Spirtiual Machines Review

artist: Our Lady Peace date: 09/10/2008 category: compact discs
Our Lady Peace: Spirtiual Machines
Release Date: Mar 13, 2001
Label: Sony
Genres: Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Grunge
Number Of Tracks: 15
Spiritual Machines is a bold move, considering it's the band's fourth album into their mounting career.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 10
Spirtiual Machines Reviewed by: TheBirdman, on october 23, 2006
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Sound: Spiritual Machines, the fourth album from Canadian band, Our Lady Peace, is the greatest album the band has ever produced in terms of creativity. The record has a little but of everything the band has ever produced in the past. It's also the last album that Mike Turner (ex-guitarist) worked on with the band. 01. Right Behind You (Mafia) - a great choice for the first song on the album. This track is bursting with power and puts you right in the mood for the rest of the record. Right Behind You is one of the first tracks that Our Lady Peace has gone for a much more mainstream approach in terms of music. Still, the track fits in with the album perfectly. 02. In Repair - can be taken as the heart of this Spiritual Machines and not just because it was the first single the album. In Repair has captured what Our Lady Peace was at that part of their career. The song is extremely different from anything else band has ever produced and is considered one of the highlights of the band's career. 03. Life - is the simplest songs on the CD. The song was the second single in Canada and the first in America. It can be taken as a very easy listening type of genre with Raine singing high dodododo's in the second chorus. 04. Middle Of Yesterday - just like Right Behind You, Middle Of Yesterday is a very powerful song. The energy the band put in this song is easily visible when you listen to it. Raine's singing is also very credible in this track. 05. Are You Sad - In Repair may be the heart of this album, but Are You Sad is the soul. This song is like an orchestra of sounds. The track starts of very simple, with Raine singing quite normally but by the end, the song is exploding with different sounds and incredible vocals. Masterpiece. 06. Made To Heal - another song tilting Our Lady Peace more to the mainstream direction. But just like Right Behind You the song creates is a perfect balance of sounds in the CD. 07. Everyone's A Junkie - this song is very admirable just because it screams Our Lady Peace. Everything from Mike Turner's excellent guitar to Raine's voice is perfect. 08. All My Friends - Raine's creepy, voice in the verses of this song makes it the darkest track on the album. What's really remarkable about this track is how high Raine sings in the chorus. It's mind numbing. 09. If You Believe - this song to gives of the sane vibes as Everyone's a Junkie. Everything blends together so well. It's just excellent. 10. The Wonderful Future - in previous Our Lady Peace albums, the last track is usually the most different of odd if you will. This album doesn't fail either. The song starts out quite simple but the chorus is very special. There's very little musical backup, and Raine sings in a semi falsetto/high voice. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrics wise, this album is marvelous. The record is based on the book, Age Of Spiritual Machines by Ray Kurzweil and traces of the book are evident in the entire album. The book is about how the human race is becoming more and more dependant on computers and that a time will come when computers exceed humans. Scattered throughout the disc are little clips of Ray Kurzweil saying quotes from his book. These little scattered pieces add a really nice touch to the album. // 10

Overall Impression: Spiritual Machines is the first concept album by Our Lady Peace. It's a shame that it didn't do well commercially because the record was a highpoint for the band. It was also the last album that by producer Arnold Lanni who did the first four albums by the band. Spiritual Machines was special because it was the last we saw of Our Lady Peace before Mike Turner and Arnold Lanni left. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Spirtiual Machines Reviewed by: SameOld, on september 10, 2008
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Sound: Our Lady Peace haven't really made any noticeable changes from their third album musically, Mike Turner's multiple, acerbic guitars rule supreme, and the rhythm team of Taggart and Coutts remain extremely solid with flourishes throughout, showing obvious development in the skilled drummer and bassist. Peppered throughout are excerpts from author Ray Kurzwiel detailing human evolution into what he expects will be a completely machinated society soon enough. It seems a dreary subject to be considering, but Our Lady Peace take it all in stride. Tracks like 'In Repair' are heartwarming, riddled with layers of skillfully arranged acoustic guitar for every word uttered from Raine Maida's mouth. The main difference with Spiritual Machines is that Our Lady Peace feels comfortable, and obviously so. On Happiness, they were exploring new territory musically, now they have embraced the wall-of-sound crunch and the unconventional sounds of the studio, making for a seamless 10 tracks that never really falter. It just seems like musically Our Lady Peace has put more effort into their compositions rather than showcasing Raine Maida's vocals. // 9

Lyrics: Seemingly enlightened by the writing style he developed on Happiness... Raine Maida continues the trend, writing lyrics that are much clearer than those on Clumsy or Naveed, but still smart enough to provoke coherent thought from the listener. However it seems like perhaps he was trying too hard to tread mainstream territory, whereas he had been cast into the alt-rock stock since Our Lady Peace's debut. Tracks like 'Life' and 'Are You Sad?', while triumphs musically, show the opposite lyrically, with Maida lacking any depth whatsoever, "Life its waiting for you its all messed up but we'll survive" Excerpt from 'Life'. Yes, Raine, we know, thanks for confirming this for us. He almost seems to sacrifice his artistic talents on certain songs, on a concept album no less, to gain public acclaim. Maida's vocals have also improved, and he sounds much more in control of his screeching voice than before, even using a slightly lower register than is much easier on the ears. It works great here, easily conquering spine-tingling rockers like 'Middle Of Yesterday' and soaring over the riffs of 'The Wonderful Future'. Yet Naveed remains his strongest vocal achievement, despite his improvement. // 8

Overall Impression: Our Lady Peace has refined their sound, creating a tight, well-package and pleasing fourth album that deserves more than a second listen. The whole CD has a warm feeling, yet Our Lady Peace seems to easily throw back to their 1997 hit Clumsy to produce a chilling hard rock sound when they want to. Spiritual Machines, at its best, displays a satirical, listenable rock record that was sadly overlooked. At its worst it melds into a commercially-viable pop CD, thankfully this happens rarely. 'In Repair', 'Middle Of Yesterday', 'Made To Heal', 'If You Believe' and 'The Wonderful Future' all display the best of Spiritual Machines. // 9

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