Spider-Man 3 review by Misc Soundtrack

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  • Released: May 1, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.2 (156 votes)
Misc Soundtrack: Spider-Man 3

Sound — 9
Spiderman has always been a movie with ambitions. To stand out from the shadow of Batman, the producers do their best to make the film be different. One of those differences is the fact that soundtracks to Spiderman are not just soundtracks, but music inspired by the movie. Personally I'm very skeptical about that myth, but whatever. Spiderman 3 soundtrack is already here, featuring 15 inspired tracks. Even though the press-release claims that there are all-new original songs, I get suspicious with The Twist by Chubby Checker that was out in 1960... This one is definitely not Spiderman-inspired. The line-up of the soundtracks is stellar -- there are tracks from multi-platinum British Snow Patrol, Jet, The Flaming Lips, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Grammy-winning Wolfmother, The Walkmen just to name a few. The killer of the record are definitely Australian stars Wolfmother with their Pleased To Meet You. Most important there's that Led Zeppeling-like guitar riff that many bands would die to write. Vocalist Andrew Stockdale's strong falsetto screaming creates the passion long forgotten with rockers in 1970s and now called retro. Whatever you want to call it, Pleased To Meet You is the first song you remember after listening to the soundtrack. Pay attention to melancholic Scared Of Myself by Simon Dawes as it has a full-blown steel guitar solo towards the end. All the tracks are all very different -- from power ballad Signal Fire by Snow Patrol to girlish indie Small Parts by The Oohlas, but at the same time the CD sounds quite solid. The only tracks that fall out are the aforementioned rock-n-roll The Twist by Chubby Checker and Sightlines by Rogue Wave. Not to mention Coconut Records' Summer Day that has lyrics like Boo ba buh buh buh and Krispy koo coo quo. Or is that the duality featuring in Spider-Man 3 movie?

Lyrics — 8
You gotta be a really talented lyricist to write a song on a given subject. Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips deals with the matter quite professionally with a well share of humor. He has already been noticed in writing movie-inspired songs -- think of Spongebob & Patrick Confront The Psychic Wall Of Energy. The man has grown a little bit -- from Spongebob to Spiderman (hehe). His The Supreme Being Teaching Spiderman - How To Be In Love features lyrics like Honesty can kill the spider/ Muhammad Ali feels the same with anthem-like And I hear them call my name (Here comes the Spider-Man). Probably the best unserious poetry on the soundtrack. Among people singing on the record, I'd say Stephen McBeam from Black Mountain is a stand-out. His mellow meowing vocals in Stay Free remind you of The Beatles' Free As A Bird.

Overall Impression — 9
Usually those compilation soundtracks offer you a bunch of crappy songs from half-famous bands and the only chance to like it is to like the movie and think of it, listening to the CD. Surprisingly, but people who picked songs for Spiderman 3 did a really good job and the record sounds great even if you didn't watch the film. This is the best Spider-Man soundtrack by far comparing to two previous ones, thanx to such heavy-hitters as Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Flaming Lips. Produced by D. Sardy (Oasis, Jet, Wolfmother, Primal Scream) all together they just can't make a bad compilation.

