Entity review by Origin

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  • Released: Jun 7, 2011
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 7.6 (19 votes)
Origin: Entity

Sound — 7
Origin is a (yet another) technical death metal band, one of the most prominent in modern metal as it appears, who are popular (by metal standards) with good reason. Unlike most technical death metal, Origin have that fine line between technical wankery and actual heaviness carefully trodden on and they never lean far over the edge of either side. "Entity" is at a glance, nothing very different for Origin. Their sound is one of musical anarchy, with much of it being organised in a chaotic fashion, so structurally, there is no such thing as a verse or a chorus in their songs, but there are distinct sections within each song to keep it flowing progressively in an amorphous mass of blast beats and tremolo guitar. Of course, its not technical death metal without being technical. They didn't fail to deliver on that part. Within a short space of time, no more than 5 minutes, Origin can achieve more signature changes, tempo changes, extreme shredding fills and ridiculous grooves than PTH could do in an entire album. Although perhaps the wrong band to use as a comparison, Origin show distinctly progressive touches to their sound in a similar vein to PTH. But the comparison is then rendered void when you realise Origin has absolutely no melody what-so-ever. None, not even a major chord sweep. The only real melodic moment in the album is the last 2-3 minutes of the song "Saligia" and that is only very loosely melodic. Those looking for a second "Omnivium" might be hearing something different. But by hell is it heavy. Despite the obvious guitar masturbation, the band manage to make their OTT sound work, doing it a lot better than other prominent tech death bands such as Brain Drill and The Faceless. This is achieved with the aforementioned balance between technicality and (ironically) listenability: The songs have some surprisingly addictive riffs in them as well as some drum grooves that you wouldn't expect to find in such a band.

Lyrics — 6
As far as tech-death goes, you wont find anything new, vocally speaking. Definitely not a bad vocalist, Paul Ryan keeps the death bit of death metal incredibly death-y. As with previous Origin efforts, the vocals don't sound flawed, but bearing in mind they're death growls with the occasional high-end scream, you know what to expect. Lyrically, Origin have always been one of those "cosmic chaos" themed bands, something which has been associated more and more with the tech-death genre (bands such as Obscura, Pestilence, Arkaik and even Brain Drill delve their hands into the bucket of deep space themes). I'm personally interested in the themes presented by these bands, being a bit of sciencey bloke, and although they usually end with the implosion of the universe (or something of that level of catastrophe) reading them is a mildly insightful experience.

Overall Impression — 7
"Entity" is a re-affirmation of Origin's sound, showing they have the drive to keep going even after a fairly weighty career behind them. If you loved them before, then you'll most likely still love them now, but new listeners of the genre should be a little cautious. Personally this album washes over me far too fast, but from a reviewers perspective, its a short, sharp and loving kick in the gut, much like vodka shots but with more distortion. Songs to look out for: "Expulsion Of Fury", "Swarm", "Saligia", "The Descent", "Banishing Illusion", "Evolution Of Extinction".

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    good cd, although it pissed me off for one main reason. even LESS bass in the mix from Antithesis. he could barely be heard in the last, and his mixing sounds like jumbled clicks in the distance, even when everything stops and its time for a bass fill.
    Best album of 2011 (so far) love it to pieces. The album is kind of similar to Antithesis but way better produced. In conclusion: A MUST HAVE FOR METAL FANS
    good review, firm but fair. this was definitely a step or two down from III, Echoes, and Antithesis. really a bit of a disappointment, but it did have its moments.
    I rather enjoyed this album, though it wasn't as good as their previous release antithesis
    I actually loved this album just as much as I did "Antithesis". I really liked that it brought some new things into the mix, such as the jazz-y sound in "The Descent"
    I hope Mike Flores is good on this album as well! Why does all reviews leave out the bass on this cd? Besides this fact i know he has some sick bass playing on this album....i just got to listen to it.