No Rest For The Wicked Review

artist: Ozzy Osbourne date: 08/26/2011 category: compact discs
Ozzy Osbourne: No Rest For The Wicked
Released: Oct 22, 1988
Genre: Heavy metal
Label: Epic, CBS
Number Of Tracks: 9
It is a very good album and if you are an ozzy fan, or someone who wants to start listening to Ozzy, you really need to hear this!
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
No Rest For The Wicked Reviewed by: Powerageman, on november 25, 2010
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Sound: Okay, I will begin with saying that this was the first Ozzy album that had Zakk Wylde on guitar. I can see why Zakk got so popular so fast with Ozzy. His guitar playing on this album sounds absolutley amazing! The guitar sounds very crisp and a little distorted, making a well known sound on Ozzy albums for time to come. The bass is honestly nothing special. It's there, but it really doesn't make the music any more interesting or attention-grabbing. The drums are pretty good. The beats and sounds it has all over the album just make the album alot better to listen to. // 9

Lyrics: Ozzy's voice was, in my opinion, alot better than on the last album, "The Ultimate Sin". It sounded as if he had stopped using that moaning sound as a way to sing and actually tried on this album. Excellent vocals. The album is very stretched on what the songs are about. The opening track "Miracle Man" is about one of those corrupt Televangelists who would later be found to use prostitutes when he denounced it on live TV. "Breakin The Rules" is kinda easy to figure out what it's about. "Bloodbath in paradise" is about the Charles Manson Murders. But, some people say that it is about the Vietnam war. I've looked at the lyrics and I seriously think that the song is about Manson. But that is just my opinion, I could be wrong. An interesting kinda progressive rock song called "Fire in the sky", to me, seems to talk about how the Narrator's Kingdom has totally collapsed, and the song is happening as he watches it. Such as the line "Can't you see that my castles are burning?" And then there are 2 tracks, "Demon Alchohol" and Tattooed Dancer" that are too obvious to know what they are about. The lyrics on this album, as I said earlier, are very spanned, which is kind of interesting, because you don't see this alot from Ozzy. // 10

Overall Impression: Compared to other Ozzy albums, this is actually my favorite Ozzy album. 2nd: Blizzard of Ozz. 3rd: Bark at the moon. When I first got this album, I actually wasn't too sure about it, because Ozzy fans I knew didn't really talk about this album a whole lot. To this day, I don't really know why. It's great! The best songs on this album are: 1. Breakin' all the rules 2. Fire in the sky 3. Miracle man The one thing I really love this album. This album is my reccomendation to anyone who wants to start listening to Ozzy. And it's really interesting how this is Zakk's first album with Ozzy. Anyway, there's nothing to really dislike about the album. If it were lost or stolen I would get another copy of it. It is a very good album and if you are an ozzy fan (and haven't heard it yet), or someone who wants to start listening to Ozzy, you really need to hear this! // 9

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overall: 8.7
No Rest For The Wicked Reviewed by: Xraiser, on august 26, 2011
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Sound: It's Ozzy's first album with Zakk Wylde and his 5th solo effort. It's clearly very different from Ozzman's previous work, "Ultimate Sin". It's more raw and louder. The drums play a bigger role now, I really like how they sound. Zakk's playing is very "in your face" and precise, there are a lot of great riffs on this album. It's definitely one of Ozzy's best sounding album, very well produced and full of energy. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are good, can't complain really. They're not too deep, ranging from personal issues ("The Liar", "Demon Alcohol", "Hero") to publicly known stuff ("Miracle Man", "Bloodbath In Paradise"). Ozzy sounds great on this album and there's not much more to say. It's not like he sounded too different before. // 8

Overall Impression: Like I said, it's the first Ozzy Osbourne album that Zakk Wylde plays on. It's different from anything Ozzy did before, it's more raw and ballsy. It's very consistent and has memorable songs like "Breaking All The Rules", "Miracle Man", "Tattooed Dancer", "Demon Alcohol". I love the sound of this album, a really heavy music piece and the last great Ozzy record along with "No More Tears". // 9

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