique blend of all of Opeth's great predecessors, Blackwater Park, Ghost Reveries, Still Life, and Deliverance. With the bland of the eerie, Watershed manages to convince the listner that Opeth has not forgotten it's ways, despite the success of Ghost of Reveries. From the misleading intro, Coil, to the beautiful finale in Hex Omega, Opeth proves once again they are the best metal band going today. 01. Coil - a beautiful acoustic introduction with vocal performances by a Swedish singer and Mikael Akerfeldt. Coil contains a beautiful chorus and does what it's suppose to introduce Watershed 02. Heir Apparent - perhaps the heaviest Opeth song written thus far. With the combination of keyboards, frantic guitar works, and manic growls from Akerfeldt, Heir Apparent manages to take the throne as one of the best songs Opeth has ever written. Truely a wonderful highlight of album. 03. The Lotus Eater - Akerfeldt was reported in saying that this was his favorite song of the new album, and I can understand why. If people want to try and grab a taste of the direction where Opeth is headed for, listen to the Lotus Eater. With eerie jazzy keyboarding and a spectacular chorus delivery, Opeth manages to be 3 for 3 here. 04. Burden - like Harvest, A Fair Judgement, Reverie/Harlequin Forest, Burden fills the emotional side of Akerfeldt/Opeth. By the acoustic end you will smile, due to the showing off guitar work expressed in the song. The last two minutes of this song is perhaps the most beautiful I've ever heard Opeth sound. 05. Porcelain Heart - the first single, and perhaps the weakest of the new album. Despite it being my least favorite of Watershed, that doesn't make it a bad song. On the contrary, it's a very good song. "Rest your head now, don't you cry, don't ever ask the reason why" is some of Akerfeldt's best clean vocal performance. 06. Hessian Peel - the main even in the album. There is not much to say about this song other then the word Breathless. From the misleading clean guitar work to the manic growling, Hessian Peel has potentially taken the throne of my top 3 Opeth songs of all time. A true Opeth classic that never becomes dull with the 2nd, 3rd, 100th listen. 07. Hex Omega - the closure of the album and it's an impecabble one at that. The final chords to watershed alone destroy anything that is playing in radios today.

Lyrics — 10
Akerfeldt never disappoints his fans with cheesy lyrics or bad vocal performances. In fact, Watershed is Mikael at his best. Though not as dynamic like Still life or eerie like Ghost Reveries, I like to think Watershed is in a category of its own. Watershed combines the darkness of Deliverance and the beauty of Blackwater Park and turns it into one dynamic gem of its own form.

Overall Impression — 10
I must be honest, I listened to this album before it was released. With its first play on my Ipod, I vowed on June 3rd I would be at my local CD store to support the best band going today. Watershed is not just music, it's an experience.

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    I want to lay this album down by the fire and do naughty, naughty things to it.
    honestly, the first time I listened to this album, I was trying to figure out what the hell Opeth had done. I really didn't like the majority of the album (save for Heir Apparent and Porcelain Heart). However, upon a few more listens and greater attention to detail, I grew to absolutely love it and take a greater appreciation for what they had done. The greatest part about this album has the be the progressiveness and the diversity of the songs here. I love that Opeth is always changing and experimenting, however, I can see why the sound would turn a lot of people off. After listening to this though, I'm curious as to what Opeth will do next. While the death vocals are great as usual, I don't feel that they've changed all that much, however, Mikael's clean vocals are just immaculate in this album, esp. on their cover of Den Standiga Resan, which contains his best vocals to date. I must also mention that I have absolutely nothing against the new guitarist and drummer, and Per's keyboard playing. Compared to Ghost Reveries, the keyboards here are just ****ing great (Burden anyone?). The only cons about the album are many of the transitions in the songs. Lots of awkward changes. And I bet everybody agrees with me here on this one, the fact that the bonus songs are on the DVD of the Special Edition instead of a normal CD is just bullshit. I was able to extract the audio though, but it's just so much more trouble. In this album though, I would say that Heir Apparent and Burden stand out the most, and if anybody here got the special edition, Den Standiga Resan should also be included. I don't believe there is a bad song on this album, although Porcelain Heart is a bit boring at times, Mikael's vocals saved the song.
    Like what JoshXXXXX said at the beginning, i didnt like this album that much the first time i listened to it, but I listened to it more in depth and i really like it. Watershed is one of the better Opeth albums for sure.
    its one of those cds that when you buy it, you just cant stop listening to it, opeth are by far the best band, they are alot better than bands such as metallica, they are such amazing song writers. 10/10 for this album.
    Damn, I just realized I forgot to login on my account before posting a review.
    killatm wrote: Why is everyone bashing Porcelain Heart. I think its a great song. Burden in the best song on Watershed IMO.
    +1 burden is so amazing. it owns. and porcelain heart is an amazing song. if it wasn't for that song i wouldn't have bought this album. i never was huge into opeth until i heard about this new album. its just genius.
    This cd confuses me I love it with a passion its probably in my top 5 albums of all time but its just a confusing piece of musical history especially coil and burden which ironicall are in my top three favorite tracks off the album but its so different from any of their previous work and i like them more like this
    awesome album...! hex omega is haunting... burden's keyboard solo destroys..
    My favorite song off this album is "Burden". And this album is one of the top ten albums of '08. Anyone that says likewise is a blundering incoherent buffoon. Unfortunately Metallica's Death Magnetic will overshadow it because of their fame. Utter shame...
    Root Beer
    sunofnothing4 wrote: My favorite song off this album is "Burden". And this album is one of the top ten albums of '08. Anyone that says likewise is a blundering incoherent buffoon. Unfortunately Metallica's Death Magnetic will overshadow it because of their fame. Utter shame...
    Too true. But don't you mean anyone that says "otherwise"?..