Mind Games review by Palisades

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  • Released: Jan 9, 2015
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3 Poor
  • Users' score: 3.5 (15 votes)
Palisades: Mind Games

Sound — 3
Only two years ago I was reviewing this band's debut LP, titled "Outcasts." While their debut album certainly wasn't groundbreaking material, I was expecting these guys to at least move forward with something somewhat worth listening to. I said somewhat... yes. First off, I was actually able to get through listening to their first album without too much cringing. Here, one the other hand, I could only make it through just barely listening to track one. The others, I've just heard bits and pieces of, but I'll leave my bias aside for now and try to tell you what I really thing in a more constructive manner. If you thought "Outcasts" had too much unnecessary synths, well... you're in for a treat on this one. Think Breathe Carolina's new album meets the heaviness of I See Stars while listening to this album. And I must say, I would sadly listen to BC's new stuff over this album any day. What's unfortunate is that when you hear the heavy parts on this album, it's like saying "Man, they didn't even need to do a breakdown." Then it goes into a clean chorus and synths all over again.

Lyrics — 3
In "Player Haters' Ball" we are met with some of the worst lyrics I've ever read in this genre:

"A lot of people need a lot of attention
They say some sh-t like it has an effect on me
You're so obsessed with looking down
You eat sleep breathe my name in your mouth
Expectations low but I feel high
Never fit the mold, f--k getting by
I wanna hear how much you hate me
How my existence drives you crazy
I'd rather be a f--king thorn in your side
Than listen to you tell me how to live my life
I bet you're so proud
Talk is cheap and I don't hear a sound."

Like wow, so edgy, man. I think I've already had enough with this section.

Overall Impression — 3
Yes, I've barely given a review song by song, but songs that contain a feature named Blackbear? Is he a rapper? What? How about "Mind Games" featuring Champs? Hell, I give credit to Garrett Rapp for his verse which sadly is the best thing on this entire album in the song "People Like Us." This album is for the people who say sh-t like "haters gon' hate," "If u hav nottin nic 2 say dnt say it at all!" or my personal favorite: "I'd like to see you make something better." But seriously, the breakdowns are unneeded on basically the whole album, but I guess if you enjoy a cross between that and synths, then listen? I just think this is the worst album I've heard in this scene in a loooong time. Like even worse than Abandon All Ship's last album. But if you do enjoy this album, I'm not stopping you from listening to it. I'm just saying you could be listening to something way better. Great way to start off the new year, Palisades.

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    OMG! These is da best album I hear in 2015! It's already on my iPhone along with new U2 record! YOLO
    Nothing like writing your band name in katakana when you're not even Japanese to say "we're a bunch of complete douchebags!"
    I feel sorry for this band's roadies, all that effort putting the instruments on stage, and they probably only get played for about a minute every gig.
    Is it a joke? WTF... what worng with you... 5 seconds of metal guitar and become in a rock band ¿?