The Ghosts Among Us review by Our Last Night

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  • Released: Mar 4, 2008
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.3 (30 votes)
Our Last Night: The Ghosts Among Us

Sound — 6
Followed by a huge buzz around them, Our Last Night are releasing their debut album The Ghost Among Us. Members of the band claim that the songs on the new album are the most exciting and energetic songs they have ever written. Really, the record is dynamic and it's obvious the musicians did their best while working on it. Creating the album, they tried to concentrate more on the songwriting and develop the sound to prove they have matured since their first demos. There are a lot of guitars in the songs, many of them are multi-layered and all of them play something different. I believe the guys tried to show off their musical virtuosity as much as they could and they have quite succeeded in that. Some songs are incredibly fast with galloping drums and the guitarists trying to beat each other in guitar exercises. The songs sound mediocre and unfortunately every next one sounds as mediocre as the previous. You get lost in them after track number 3. One uniform formula that all songs follow is heavy metal parts mixed with melodic break-downs. I wonder why the producers didn't help them at least to differ the songs a little and make them catchy -- maybe it would save the situation a bit. The range of track pace is very poor -- they all vary from fast to almost fast. Though a lot of times they change the pace within the track. The best example would be Dreamcatcher that slows down at the end. As all the tracks are quite intense you are desperate for a ballad (or at least something like it) towards the middle of the album, but Our Last Night are uncompromising. No, unfortunately there is no place for slow songs on The Ghost Among Us. The weirdest thing I've heard lately is the end of Running The Clocks -- the song just stops and during the last 10 seconds you hear a piece of a totally different track. Maybe it just happened to stuck there when they were putting the album together?

Lyrics — 5
If you're not an English-native speaking person, the meaning of the songs would be a mystery to you because Matt Wentworth first of all lisps and spits to the microphone, and second the guys don't really care about the pronunciation. In their screamo part I would say it sounds like old man ramblings. In those slow melodic intervals where you can actually understand what they are saying, you wouldn't be able to understand what they mean. I'm not even sure the guys quite understand what they're singing about themselves. It's easy to get lost among the pretentious song titles like I Have Fought A Measureless Battle and Symptoms of A Failing System with lyrics like We were hanging by a thread that wouldn't give in/With a new set of arms the sky is in reach. Wentworth does a good job when performing scremo while the melodic singing leaves much to be desired. The guys wail and moan as if they were forced to face the microphone and can't wait for the song to be over. You get the similar feeling listening to it.

Overall Impression — 6
Our Last Night suffers from one of the most awful diseases the band could have -- the lack of variety. While the songs are pretty well-played, they are completely unmemorable. There is nothing new the guys can deliver with The Ghost Among Us. The band doesn't benefit from its negligence in singing and pronunciation. It all makes an impression of not very well-thought out project. The most impressive thing about Our Last Night is that all the guys are still in their teens. That explains a lot of minor points about the band (without knowing that fact I'd call them hopeless). The good thing is that they already can be compared to the grown-up groups. The bad thing -- the youngsters are not too experienced against the old dudes. The obvious thing -- there is a lot of potential and new better records are to be expected from Our Last Night.

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    Never heard of these guys before, so checked up what they sounded like. Another post-hardcore band.... Bad definition of the band with genre:"screamo". WTF man
    The Spoon
    I like these guys, but if im gonna be really honest, this CD was a dissapointement. Symptoms of a Failing System demo was soo much better than the studio version. Plus they say they're "technical"...hardly Its still an okay CD though...
    These guys are pretty bad, I didn't mind them at first but when I heard that kid screaming I couldn't help but feel awkward listening to it. Whatever though, better luck next time, I can only see it getting better as the mature.
    i hate you all. ( except metalbassist) this is one of the best cds i have ever heard. all you kids out there that like hardcore, well of course you wont like this cd, because you dont like this style of music. but i hate you people commenting ant the people reviewing. this is an amazing cd
    It disgusts me that this band has actually made it somewhere. Three years ago I was in a band that played with Out Last Night and I even hated them then. They had a huge following of teenage girls though, like most Screamo "Post-Hardcore" bands, so they were able to make it big because producers figured they could make an easy buck off of their lack of experience and young teen following. I hate that whole scene now and it makes me ill that a band like this could even make it on a website like Ultimate Guitar.