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    you can all argue all u want by how bad the soundtrack (& the actual movie) is. but when it comes to music, "hero" by chad & josey was THE BEST spidey song ever. hands down...
    Second Rate
    big_d wrote: dude the movie kicks ass(rocks) you people who put it down just are not spidey fans so shut the fck up *****s.and i would gladley go and see it again.
    I read those comics for years and Sam Raimi craps all over the series with each Spiderman movie he "directs." I'm also a big fan of cinema, and this was the first movie i've ever walked out of before the end. If you actually found this crap entertaining, more power to you. But, this crap, the part when Spiderman has the black suit, was like watching a damn saturday morning cartoon. I don't know what you would call it, but it most certainly was not a movie.
    Second Rate
    The X Men films, Batman (the first two and the last one), and The Punisher were hardly cartoon-like. A live action film should not be like a cartoon. I am well aware of spiderman's history on the small screen in animated form, but when you are trying to make a film.... certain cartoonish elements should be toned down. I think the reason it was like a cartoon is because the writer/director was more interested in making a buck off of a powerful license than actually making a decent film. All of the people in the main cast (with the exception of James Franco) are decent actors. The script for this thing had them looking like blithering idiots. If they do make a Spiderman 4, Brian Singer needs to be brought on board to show Sam Raimi how to direct a superhero film. It was just too campy for me, and was an insult to the Spiderman license. You can argue with me all you want, but if this one had been the first in the series... they would not have made any sequels. This film raked in so much cash based on the strength of the last 2. Taken on it's own, it would have fallen to the wayside quicker than that Bloodrayne garbage.
    This is the best Spiderman soundtrack by far, thanx to such heavy-hitters as Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Flaming Lips.
    The review is already piss poor.
    dude the music is from and inspired by watch the movie, good songs anyway
    this is utter shit ... the yeah yeah yeahs and flaming lips are now "heavy hitters" ... jesus christ learn your shit PLEASE
    verythomas wrote: yeah yeah yeahs and flaming lips heavy hitters? do you live under a rock or something? there is something called metal
    lol yeah this soundtrack doesnt compare to the second one. Stuff like the killers compared to all the awesome tracks on the second one. i actually bought the second one cos it was so good. The movies not bad tho
    oh and i only have the sound track to spidy#1 so im saying hero is awsome.
    My favorite soundtrack was the first, but I guess I'll download the Wolfmother track... looks like the only promising song on there. The movie was great though. Venom doesn't die... if you'd have payed attention you would know that. Conners still has a sample... plus when the pumpkin bomb explodes... there's a little bit of the symbiote left over... so relax. The best spiderman? Meh... not really. I like the second better. But it's still a great movie
    MX4Life wrote: The only song Spiderman needs is the theme done by the Ramones.
    Hells yeah
    The wolfmother song IS AWESOME! and in the film i swear only 2 of the songs are in it... of which a 6 second part was wolfmother. WOFLMOTHER IS BY FAR THE GREATEST SONG ON THE WHO ALBUM!
    First off, I liked Spidey 2 a bit better than Spidey 3, and the soundtracks are the same. Gifts And Curses by Yellowcard and Hold On by Jet are near perfect songs, and Ordinary by Train is pretty good. Those 3 songs make 2 better than 3. 3 has some good songs too. I love Signal Fire by Snow Patrol, but it takes some getting used to. I like Snow Patrol, so I guess I'm biased. Pleased To Meet You by Wolfmother has a great chorus, but I don't really like the annoying screeching in the verses. I like Sealings by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but it is a bit forgetable. Move Away by The Killers is another one of my favorites, and I like everything about it. Falling Star by Jet is pretty good for a Jet ballad, and I like how it sounds like The Beatles. The only fault is the corny lyrics. Scared Of Myself by Simon Dawes is one of the biggest surprises on the album, in my opinion. I didn't know the band, but the singer is good and the guitar solo rocks. Yeah, the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack had more songs that were good, but the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack had less songs I liked, but the ones I did were outstanding. I'd say go listen to both soundtracks and make up your own mind. Oh, and sorry for the longness of the review.
    Okay, overall, the second siperman soundtrack was the best. But I love the killers, and Move Away is a great great great song. signal fire is cool too.
    dude, I must say, Wolfmother kicked ass on that album. I really need to learn it now, scince I've been working on the first album XD Wolfmother + Jet = eargasm
    I am really not that sure whether this is the best spider man soundtrack or not, but certainly the second soundtrack is a lot better.
    jammer-91 wrote: No sum 41 in this album!!! CRap
    sorry....but what are you on?
    SuperBlob wrote: MX4Life wrote: The only song Spiderman needs is the theme done by the Ramones. Hells yeah
    Yeah thats so right!
    It is the worst movie i have seen recently. The part where he becomes bad is for two year olds. What a shame
    ohh i didn't saw the movie yet what bads had participate in the soundtrack?
    Second Rate
    Stop Messin' wrote: I can't wait to see the movie! i heard 4, 5 and 6 will be coming too(not sure if the same cast is coming back)
    Save your money dude, you've been warned.
    No sum 41 in this album!!! CRap REmember THe first spidey cartoon theme song... LOL
    That was a pretty bad write up. Grammer check, please? I like a few of those bands, but I don't really do soundtracks.
    Savage Animal
    This soundtrack is awful. So was the movie. I dont see how Sam Raimi can go from making the Evil Dead Trilogy to this crap...its kind of sad really
    I would've liked to see a soundtrack with more metal in it but I guess it's ok.
    I generally hate soundtracks as well, because the couple decent songs are drowned in a sea of retarded soft-rock and shitpop. I thought the first and second OST's were far superior, but the bad soundtrack wasn't the most disturbing thing about this movie. Topher Grace was Venom? What the hell? He's a scrawny little guy. Venom/Eddie Brock is a huge, weight-lifting, brawler of a guy. Seems like an odd choice for the role.
    Savage Animal wrote: This soundtrack is awful. So was the movie. I dont see how Sam Raimi can go from making the Evil Dead Trilogy to this crap...its kind of sad really
    This was the best spidey movie ever douche bag
    Dude,spiderman 2 ost is hell a lot better....just look at the artist and bands for spiderman 2....
    Spiderman 1 soundtrack was by far the best, had the most variety, this is indie/pop bullshit, bar wolfmother who are awesome.
    Really? More negative than positive reviews, eh? Honestly, I thought the first soundtrack was the best one, despite the fact that Macy Gray was not only in the soundtrack, but in the movie. The second one seemed too soft and poppy for me, the Midtown track wasn't bad, but Dashboard? Train? Hoobastank? YELLOWCARD? It wasn't bad, I did like some of the tracks like the...Smile Empty Soul song. The "Spider-Man" 3 Soundtrack, as opposed to the second one, is really good, I liked to more alternative/indie route thing they went with the soundtrack. Unfortunately the movie wasn't as great as the soundtrack was in my opinion..."as great" meaning...really disappointing, :-/. P.S. - Music Inspired by means exactly what it says, otherwise they'd have just said Music from. That means, the songs don't necessarily HAVE to be included in the film, although like the end of "2" (w/ Dashboard's record), "3" played Snow Patrol's song, which is probably the only song I was not a huge fan of, just because Snow Patrol kinda gets on my nerves.
    I suppose the first one had a Kerry King solo in the Sum 41 song. That was a surreal cameo >_>
    Teen Spirit
    hey Nickelback rules no doubt about that their song Hero with josey scott of Saliva was great!
    Second Rate
    Styx wrote: Yeah this album was inspired by the movie, is crap just like the movie!This is the biggest compilation of p*ssy rock! P.D. the movie sucks, looked like a drama movie all talk and less punch, and Venom die he doesn't die in the comics hes immortal!
    Yes, that movie was most certainly a waste of time and money. Sam Raimi should be blacklisted for that crap (of course the first two weren't much better). A Chick Flick marketed as a superhero film. Now it seems like we have a weak soundtrack to match Sam Raimi's weak ass writing and directing.