One Hour By The Concrete Lake Review

artist: Pain of Salvation date: 09/18/2009 category: compact discs
Pain of Salvation: One Hour By The Concrete Lake
Released: Jul, 1998
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Avalon
Number Of Tracks: 11
"One Hour By The Concrete Lake" is perhaps the heaviest and darkest album of this amazing band.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
One Hour By The Concrete Lake Reviewed by: Garlop, on september 18, 2009
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Sound: "One Hour By The Concrete Lake" is perhaps the heaviest and darkest album of this amazing band. One Hour by the Concrete Lake was first released by Avalon Records in Japan in July 1998. It was later released in Europe in January 1999 on InsideOut, in the USA in November 1999 on InsideOut America and in South America in November 1999 on Hellion. It is a concept album focusing on the issues of nuclear power and waste, displacement of indigenous peoples, the firearm industry, and human discovery. // 9

Lyrics: Gildenlow`s work made each lyric and song to be in an appropiate way of listening. The Lyrics are genius thats why I will analyze each one. 01.Spirit Of The Land: Its a short into which startes with a piano melody. 02.Inside: This song has a great pano intro which is followed by an opening lead guitar. This songs talks about a man that feels manipulated by the industry in general 03.The Big Machine: This song starts with a catchy riff and has a chorus about the descontrol of the machinery that was usen at factories. 04.New Year`s Eve: Its an amazing song with a strog bass intro and a catchy lead. 05.Handful Of Nothing: It has a silent beggining which later turns into a heavy plucking and is accompanied with many strong riffs. 06.Water: Its a slow song which has many changes of rhythm and a great solo at the middle of the song. 07.Home: A strange song that has many changes of rhythm and a great chorus. 08.Black Hills: For me is Darkest song of the album which represents the black hills that are in North America and Lake Karachay in the former USSR. 09.Pilgrim: Short song that is mainly played with an acoustic guitar and has many sad melodies and lyrics. 10.Shore Serenity: dark song which has many voices at the same time talking about how the machines pollute. 11.Inside Out: This is the longest song of the album, it talks about how a man can be free of himself and is fighting to get outside of a concrete lake. 12.Beyond The Mirror[southamerican bonus track]: This last song talks about how someone feels about himself and is affraid of what he can find in the mirror. // 9

Overall Impression: This in an outstanding album and could diserve a 10 but lacks of concept and imagination which other Pain of Salvation albums has. "Inside" and "New Year`s Eve" are outstanding songs. I think some songs are very repetitive but still worth hearing. I highly recommend it! // 9

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